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July 2, 2013

Lisa asks…

is it all on the driver or can the employers also be apart of the drivers negligence?

okay ppl help me out because I was involved in a pretty serious pedestrian accident and would appreciate any advice. If someones working two jobs and has a few drinks before going to the next and nearly kills a pedestrian on the way can any of the employers be responsible or is it all on the driver? thanks.

Administrator answers:

THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE. First did some employee run the guy over??? Probably not, did the employee force you to take a drink, hop in a car, and make you run some poor innocent pedestrian over?? Probably not, sorry, hmmm lets see, did you accidently run someone over, get arrested for driving under the influence, lose both jobs, have your insurance refuse to pay because you were drunk, and now sitting at home, jobless car less, and in need of alcohol and drug inpatient treatment, so you can learn to accept RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS??? YOU BET!!! ITS SAD, that the alcohol has blinded your reality senses, but I do hope you go get help, recognize this chain of events for what it is, a wake up call, lets hope the poor pedestrian does ok , and that whatever it takes to learn how to learn to live life without alcohol anymore happens, and that life gets better, it takes time, it does not happen instantly or overnight, but accept change, learn to live, learn to be free, but first there is a road that will take many twists and turns, best of luck, hope everything works out.

William asks…

How to fight a Kentucky speeding ticket?

I was driving in Laurel county on I-75 when I was pulled over. Immediately upon entering the expressway I set my cruise at 72mph (speed limit 70 mph). I was following semis and being passed by other vehicles and even semis, so I know that my speedometer was accurate (also in conjunction with my GPS). I never touched my brakes or accelerator from the time I entered (it was dark and not much traffic).

Anyhow, as I was passing a semi (very slowly) I noticed an officer sitting in the median so I essentially drove between the two. Knowing my cruise was at 72 I was not worried. About 1/2 mile up, someone came riding up on me as I was just about to completely pass the semi. Again, I did not adjust my speed, stayed on cruise, and eventually moved in front of the semi so the vehicle could get around me. Turned out to be the officer and he pulled me over. He claims to have clocked me going 88mph and wrote the ticket as such. My vehicle will not go over 80 without rattling, shaking, and making funny noises, and with my cruise set at 72 I’m sure you can imagine my shock. I am an out of state driver, however going to school nearby so I will be showing up for my court date.

Any advice on what to do? I’ve done some research and it appears as though prior precedent favors radar. Should I hire a Traffic attorney? Any advice from someone who knows the Kentucky State laws would be helpful. He was a state policeman if that makes a difference. Also, at the time I was the only “car” around aside from one maybe a mile behind me…however there were 2 maybe 3 semis immediately within my sight, but again the rate at which I passed them solidifies in my mind that I wasn’t going what he claims I was…if I was then the semis had to have been going 80-85…HELP!
Thanks Darth! I have absolutely nothing currently on my driving record. My home state operates on a similar point system as KY, so my biggest concern is getting it knocked back down to something a little more reasonable so that my insurance doesn’t sky rocket (I’m a medical student, so any extra cost is more than I can afford).

Administrator answers:

Hiring an attorney would be overkill, unless the investment is worth not having the points taken off. Unfortunately, in a one-on-one situation, the judge will lean towards the side of the officer, unless he has a history of incorrectness. Your best bet to fight it, would be to show up and plead not guilty. The prosecutor has no interest in a trial, so explain to him that you had your cruise set at 72, and you have no interest in pleading guilty to such an extreme charge (18 mph over is considered reckless driving). He may offer to wave the speeding fine, and points to your license, and agree to an ‘equipment malfunction’, especially if you have a good driving record. You will most likely still get stuck with court costs, but it will save you any increases in the cost of your insurance. It is very doubtful that it will be totally dismissed. Just remember to plead not guilty, and give them as little info as possible, only telling them that you know you weren’t speeding, because you had the cruise set. Let them go from there, and see what they offer you. Hope this helps, good luck.

Ruth asks…

Is it legal to live in a campervan?

Like If I had a campervan or motorhome would I be able to travel around and stopping for the night somewhere, and then leaving again in the morning? In general – for the majority of places in europe, is this legal?

Administrator answers:

I have owned 7 VW campers, from the iconic 1950-60s ‘split screens’ to the later ‘bay window’ models of the 1970s. My journeys took me all over Europe where I visited 21 countries. There are severe restrictions on overnight parking unless on a campsite or car park with rights to remain beyond 2-3 hours. The European police will keep moving you on…as they do here in the UK.

My advice is speak to truck drivers and find out where the best lay bys are on your journey. In Europe, unlike here, (2 hour maximum)!!! Motorway service areas generally have no restricted waiting policies. So you can park for the night without too many worries. Be aware of some lay bys out in the country. There are often gangs who prey on camper vans and have even been known to use gas to render the occupants unconscious, before robbing them…or worse!!! This isn’t so common in North/West Europe, but wherever there is a large immigrant population then the risk increases.

City centres, beaches, seafronts and national parks all have restricted or no parking laws. Breaking the parking laws can and does result in heavy fines…so be very aware of where you stop for that evenings sleep.

