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July 4, 2013

Mark asks…

What CAR Should A First Driver GET ? Also What Company For The Insurance To Be The Cheapest ?

Passed My Driving Test 2 Days Ago ! I am 22 !

what car should i get that is cheap on insurance too ?

Please give me the names and for the insurance companies :) )


Administrator answers:

As small an engine as you can and are happy with
Between 5 and 9 years old is best for insurance.
There is no one company that anyone will be able to recommend as the least expensive. None will be cheap. There is only one way of finding the best deal and it is a tried and tested method from a well known TV and radio guest who has an independent money saving expert website. The site sells nothing just gives advice -
Get quotes from at least 4 different comparison sites – none deal with all of the possible 200 ish insurers so do this to cover them
Get quotes from Aviva and Direct Line as they are on none of the comparison sites
Do not believe what they say when they reckon the best deals are on the net – its just wrong.
Now use the best 2 or 3 quotes to get on the phone and haggle.

Donna asks…

can insurance companies refuse coverage if they dispute who was the main driver on the policy ?

my wife was involved in an accident with a police car- it was their fault- 60 mph on the wrong side of the road- they made a claim for personal injury- our insurance company accepted liabilty then wrote to us saying we had to pay an additional £125 as i was named the main driver when my wife was- now i am worried they will nto cover the costs- can anyone help with advice thank you

Administrator answers:

They must have had a reason! If for example you had a people Carrier and you insured it with you as the main driver then your wife had an accident at 0850am with your school age kids on board, it would be reasonable for the Insurers to come to the conclusion that she would in fact be the main driver not you! There must have been something about the circumstances to make them think your wife is the main driver.

It is difficult to rebut this if you do not know why they have taken that view. I suggest that you write to the Insurance company re-affirming that YOU are the main driver and asking what makes them think your wife is. Once you have an answer to that you should be able to work out how to illustrate that they are incorrect in their assumption.

Susan asks…

Perth; what things must I take notice of when buying a scooter?

I am an international student. I will be buying this scooter from this guy from What documents will he give me? How do I know if the scooter had been service? Must I report to the traffic police and insurance company that I am now the owner? How do I know if it is not a stolen scooter? Thanks for answering so much question. Cheers!

Administrator answers:

You must be given the scooters registration paper which comes from the wa govenment (Department for Planning and Infrastrucure), this scooter does come from Perth and is licenced I hope. If not, don’t purchase it as it is quite hard to get used vehicles licenced, they inspect it and you have to repair everything. Make sure that the seller owns the bike (ask to see their drivers licence with photo, compare this to the name on the Licence Papers), ask to see them before paying over the money.

They will 1/2 fill out a Vehicle Licence Tranfer Form & sign it, they keep the second part and give you the original, you have to fill in the remainder of the form with your name and address, then you send this form to the Dept of Planning & Infra. Within 14 days
Once the DPI receives the copy of the Transfer Form you will be sent an invoice for the payment of the Stamp Duty and Transfer Fee (providing all transfer requirement have been met). This invoice must be paid within 28 days of its issue or you may be liable for a penalty.
Lastly, If you don’t hold a WA driver’s licence then you will need to provide Proof of your name (ie a Birth Certificate, Passport or Driver’s Licence issued elsewhere in Australia).

Stamp Duty is calculated on the vehicle’s market value at the time of sale. The DPI has a stamp duty calculator on their website to help you work out how much you will have to pay.

Ask to see the service history from the bike prior to buying it, most people have a log book that they get with the bike that gets filled in everytime they get it serviced, you can check out if it is regular.

You have to contact a insurance company yourself and arrange your own insurance. Do this as soon as you have paid for the scooter, you can do it 24 hours a day, RAC is quite good, you can also join them for a years membership, you can get a few mobile mechanic callouts for this fee – if your not mechanical

To find out if it is stolen, get the licence plate number (for a car I would ask for the chassis number, but I don’t know about bikes), you contact the following number and they will look it up for you, do this before paying the money.
Register of Encumbered Vehicles PH: 1300 304 024
They can tell you if the bike has money owing on it or is stolen.

