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June 30, 2013

Michael asks…

Helping out my family financially and fiance has issues with this?

I am from a very close knit family. Growing up my parents has been extremely poor trying to provide for their kids and put them through college. I understand it was their choice to help pay for my education and I respect that. Now that I’ve graduated college and work in a really nice public accounting job, I have the desire to give back to my parents when they are in need.

My fiancé, of one month (we have been dating 3 years prior to engagement) has always had issues with how much I tend to give back to my family. For instance, my sister 18 years old wrecked her car and it was not her fault, the other driver had no insurance, So, I loaned my parents $1000.00 to put towards a good used car for her. Recently, my sister got into trouble with the law, I posted her bail.

Essentially, my fiancé told me that my sister deserves to sit in Jail for her crime and find her own way out because it is not my responsibility as a brother to bail her out. Neither my parents or my sister could afford bail, so when my parents asked me for a loan, I said yes. My fiancé is outraged that I continually help my sister out financially, (with the vehicle and now bail) because she thinks I am enabling my sister to continue not to mature and learn from her own mistakes.

As a note: My sisters crime was due to anxiety and during an extreme panic attack she was “not cooperating” with officer demands. It had nothing to do with an actual crime, like theft or vandalism. If those were the actual crimes, I would have let her sit in jail. She is diagnosed with extreme anxiety. So I got her out of jail.

Am I wrong for constantly helping out my family? They have given me so much, I feel the desire to constantly give back. My fiance told me that the financial decisions I make, such as loaning my parents money, is going to “drive us apart”. These loans are not impacting me financially at all to the point it should be affecting her! It is just the principle I guess. Am I in the wrong? I am from such a “old style” conservative family value type family that I have the whole you MUST help family imbedded into me. Whereas she is not close with her family at all.

Administrator answers:

I think it is wonderful that you are so responsible financially and not a selfish person and you appreciate your upbringing and I am thinking either keep your financial help a secret from your fiance and if she has said this could drive you apart well maybe that is not such a bad idea and you might be better off with someone else who thinks the way you do re close-knit families and helping out and if your sister suffers with anxiety then of course you did the right thing getting her out of a situation like that. Now you do mention re lending not giving but I am wondering if you are ever repaid because that makes it a gift not a loan but I think maybe you do not expect money back if your parents are struggling financially. I do not think you are at all wrong and there should be more decent people like you but when you do these good things do you have to advertise it to your fiance. If she was your wife it might be different. Your fiance might be angry if she knows you will never be repaid. Maybe she has a selfish streak. You do say you constantly help your family so it seems you do this a lot and it would not be right for them to expect this of you for ever. Also anyone would understand your help re the car and the bail but if you are always financially helping your sister and parents in other things then maybe your fiance has a point. If your parents have an income source apart from you then maybe they need advice re how to handle finances because your help should not have to go on for ever. If you are an Accountant maybe you should set aside time to give them financial advice like they must have an income source?

Paul asks…

my liscense was suspended because of a judgement do I qualify for a hardship liscence?

i was in an accident in 1994 my insurance had lapsed had not taken time to renew. I was charged and paid the ticket. My car and the other was totaled. Her insurance company sued me. I paid up to half. went thru a hard time couldn’t continue payment. they sued me and my liscence was suspended in 2004 because of a judgement. would I qualify for a hardship liscencse? my only accident, was deemed a safe driver. anyone know any thing about this hardship liscense. or do you have any advice on how to get my liscense back?

Administrator answers:

You need to contact the DMV for your state and see what the laws are. In Arizona, if you have completed all the requirements, you can reinstate your license for a fee. Your state may be similar, so check with them and see what your options are.

Daniel asks…

my children died in a car accident, what are my legal rights?

know a person who lost 2 children in a car accident. What should she do?

Administrator answers:

Contact a personal injury lawyer who handles “wrongful death” matters. If the other driver is at fault, the parent can sue their insurance company and the driver. I’d imagine that if they carry insurance it’s not enough to compensate for the loss of two children. The insurance company would cash out to the limit of the policy, and the rest would be a judgment against the driver. That means the plaintiff could put liens on the driver’s house, attach his pay and bank accounts and other property to satisfy the judgment. The driver could file bankruptcy and be relieved of the debt under some circumstances. If the driver was drunk or under the influence of drugs, that debt is not dischargeable. This would also apply if the driver of the car the children died in was not the parent.

If the parent of the child was driving the car and was at fault, there may be no insurance. In most states today, you have to purchase extra insurance to cover your own family members. Most agents do not tell you that when you buy the insurance. There are lots of people who think they are covered for such things, and they are not. You need to check your policy.

