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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cheap

August 14, 2012

John asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance company for a first time driver?

I’m trying to find the cheapest insurance for a first time driver (just got my G2 and I’m 18) in Mississauga or the GTA basically.
I’m probably not getting a new car so something from like 2003 (maybe a 2002 beetle).

Administrator answers:

First of all, you need to understand, that there are many different factors and options that customizes you final insurance price. You and only you can manage them correctly and according to your own needs. Please note, that fresh G2 license+”2002 car” automatically puts you on “higher risk area”. It means, that by default you insurance will be not cheap.
What I can recommend you – is to contact any insurance company itself, or use one of dozens free online insurance quotes. It’s really easy and fast. Moreover, you will receive exact price not approximate variation. There you can specify all needed options, and get complete offer with a fixed price as soon as possible. By the way, more companies you will look through, and more quotes you will fill – more offers you will receive. In the end you will be able to compare them all and too choose the best one.
To economy your own time you can contact an insurance broker. He will provide you a list of companies and policies best suited for your needs. But probably, his services will cost you a bit more then “self-search”.
No one here can give you an exact answer here. There is no proof that insurance company which made a cheap police to one person will make it same cheap to you. Only you can find the answer to your question. And these are just humble recommendations!
Good Luck!

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