By the way, in WA you need a separate bike licence (is attached to your car driving licence) I think it is called K or L, so make sure to get it first (sorry, don’t know much about scooters).

I looked at the website, anyone can sell a bike on this site, so I doubt if is interested in checking out the vehicles. Make sure to go to the sellers home to collect it, it should be the same address as on the licence papers. I gave you a website below which gives advice for purchasing used vehicles
I think I covered everything, good luck

Linda asks…

Any tips on affording vehicle insurance?

Hey fellas, I’m in quite a pickle and I need some advice. (skip to the last couple paragraphs if you want to skip the little details, but I would appreciate you reading everything)

I am looking at purchasing a used vehicle, and I am not really sure on how much of my income I should be spending.

I recently was forced to move back in with my parents. I went through some severe health problems, and with that, unemployment. I was recently hired in a stable work environment that has plenty of room for growth, but I was only able to land a 20 hour position for right now. I am also doing school part time, which is being payed for with student loans.

So here’s the deal, I NEED my own car. My mother has been nice enough to let me borrow hers for work and school for the last few months, but I can’t do that forever – I don’t want to take advantage of her. I have been pre-approved for a loan through my credit union for more money than I would want to spend on a car, so my options are pretty open. The main problem comes in the form of insurance

I used to be on my parent’s insurance, but I am no longer eligible. I am still really young (19, almost 20), so even though I have a perfect driving record, my insurance rates are through the roof. The absolute cheapest rate I could find was through the same insurance company that my parents are on. That was a $330 down payment, and then 140.00 a month after that (crazy). My car payment (i would imagine) is going to be about $100 dollars a month. I immediately take 10% out of my paycheck as a donation to my church (I am firm on this, don’t suggest I cut that expense). I only make 600 dollars a month… so….

$300. Only Half of what I take home every month. There is no way I could afford that. Would cost of insurance lower if I was able to buy the vehicle with cash instead of financing?
Do not suggest that I simply “go without insurance.”

I am working on increasing the hours that I work, but it’s a long process.

Administrator answers:

I suggest you hold off and save up the money and pay cash for a vehicle. Anytime you take out a loan, you MUST have full coverage, meaning collision and comprehensive plus liability. If you buy an old beater to get around and pay cash, wont need to have full coverage and only liability. The quote you got, was it for liability only, OR, full coverage. Believe it or not, that $140 quote sounds a little bit low to me, considering your age.

The problem is, that even though you have taken the figures, most likely at the end of the month, you may find you will have less than $100 vs the $300. Like one poster stated, you need to figure how much gas and maintenance on this car. What if you need new tires ($400), oil changes ($50), brake work (unknown) etc. Do you eat out much each month, like lunch, or meet with friends for dinner from time to time. What about Christmas, birthdays? Get the picture?

Since this is a part time job, what if they cut your hours to 15 or 10 in a month. Most part time jobs are based on business and customers. IF, fast food or retail, could change.

Why not take $300 each month and put into a savings account for a car to buy for cash. You could have enough to get a beater in 6 months to a year. Also in that time frame, you will know for sure how your hours at work are. Since you had been unemployed and health problems, could happen again, so you may find unable to work.

Just be happy to let your mother allow you to drive her car. But,,,,,,,make sure you are listed on her policy as a driver, since you are living at home.

Good luck

Richard asks…


Right i turn 17 in april and im wanting to buy a car obviously ill have to pass first but i was wonder if i did want to buy a car in the next 3 months were would i have to go to talk about buying a car and how much insurence id have to pay becuase i have no idea?