Enjoy yourself if you do this, but seek advice from the AA or the RAC with regard to safety advice. Oh and don’t forget INSURANCE!!! You might also need a Green Card insurance and also (depending where you are headed?) an International Driving Permit (available from the 2 companies above) I hope this helps?

David asks…

How can I convince my mom to let me date?

My mom doesn’t want me dating until freshman year but I can wait that long! So many hot guys have asked me out and I have had to turn ALL of them down because my mom wont let me date! HELP!

I am 13 and in 7th grade

Administrator answers:

Hi Sofie,

What can you do to convince your parents to let you start dating at age 13? Good luck… it won’t happen. Why not? Because you’re too young… as evidenced by your “hot guys” statement. You did not mention honor, respect, or dignity. Hot guys would most likely only be interested in getting into your panties. Sorry!

How old should a young lady be to start dating? Age 16 or 17 is typically a good time to start seriously dating and kissing… in my humble opinion… But your parents are your legal guardians and they are the final authority.

Are your parents a bit protective of you? Perhaps. However, have you looked at some of the questions in this category detailing what other girls on this board are doing at relatively young ages? They’re unsupervised, and acting like sl*ts, having sex, and putting themselves at risk for all sorts of problems. To be honest, lots of young girls out there could use a set of good parents like yours to protect them.

Your parents are not idiots. They just want to protect you and keep an eye on you for as long as possible.

Meeting up with a secret BF without your parent’s knowledge (or sneaking out) will destroy their trust in you when they find out, so don’t attempt to go that route.

You’ll probably have to wait a few more years. Meanwhile, perhaps you could ask your Mom to drive you, a guy you like, and a few friends to the Mall for an afternoon… That’s probably as close to a “date” that you’ll get.

Regarding parental restrictions,… When you were 5, would your parents have allowed you to play in the street unsupervised just because you wanted to? No? Gee, why not?

It’s up to both of your parents to decide the dating issue as long as you’re under 18. It doesn’t matter what you think, what your friends think, what people on this board think, or what anyone else thinks. Your parents are 100% responsible for taking care of you, feeding you, housing you, protecting you, and they pay all of the bills. They get to decide all of the rules… Including when you can date.

Period. Case closed.

When you are 18, then you will be a legal adult. If you don’t like your parent’s rules, then you can get a job, move out, and pay all of the bills yourself (schooling, rent, taxes, food, clothing, car + repairs + gasoline + insurance, health & dental insurance, utilities, phone, cable, movies, music, shampoo, conditioner, jewelry, make-up…).

But since you are focused on dating issues right now, let’s discuss those issues… Plus a few more.

Sofie, it’s certainly OK for you to ask questions about why things need to be a certain way. Your question about dating is completely healthy and normal, and so is a desire to have a BF.

However, consider this: Do you think that kids at age 11 should be allowed to drive a car on the public roads with the rest of the adults? Just because they claim to be mature and want to drive? No, me either. Driving a car is very dangerous, and it requires responsibility and good judgment. The DMV gets to decide how old a person must be to get a driver’s license.

Just like driving a car, dating is also an adult activity. It requires responsibility and good judgment. So, your parents get to decide when you can start dating. Sorry!

On a quiet evening, start talking to your Mom or Dad. They should be reasonably able to discuss boys and dating if you don’t start off by arguing or making demands. However, don’t expect your parents to let you start dating at age 13.

Since you wanted some advice, here are some examples of both good and bad methods of communicating with your parents…

“Hey… Bee, Cee, and Dee are already dating and kissing. I wanna date too!!”
“I’m mature enough to date!!!”
“Stop treating me like a baby!!!”
Then stamp your feet, storm off to your room, slam the door, and pout for several hours.

“Dad, can you tell me about how you and Mom first met? What did you do on your first date?”
“Maybe it’s good that I’m not dating yet. Dee was in tears last week about her BF… he’s acting like a creep. Mom, how can I spot a creep?”
“At what age were you allowed to date, Mom?”
“My plan is to save myself for marriage, and the other girls laughed at me. But won’t saving myself for marriage be a good way to weed out the jerks and losers, Mom?”
“A senior girl said I won’t be able to keep a guy interested without sex. I don’t believe her, because no decent guys will date her… only creeps ask her out. I only wanna date decent guys, Dad.”
“Hey Mom… when do you think I can go on my first date? You can meet whoever the guy is before we go out.”

Listen to your parent’s input. Don’t respond immediately to their comments… sit there for a few seconds and then say “Wow, that’s good… thanks!”

You probably want your parents to evaluate your request and look at it from your point of view, correct? That’s reasonable.

So, how about if you take a serious look at the situation from their point of view? That should help you get a few bonus points for maturity, and they’re more likely to negotiate if they see that you have a clear understanding of their concerns.

Your parents know that there are some guys out there (the smooth players) who will tell a nice girl that he loves her, just to see how far she will let him go with her body. Guys out there who are ready and willing to use you and your body for their own selfish pleasure… And then leave… Breaking your heart in the process, and possibly leaving you pregnant… Or with an STD (a nasty disease in your private parts). Your parents want to make sure that you are old enough and mature enough when dating to recognize these losers, and say “No”.