If the parent is NOT at fault and the other driver has inadequate insurance and assets to cover the damages, the parent MAY have additional coverage called “uninsured/underinsured” coverage that can be used to supplement coverage of a driver who does not have insurance or not enough insurance.

There are other ways to increase coverage. One way is called “stacking” insurance. That means if the driver who caused the accident has 300K insurance, but has three drivers and cars on the policy, some policies will cover 900K…the value of all policies combined…in a case like this. Again, you usually have to pay extra for this coverage.

Nothing is going to be enough to compensate for this loss. It’s doubtful that the parent will ever be made whole from such a tragic event. I have given you some ideas of how insurance and the lawsuits work. But you must consult a local personal injury lawyer ASAP to get a definite idea of your rights in this matter. Anyone who offers you legal advice here is not reliable. It’s somewhat a violation of ethics to do so. But this is a very serious event that requires expert advice.

Helen asks…

How difficult is it to defend oneself in the court in a car scratch case?

Hello everybody. I have recently had a car accident while using a friend’s car abroad (the friend lives in that country). At the stage of reversing from a parking lot I accidentally scratched another car that was parked there. However, I did not realize that I had scratched it (I am not an experienced driver and also I was driving a jeep with a very sturdy overall build) and so I left the parking lot. On the following day the police and the insurance company got in touch with my friend as someone at the parking lot saw me drive away after I scratched the other car and reported it. Of course it came as a big shock to me as it was the first time I found out about the collision. After the insurance company assessed the damages they contacted me demanding reimbursement and calling the case a hit and run. This is however not what happened since I did not have a conscious awareness of the scratch and hence did not drive off as if deliberately avoiding a punishment and consequences. I tried to explain it to the insurance company and asked them to revise the case as NOT a hit and run felony. They, however, refused to acknowledge my various arguments and are threatening to take me to court if I don’t pay the full amount. I am prepared to go to court and defend myself, but wonder how difficult cases like that are? Their main argument seems to be that a witness had seen me scratch the other car and interpreted from my facial expressions and overall demeanor that I was fully aware of what I’ve done. This however is not the case and I hope it can be easily dismissed on the grounds that that witness does not know me personally hence he’s not qualified to make judgments regarding my facial expressions and emotional states.

As I am not a lawyer and have limited experience with court hearings, all advice will be much appreciated.

Unfortunately I cannot afford hiring a lawyer and will have to defend myself.

Administrator answers:

Your reasoning is flawed. You are liable. You deserve to get slammed if the case goes to court, and that you will take a lesson from this. It’s this kind of irresponsibility that causes problems. Learn to improve your driving skills, particularly exercising control of a car.

Jenny asks…

Is it legal to eat, drink, sleep, shoot, have a headache, and throw mice while driving?

I want to know because my cousin does it all the time.

Administrator answers:

It is legal to eat or drink (non alcoholized) while driving however, if you cause an accident while doing so, you can be charged with “careless driving “. That carries a heavy fine..your insurance rates go up..etc. THAT alone would give you a headache.(but you can always take a pill for it and still drive). Its not illegal to shoot from a car but it IS loud and you should use hearing protection. Have you ever tried drawing a holstered gun while strapped into a car? There are advanced yoga poses that require less contortions than removing a weapon from under a seatbelt and clothing. There is no good way to bring your firearm to bear on a bad guy without putting the family jewels in harms way.
My advice: Dont shoot yourself ..use pepper spray.
As for the mice – A driver will face automatic fines if litter (or mice) is thrown from their vehicles – even if one of the passengers is to blame.

Tell you cousin to be careful out there.

Thomas asks…

Looking for some advise on how to deal with insurance companies when dealing with a car wreck situation?

My car was rearended by another car , the driver of the other car took complete responsibility of the accident. her insurance company gave me a rental car and told me to get a estimate, the estimate is close to the total worth of the car. But they are being helpful in getting it repaired.

The insurance agent talked to me and asked me to signoff on certain papers with the initial estimate, saying if something else shows up while the car repair is in process the insurance company and the mechanic can handle it without me being involved. I wanted to know if its a good idea to sign thoose papers before getting my car repaired.

I have never been in a car wreck so i am not certain whats right and wrong please help me if anybody has been in similar situations or knows anything about it.


Administrator answers:

Talk to your insurance rep. Show them the document, they can tell you what it means and advise weather or not to sign. You pay them for this situation, not just for repairs. Insurance co notify each other on accidents and repairs to insure that your not double dipping both companies; so they do know about the accident; it doesn’t go against your premium to ask advice, only if they have to pay for damages. Get your monies worth and don’t be afraid. It sounds to me like they just want to make sure that they properly fix your car in the least amount of time. NEVER sign anything releasing them until all the repairs are done and satisfactory. Safe driving!!!