Administrator answers:

There is no one magic insurer that will be best for everyone in your circumstances and in fact what is the cheapest today could be the most expensive tomorrow. Car insurance works like that.
This OFTEN GETS THUMBS DOWNS THOUGH NO IDEA WHY AS ITS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Anyway to the TD trolls, I could not care less. There is only one way of finding the best deal and it is a tried and tested method from a well known TV and radio guest who has an independent money saving expert website. The site sells nothing just gives advice – Get quotes from at least 4 different comparison sites – none deal with all of the possible 200 ish insurers so do this to cover them
Get quotes from Aviva and Direct Line too as they are on none of the comparison sites
Do not believe what they say when they reckon the best deals are on the net – its just wrong.
Now use the best 2 or 3 quotes to get on the phone and haggle. SEE THE LINK BELOW FOR LOADS MORE DETAILS AS THAT IS THE BASICS also gives some information about the ones with “Telematics” or “Black Boxes” to monitor and maybe lower the cost.

Jenny asks…

Looking For Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes?

I am trying to beat my best quote so far and I wanted to ask if anyone knew of anyone I could try or some brokers who could get the price down a bit for me. Here are my circumstances.

18 years old
Full licence for 9 months
Live in east sussex
no claims or convictions
car is kept in a locked garage
looking for upto 4000 annual mileage
will be using car for pleasure and commuting

My car is an Renault megane coupe 1.6e sport

My best quote so far I got from moneysupermarket which is £1560 and that was from swinton.

I just wanted to ask If their was anyone I could try, like good brokers who might be able to get that quote down a bit. I am really looking at no more than £1400 . It doesn’t matter how big or small they are I will give anyone a try. I have tried most of the major companies but none of them come close to my best quote so far.

Also is it worth putting my best quote down when filling in online forms. Does it make any difference?

Administrator answers:

A couple of quick tips for bringing down your quote are:

1. Get an experienced driver to go on the policy as a named driver (but not to ‘front’ the policy for you, with you as a named driver). Don’t ask me why that works, but apparently it sometimes does.

2. Take the Pass Plus test. It’ll cost around £100, your local council might subsidise that though, but even if not the discount some insurers will give you will make it worthwhile. See here:

3. Slap as many security devices as you can on the car, like an approved steering wheel bar or cover. Presuming it already has an alarm / immobiliser.

Also there are two specialist insurers you can try: Adrian Flux, for ‘high risk’ drivers at and Bell Direct for drivers with zero NCB at

Finally, see if you can play a couple of insurers off against each other, taking one’s best offer to the other and finally offering to ‘buy right now’ for a further discount once one won’t go any lower.

Links to insurers and more insurance buying advice at the link below.

Charles asks…

How do i convince my parents let me date?

my mom said that she doesnt want me to date till im older im13 and she doesnt want me to keeping jumping from boy to boy. i’ve had a lot of bfs but im about to be asked out and i want to tell them yes but how do i tell my parents to let me date???

Administrator answers:

Hi AJE Lover,

How do you convince your parents to let you start dating? By consistently acting mature in your statements, deeds, and actions. By demonstrating on a daily basis that you can be trusted.

Oh, and you also need to be old enough… like 15, 16, 17… whatever your parents decide is appropriate. Age 13??? Good luck – it’ll never happen. Sorry!

13 is really too young to be seriously dating, but perhaps you could suggest that your Mom takes you and your crush to the mall.

BTW, have you looked at some of the questions in this category detailing what other girls on this board are doing? They’re unsupervised, and acting like sl*ts, having sex, and putting themselves at risk for all sorts of problems. Those types of girls should not be your role models. Your parents are not idiots… they’re most likely concerned about what’s going on these days, and probably just want to keep an eye on you for as long as possible. And what about your friends… Are they all decent young ladies who keep out of trouble?

Regarding parental restrictions,… When you were 5, would your parents have allowed you to play in the street unsupervised just because you wanted to? No? Gee, why not?

It’s up to both of your parents to decide the dating issue as long as you’re under 18. It doesn’t matter what you, your friends, or anyone on this board thinks. Your parents are 100% responsible for taking care of you, feeding you, housing you, protecting you, and they pay all of the bills. They get to decide all of the rules… Including when and whom you can date.

Period. Case closed.

When you are 18, then you will be a legal adult. If you don’t like your parent’s rules, then you can get a job, move out, and pay all of the bills yourself (schooling, rent, taxes, food, clothing, car & car repairs, car insurance, gasoline, health insurance, dental, utilities, phone, cable, movies, dating, music, shampoo, make-up…).

