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June 6, 2012

Steven asks…

cheapest young driver car insurance?


I will be driving soon and know insurance is very expensive for young, new drivers.
Does anyone know of any cheap insurance companies OR techniques of how to get cheap car insurance?


Administrator answers:

For provisional insurance, try
For insurance on a full licence, you’ll have to shop around. Your postcode will have far more bearing on what you pay than your choice of car;

James asks…

As a new driver where can I find a very cheap car insurance policy?

I just got my liscence less than a month ago, I am a 21 year old male

Administrator answers:

Check with the many compare sites we are bombarded with

Paul asks…

where can i get cheap car insurance for a new driver?

Administrator answers:

Argh.. Is never ever ever ever going to be cheap – i pay enough to feed a small country!
Check out, they’ve got all the deals from the different companies listed, and i found them easy to use.
Drive carefully!

Jenny asks…

which company gives cheap car insurance for 40yr old new driver?

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as cheap insurers.

I change my insurer annually because they are not the cheapest at the time.

Ruth asks…

Where can i find the cheapest car insurance for a new young driver?

I’m looking to insure a car most likely small, i’ve been trawling the web for hours now and just wondering if anyone could recomend a cheap insurer for a young (17) driver.

Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

There is nowhere that does magic cheap insurance for younger drivers – some don’t do it at all!
Any recommendations you get on here will either be spam of irrelavent as just because it has been cheap for someone at a certain time does not make it cheap for you now.
Shopping around to find the best 2 or 3 and then GETTING ON THE PHONE to haggle with them is he only way to do it.

Ken asks…

Cheapest car insurance possible for a new 17 year old male driver?

Cheapest car insurance possible for a new 17 year old male driver, any car. include all details includeing car, company etc

Administrator answers:

The cheapest car to insure would be a 1972 fiat 500.
For insurance what I do is shop around

David asks…

cheap car insurance for first time driver in new jersey?

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

Cheap car insurance for new drivers?

I passed my test yesterday and want to know if anyone knows any cheap insurance companies that do 1 month cover only? as am im selling my car soon! thanks!

Administrator answers:

No can do. However, if after selling your car you buy another one almost immediately your insurers will transfer the policy to your new vehicle. If this is the case phone them to do this so that the cover transfers to suit you.

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