James asks…

I recently paid my car off, what do I do with my insurance?

I obviously have full coverage but within the last month I have paid my car off completely. I was wondering if I can save money in the insurance department? I do want to be protected if an accident does occur so I dont know what to do. Can someone give me advice and tell me my options. I would like to find a balance of saving money and protection. I have a good driving record ;)

Administrator answers:

If the vehicle was totaled in a wreck tomorrow can you afford to replace it? To add to that question how easily would you be able to replace the vehicle if it were stolen or if the other party who hit you insisted they were not at fault and their insurance company denied payment for the claim as a result.

One of the main reasons to keep your collision coverage is to be able to have your claim paid by your company and let them them hash it out with the other party’s insurance when they deny liability (i.e. Subrogation).

I am sure that your vehicle is worth several thousand dollars–do you truly feel comfortable exposing that much money to risk? If your interest is in saving money, my suggestion would be increasing your deductibles. The collision deductible to $1,000 and the comprehensive deductible to $500. I would further make sure that you are receiving all the discounts to which you are entitled–multi policy (if you have your homeowners or renters with the same company), safe driver, etc. Ask your agent (hopefully he or she is an independent agent who works with multiple companies) if they can check to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

I hope this information helps in your decision making process. Good Luck!

Laura asks…

Has anyone been done Corcovado,CR and Panama by car/ferry?

I did Costa Rica last year but didnt have a chance to go to Corcovado. Im planning a trip to Panama and would like to rent a car and drive towards the Costa Rican border and catch a ferry to Corcovado. We would also like to check out Boquete, Bocas, Panama Canal, Baru volcano in 12-13 days. We really like driving and getting the feel for the country, We did it in Costa Rica and glad we did. Has anyone done this? Any advice or suggested stops

Administrator answers:

When traveling in a car from Panama to Costa Rica you will need to have proof of LOCAL insurance, this is not expensive and you can usually aquire this very near to the border crossing locations. I have never traveled across the border on the oso peninsula side so i cant help you there. If your planning to take a car to Bocas there are daily ferry’s from alimarante, although your car can also be stored in secure lots in alimarante if you dont need your car while in Bocas. Bocas is very small and taxi’s are cheap, not only that but the most interesting things can be seen by boat or on foot. The Bocas trip is definately worth at least two days worth of stay if not longer, make sure you do not wind up stuck in Alimarnte overnight as there was NO decent places to stay as of a year ago when i was through, despite knowing some of the local people i was unable to stay in anything better than a roach infested room with only cold water within a stones throw of a rowdy bar. There are many choices of places to stay in or around Bocas, David, and even Changuinola. The last boat for carrying people out of Alimarnte toward bocas happens near dark at around six pm, the ferry leaves much earlier in the day i believe about ten am and returns about three pm. I really enjoyed Dolphin bay (tours from bocas or hire your own boat) the tours typically move on from dolphin bay quite rapidly and head on to crawl cay where you can see many types of fish right from the dock, swim/snorkel, and enjoy a meal. If you want to control how long you spend in each area it is better to hire your own boat/driver for the day. Star fish beach is another nice place to go and have a meal and explore, swim and snorkle, you can travel there from bocas by car, four wheeler (rented in bocas) or by boat. The very neatest place was a remote island (also possible to rent a boat from bocas for – expensive) called escudo. The trip around this island lets you see many fish in clear water, birds, native style houses, and the trip there and back you will see many many small untouched islands. I heard that there is a tour that can take people out here for a one night stay on the island, and i did see a village of empty huts that must be used for this purpose. If you have a hard time getting a boat to anywhere from bocas i suggest talking to the people in JJ’s (down town on the water), not only do they own some of the nicer boats for rent but they will make special tours for people or find locals willing to give tours for you or just to give you a lift to the next island. They also speak english.

Steven asks…

Flipped my car with no insurance and I need some help and/or advice?

Im 19 and I got tboned two nights ago and flipped and totaled my car.
I don’t have insurance and the accident was pretty much my fault.
I talked to the driver of the other car today and since I have nothing to take and I have no money to give him and no one to lend me moneyhe is taking me to court.
Has anybody had any similar experiences or any advice?

Administrator answers:

Get a second or third job.

You’re going to be found at fault, there’s going to be a judgement against you, you’re going to get your wages garnished.

One way or another, you’re going to end up paying the full amount of damages due. No way out of it. So the sooner you pay it off, the less interest there will be.

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