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July 5, 2013

Charles asks…

what to do if the other party’s insurance does not admit fault?

- I only have liability insurance.
- I am sure that the other party was at fault.
- When the accident happened and the police came, they switched the driver. I didn’t know that until I read the police report. The driver who caused the accident was the old man. But in police report, the other driver was born in 1987 (!?) I don’t know the reason why, maybe the old man does not have driving license.
- The other party told the lie to the police but unfortunately there was no witness; so in the police report, the police was unable to determine who is at fault.
- My insurer is not willing to help me get money from other party’s insurance to fix my car (I think because I only buy liability insurance). She told me to contact directly with the other party’s insurer.
- The damage to my car is estimated at $1500

I’ve just come in the US for only 1 year ago and I don’t know what to do now.
Can someone please give me advice?. Thank you!
I have contacted one lawyer but he said he couldn’t help me with this. Maybe that will likely cost way more than it is worth $1500?

Administrator answers:

Keep talking to the insurance, tell them they lied as to who was driving, but regardless, they caused damage to your vehicle, and you want to be compensated for that damage. They are hoping you will give up. Don’t.

Steven asks…

My sister ran into the house with her car. How much will this cost?

The brick is cracked and its like falling off the house kind of but it’s just a little corner where the house meets the garage door. The wood on the house got pushed back and separated from the brick. It’s not too bad but I know brick work is expensive. My parents are on vacation and are going to flip out when they get home but I was just wondering how much this might cost

Administrator answers:

The car insurance coverage should have property damage liability (required by most states)…….the amount would depend. Some property damage liability amounts, for example, is $10,000. So that means the car insurance would pay damages to the home up to $10,000.

Unless there was major structural damage, it shouldn’t cost that much. I am not a building contractor, so don’t quote me (no pun intended). A professional would need to assess the damage of the home and provide your parents with estimates on the damage

Your sister is a legal and licensed driver, right?!

No one is going to know how much this will cost. Typically also, when we file claims with our car insurance, it always seems like premium rates increase.

I personally would not wait until my parents returned from vacation……..and then they see the damage and you haven’t told them. Accidents happen….but I can guarantee if you don’t call and tell them the truth (include taking pictures and sending via cell phone) so they can see the damage, they are going to flip out even more. Parents tend to become upset and disappointed, not when an accident happens, but when their children don’t tell them up front about what happened. Your parents may want to call someone to assess the damage while they are on vacation, if they are going to be gone for a couple of weeks or more.

Depending on the damage, you also may need to place a tarp and seal off any gaps (another reason why you need to call your parents). Not sure where you live, but as the weather gets colder…..pests look for a nice warm place. You don’t want rodents, snakes or anything else trying to get into the gap for a warm place to stay. Also if it rains, you are exposing wood and such to rain damage and rot.

Again, accidents happen. I am an adult, and I know one day when I was getting ready to back out of my garage….I wasn’t paying attention and almost hit “Drive” instead of “Reverse”. Everyone one of us has come close to something along these lines! We just were a little quicker on hitting the break and got lucky.

My advice? Call and tell your parents immediately. They will flip out less, and it is the responsible thing to do.

Chris asks…

Any advice for someone getting insurance for the first time?

is it legal if I buy a car but its under someone elses name and insurance?

I’m going to be 19 and I still haven’t taken my license test but I want to know what to do when my 6 months of permit driving are up.

My parents don’t have licenses so they can’t do much

do I need to have credit?

I’m in NJ so are there any specific companies I should try?

Administrator answers:

Find a local insurance agent, one you can sit down with in person and talk. You need to be listed on any insurance policy as a driver. Not being covered is not worth the risk. You need to be asking questions of a local agent with a brand name company. Don’t go to the high risk places in malls. They are for people with a bad record, not new drivers.

Ruth asks…

cheapest insurance companies in the UK for new/young drivers?

I have recently bought a car, I am 18 years old and my driving test is on the 18th of December. Obviously I need to insure the car for when I pass but I was looking for a relatively cheap insurance company because obviously they’re rediculously expensive. any advice? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

There’s no cheap insurance companies or quotes whatsoever. Believe me, l’ve been researching for ages after passing my driving test and the cheapest quote l found (still expensive!) ls over £1500 a year, so approximately £133 per month. L pay monthly as l wouldn’t be able to afford the annum fee. L’m selling my car next year. Lt’s too expensive to run. :o (

Helen asks…

Motorcycle totaled out while buddy was riding it, but not his fault who should pay?

My buddy use my motorcycle a young mexican lady pulled out in front of him totaling my bike and breaking his leg…She was sited for failure to yield right of way and no DL..Officers ran her plates and said Ins.. was valid. I filed the next day and her insurance was expired… I only have liability on bike, so my insurance will not cover… What should I do sue her, make my buddy pay, are make her dad pay the owner of car and policy?

Administrator answers:

First, get some real legal advice.
Not this armchair BS.
Second, your buddy isn’t liable. He had your permission (I believe), he didn’t cause the accident, and he’s already paying in pain.
Follow the legal advice and go up the chain of liability.
The driver, the owner, the insurance.
Good luck.

Donald asks…

driving a 125cc scooter during the winter (in the UK)?

So the car has broken down again!
I can’t afford a new one, and it’ll take 3+ hours to cycle or bus into work.

I am considering buying a 125cc scooter if the repair costs on the car are too high -
do you have experience of driving one in the winter?
Is it really bad?
Can anyone give me any hints or advice?

Thanks very much.

Administrator answers:

If you’ve never ridden before I wouldn’t recommend starting in winter.

I guess it’ll be a morning/evening commute in which case it’ll be dark and getting darker so much more difficult for drivers to see you.

Any frosty mornings could be really dangerous, especially as 125cc scooters/bikes tend to have narrow tyre profiles so could struggle for grip.

I would definitely recommend trying to get your car fixed before forking out on a scooter plus insurance, clothing, helmet, etc.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic!

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