But since you are focused on dating issues right now, let’s discuss those issues… Plus a few more.

AJE Lover, it’s certainly OK for you to ask questions about why things need to be a certain way. Your question about dating is completely healthy and normal, and so is your desire to date.

However, consider this: Do you think that kids at age 11 should be allowed to drive a car on the public roads with the rest of the adults? Just because they claim to be mature and want to drive? No, me either. Driving a car is very dangerous, and it requires responsibility and good judgment. The DMV gets to decide how old a person must be to get a driver’s license.

Just like driving a car, dating is also an adult activity. It requires responsibility and good judgment. So, your parents get to decide when you can start dating. Sorry!

On a quiet evening, start talking to your Mom or Dad. They should be reasonably able to discuss boys and dating if you don’t start off by arguing or making demands.

Since you wanted some advice, here are some examples of both good and bad methods of communicating with your parents…

“Hey… Bee, Cee, and Dee are already dating and kissing. I wanna date too!!”
“I’m mature enough to date!!!”
“Stop treating me like a baby!!!”
Then stamp your feet, storm off to your room, slam the door, and pout for several hours.

“Dad, can you tell me about how you and Mom first met? What did you do on your first date?”
“Maybe it’s good that I’m not dating yet. Dee was in tears last week about her BF… he’s acting like a creep. Mom, how can I spot a creep?”
“At what age were you allowed to date, Mom?”
“My plan is to save myself for marriage, and the other girls laughed at me. But won’t saving myself for marriage be a good way to weed out the jerks and losers, Mom?”
“A senior girl said I won’t be able to keep a guy interested without sex. I don’t believe her, because no decent guys will date her… only creeps ask her out. I only wanna date decent guys, Dad.”
“Hey Mom… when do you think I can go on my first date? You can meet whoever the guy is before we go out.”
Listen to your parent’s input. Don’t respond immediately to their comments… sit there for a few seconds and then say “Wow, that’s good… thanks!”

You probably want your parents to evaluate your request and look at it from your point of view, correct? That’s reasonable.

So, how about if you take a serious look at the situation from their point of view? That should help you get a few bonus points for maturity, and they’re more likely to negotiate if they see that you have a clear understanding of their concerns.

Your parents know that there are some guys out there (the smooth players) who will tell a nice girl that he loves her, just to see how far she will let him go with her body. Guys out there who are ready and willing to use you and your body for their own selfish pleasure… And then leave… Breaking your heart in the process, and possibly leaving you pregnant… Or with an STD (a nasty disease in your private parts). Your parents want to make sure that you are old enough and mature enough when dating to recognize these losers, and say “No”.

Your parents also know that you could meet a nice guy and you both really do think that you love each other, and after a few weeks or months you both might be tempted to take off your clothes together… And perhaps have sex. That would be a good way to mess up both of your young lives. Your parents want to make sure that you are old enough to resist this type of temptation… And the temptation can be very strong.

Your parents know that having sex when you are not married is simply wrong. They know that having sex too early will make you feel sad, cheap, and make it less special.

Take a quick look at a random selection of the questions from girls in this category… A significant number of problems here directly involve premarital sex… Coupled with immaturity, foolish expectations, and invalid assumptions.

Your parents realize that unless a young girl and her Romeo already know each other pretty well, the typical proclamations of “commitment” made in the darkness when a they are first alone together are generally worthless. Will you be wary of those proclamations? Commitments need to last more than one evening and be proclaimed publicly, in front of family and friends… Not in the darkness right after their first kiss (although any proclamation made by a player is automatically invalid regardless of where or when it is made).

AJE Lover… Crushes/love/kissing/sex are wonderful intimate expressions that can all be compared to fire.

Both intimacy and fire can be dangerous if used improperly. Your parents are old enough to use fire safely (such as an outdoor BBQ gas grill), and they are also old enough to handle intimacy properly.

Just like you are not allowed to play with fire… You and some Romeo should not be seriously dating or intimately kissing too young… Because that type of intimacy naturally leads to sex.

