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July 24, 2012

Betty asks…

im a new driver and my insurance in 1600 or above, i have tried all the cheapest cars!?

i have just passed my driving test and i am looking for a cheap run around car to start me off, ive tried all the cheap cars (fiestas, peugeots and much more) but nothing seems to take my insurance lower, does anyone have any ideas…????


Administrator answers:

That’s actually quite good; look at the endless other questions on this site on the subject.

Sorry, but while the little boys keep crashing into each other that’s what it’s going to cost.

Donald asks…

what car insurance companies offers the cheapest price for insurance for drivers under 25 years old?

I’m currently 23 and I am about to get my first car ( a sedan). Which car insurance company offers the best prices for car insurance in new york state (or just in general)? does the popularity of the brand mane of the car and model affect the insurance price? for example, would the insurance of a 2002 honda civic be more than that of to 2003 hyundai elantra (let’s say both have the same mileage of 85,000)?

Administrator answers:

Progressive Direct.

James asks…

cheapest car insurance for 20 year old females?

im a new driver, 20, and female. i need car insurance! which would be the cheapest? i already looked at geico and esurance quotes, its $250 a month….

Administrator answers:

My recommendation is to get quotes from ALL the MAIN USA Insurance Carriers and then go for the one that offers the CHEAPEST price for the policy you have on your mind.
There is a variety of comparison sites that will help you in your task, get a pen and pencil out, start getting quoted and keep note of who quoted what and for how much.
After a while of filling forms and getting prices you’ll quickly build a knowledge of it all.

This is a good comparison site that I use: and:

take your time and don’t rush into anything.
Hope I helped

Sandy asks…

cheapest car insurance please?

hey i hope some1 can help me out.
i am 22 years. i recently passed my driving test, on the 21/07/2009.

i also bought a car honda civic. 1.4l
i am looking for the cheapest car insurance possible. because i am full time student. and work part time. i wouldnt be able to afford paying £2000 annually.
please if some1 knows where to get cheap car insurance for new drivers, would be very appreciated

Administrator answers:

“…cheap car insurance for new drivers…”

This does not exist.

Car insurance for new drivers is always very, very expensive. This gives you two options – pay two grand a year for insurance, or don’t drive.

Sorry, but that’s just the cold, hard facts…

Chris asks…

New driver, Do I have to buy my own car insurance?

So I recently got my Novice Drivers licences. I drive my parents cars atm and they both have insurance to cover me. However, I’ve saved enough money to buy myself an old Toyota Corolla and I was wondering if there is a cheaper way of insurance than paying the $3,300 for novice drivers. Is there a possible way to combine my car with my parents for a cheaper insurance price?

Okay there Mr.Roger,

First of all, I wasnt asking for an opinion.
Secondly, you did not answer my question at all.
Thirdly, I’m not trying to pick up girls, act boss like a soaring eagle or stomping gas shit.

Since you make such big assumptions of MY life, I’ll tell you my situation.
My family runs a business in which my dad and mom both need to get to work in separate times because my dads car is used for delivery and my mom usually drives my younger sister to school and finishes the house work before she heads on to work.
It takes me almost an hour to get to school from a skytrain and 2 buses not adding the fact that I might miss buses. However, if I were to drive I can arrive at school in 15mins.
My parents agree to me buying my own car since I’ve started a part time job for a year now and offered to pay for the insurance. Since I’ve only saved 5000 i decided to buy a cheap reliable car that I can use, and on the other hand if it is 3300 for insurance I can try to cover most of it

Administrator answers:

Reread the question you asked, do you see the big glaring defect? Should I buy an old crap car corrola? HELL NO! Is that clear enough.? We all know you are keen to drive, and want to be independent, if your smart, you will save all your money, learn to live with using mom and dads car, (offer to wash it, put a bit more gas than you use, and treat it with loving respect) and save your money. No girl wants to be seen in old crap cars ok? (well some dont care, but look, have some class will ya!) save your money and be glad mom and dad are paying for your insurance, is it the ideal plan, no, is it your best plan yes! And for a number of reasons right up to and including when you buy A NICE NEWER CAR! See the prize, feel it, use your elevated senses on it. That old corolla is a goony bird car. Not a winner . Be a winner, not a loser. Its like the best way to soar like an eagle? Is not surround yourself with turkeys ok? Because the reality is this, do you really want to hop in the carolla stomp on the gas, and putter off in a cloud of blue oil smoke, much to the chagrin of all your friends? Or do you want to be a soaring eagle, in a nice, but classy car, who smoothly and quickly glides away ? Your the boss chief, whats it going to be?

Paul asks…

my car insurance is too much is there any cheapest company for new drivers?

Administrator answers:

Try uswitch it saved me £250 when i switched

Mary asks…

What is the best insurance for new drivers?

I am 19 and I just got my driver‘s license (better late than never). I need car insurance asap and am looking for suggestions fo cheap insurance for new drivers

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be to get insurance under your parents household, but ask to be not listed as drivers of their vehicles, that way it won’t drive their rates up too far.
If that is not an option, I would go to a cheap local independent agency, and just get liability. I know those ads on TV are misleading, saying they will all save you money, and not as cheap as they claim to be, even with the cute mascot and all (they pay a lot for TV ads).
You can always call a local brand name agent, for a quote. Quotes and questions are free you know. Good luck.

John asks…

How long do I have to wait till I get cheaper car insurance?

I have saved enough money to buy a used decent car cash. However, because my licence is super new the liability insurence came up to $270.00 and I cannot afford it. They said is because of I’m considered I new driver. So, how long do I have to wait before I get cheaper insurance?

Administrator answers:

Check other insurers. That rate is higher than my Son’s, with an SR-22 for Minor in Possession.

Sandra asks…

what is the cheapest automatic car, for a new driver?

also cheap for insurance
from the uk, cheap on isurance, and im young but would go for anycar, not botherd how it looks.

Administrator answers:

Check out Parkers car site – look under “cheap to buy, cheap to run” and then look thro specs to see which has auto gearbox. I did a quick look and came up with a Kia Picanto, there will be others.

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