Your parents also know that you could meet a nice guy and you both really do think that you love each other, and after a few weeks or months you both might be tempted to take off your clothes together… And perhaps have sex. That would be a good way to mess up both of your young lives. Your parents want to make sure that you are old enough to resist this type of temptation… And the temptation can be very strong.

Your parents know that having sex when you are not married is simply wrong. They know that having sex too early will make you feel sad, cheap, and make it less special.

Take a quick look at a random selection of the questions from girls in this category… A significant number of problems here directly involve premarital sex… Coupled with immaturity, foolish expectations, and invalid assumptions.

Your parents realize that unless a young girl and her Romeo already know each other pretty well, the typical proclamations of “commitment” made in the darkness when a they are first alone together are generally worthless. Will you be wary of those proclamations? Commitments need to last more than one evening and be proclaimed publicly, in front of family and friends… Not in the darkness right after their first kiss (although any proclamation made by a player is automatically invalid regardless of where or when it is made).

Your parents want you to date nice guys who will treat you with dignity and respect while you are having innocent fun together during your youth. Honorable guys who would not ask you to do anything inappropriate.

Long term, your parents want you to find a special guy who will be honorable and be very good to you as you grow into a decent young woman. A guy who will be proud to take you home to meet his parents and his family. A guy who earned the respect of your parents and family. A guy who will ask for your hand in marriage. A guy who is honorable and is willing to stand together with you in a wedding ceremony before both of your families in church.

Sofie, you don’t want a guy who is not honorable and just wants your body… For a while… And then he would be gone. That is much more likely to happen if a girl starts dating too early.

And, you do not need to rush things. Enjoy your youth. Don’t worry if your friends are all “hooking up”… You don’t need to do any of that nonsense. Your friends have probably already experienced severe heartache and shed bucketloads of tears… problems that you have avoided thus far.

Your parents know that you will be really happy when you are older, and you look back over your life… Happy that you made the right decisions about these issues when you were young… Because you were mature enough to make the right decisions.

That’s pretty much the big picture that your parents are probably looking at here, Sofie. Can you see the dating issue a little bit from your parent’s perspective now?

If so, go and give both of your parents a big hug. Thank them for caring enough about you to set limits.

Take care and God bless,
- Charlie

P.S. – Dr. Laura on the radio detailed a very simple instruction manual consisting of four words that will greatly increase the chances of finding and keeping a good BF/husband:

“Choose wisely… treat kindly”.

Both items are necessary for a happy and healthy relationship:
1. Choosing a nice decent guy is great, but if you treat him like crap… sooner or later, he’ll leave you.
2. It won’t matter how nicely you treat a creep… he’ll always be a creep.


Mandy asks…

Travelers Auto insurance: a 93 year old lady in NYC could NEVER pass the drivers test hit?

my parked car. It;s an old best extremely kwell kept Honda Civic with revbuilt engine now only 102,000 miles on the engine.

That was 7 weeks ago and I have YET ro receive a written offer from them in settlement despiute three times faxing documents and police reports since 7-13. They claim that my company still might be partially liable. It’s ludicrous, and the 93 year old had zero muscles tone, probably on all sorts of old people medications s the past many years, and basically lost control on a sloped street or fell asleep.

How can I get this moving, or what options do I have, because it’s costing me to insure this car to sit in the street, and I do not have anywhere to store it. It’;s not drivable.They declared it a total loss, and yet, this ’88 car would cost me 1600- 2000 at a dealers in worse condition than mine.
PS: they’ve unofficially offered me around 800 but refuse to put anything in writing. MY mechanic said the restored engine they put in plus the new timing chain, etc coupled with the fact I have a clutch and they replaced that too could have allowed me another 100,000 miles on the car.

Administrator answers:

Two questions here. First, why are you talking to anyone other than your own insurance agent? You don’t need to negotiate with her insurance company, that is why you have an agent.

Second question, you do realize they can total your vehicle and just offer you market value, that they don’t have to repair it if the cost of repairs is more than the worth of the vehicle, don’t you? If it’s an old high mileage vehicle, $800 may be the market value, and if you accept that, you have sold them the vehicle.

Your best source of advice will be your insurance agent.

Betty asks…

what condition should a courtesy car be in?

I’ve been given a courtesy car by a garage while my car has gone in for some repairs. I’m a bit concerned about its condition though. The driver side wing-mirror is cracked with pieces missing, the wind down handle for the window on the passenger door is missing,the clutch squeaks really bad whenever its used, and there is no spare tyre in the boot. Is this car in a suitable driving condition? What should i do?
I’m scared of complaining cos theyre working on my car. Ive never been to this gaage company before but my car was in an accident and the guy at fault said he’d pay for my repairs at this place. I’m away from home so didnt have the option of taking it to reputable garages i know of at home.

Any advice on if my coutesy is safe would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

They loan these courtesy cars to different people, and unfortunately, many people don’t take proper care of their own cars, let alone a loaner from a garage. I’d have had the other guys insurance pay for a rental car, they are usually in better condition.

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