When used improperly, fire can cause serious damage. Intimacy, when used improperly, can also cause serious damage… Such as heartache, pregnancy, and STD’s.

Your parents don’t want you to get burned, AJE Lover.

Always call the Fire Department (your parents) for assistance if a problem with fire (intimacy) develops… No matter how small the problem might appear to be. Small problems can quickly become large problems if they are not handled properly.

Your parents want you to date nice guys who will treat you with dignity and respect while you are having innocent fun together during your youth. Honorable guys who would not ask you to do anything inappropriate.

Long term, your parents want you to find a special guy who will be honorable and be very good to you as you grow into a decent young woman. A guy who will be proud to take you home to meet his parents and his family. A guy who earned the respect of your parents and family. A guy who will ask for your hand in marriage. A guy who is honorable and is willing to stand together with you in a wedding ceremony before both of your families in church.

AJE Lover, you don’t want a guy who is not honorable and just wants your body… For a while… And then he would be gone. That is much more likely to happen if a girl starts dating too early.

Your parents know that you will be really happy when you are older, and you look back over your life… Happy that you made the right decisions about these issues when you were young… Because you were mature enough to make the right decisions.

That’s pretty much the big picture that your parents are probably looking at here, AJE Lover.

Can you see the dating issue a little bit from your parent’s perspective now? If so, go and give both of your parents a big hug. Thank them for caring enough about you to set limits.

Best wishes,
- Charlie

P.S. – Dr. Laura on the radio detailed a very simple instruction manual consisting of four words that will greatly increase the chances of finding and keeping a good BF/husband:

“Choose wisely… treat kindly”.

Both items are necessary for a happy and healthy relationship:
1. Choosing a nice decent guy is great, but if you treat him like crap… sooner or later, he’ll leave you.
2. It won’t matter how nicely you treat a creep… he’ll always be a creep.


Ruth asks…

What do driving instructors test on?

I’m 16 and my permit is about to expire, so I figure I should probably hurry up and get my license.

Problem is, it’s been almost a year since I took drivers ed, so my skills aren’t that sharp, and I get pretty nervous when I drive with even just a parent for practice. I’ve started to practice again, but a mixture of lack of skill/knowledge and nerves hold me back from doing well.

If I can get a list of things that driving instructors usually test on, or what a lot of people have problems with during tests, that would be a big help to me.

Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

My driver’s test was a good 13 years ago, so the experience is kind of fuzzy, but I remember that I took the test right on the DMV grounds (I didn’t have to drive in town or anything). Basically, he was testing whether I would drive the speed limit, and maintain a steady speed, that I could brake smoothly, that I knew how to use the blinkers. The hardest part of the test was the parallel parking, which I still SUCK at to this day, but I somehow passed that part on the test on a fluke.

My advice to you is to practice parallel parking.
General driving advice: You have to be confident and decisive, but NEVER cocky. And if people drive like complete dicks, don’t get angry…don’t make the situation worse by succumbing to road rage. It solves nothing. Your goal is to get where you are going 1) alive, and 2) without making your car insurance sky rocket (your car insurance is going to be high enough as it is considering that you are a young male).

Good Luck!

William asks…

If a Police officer gets my name wrong on a statement, will it stand up in court?

I was recently pulled over for the offence of driving with no valid insurance on my vehicle. In the Police officers statement which arrived in my court pack up/summons this weekend, they called me Alfie Lee James Crook, when in fact my name is Alfie Lee John Crook. The statement includes a quite clear text from the officer, stating that he saw my valid drivers license which had Alfie Lee James Crook written on it. Will this stand up in court?

They also claim that my car is a Vauxhall Golf, it is actually a Volkswagen Golf. I was supposedly seen driving the ‘Vauxhall Golf’ on a public road.

Another query is would I be able to claim back my impound fees if I am indeed found not guilty as I am not the named person.

Any advice on how I go about dealing with this would be great thank you.

Administrator answers:

You willhave to show up in court with the other person to get it dropped

as for impund fees you could try and sue and you might get it back if the case is dropped

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