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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cheapest

April 25, 2012

Laura asks…

Which insurance company offers the cheapest car insurance for new and young drivers?

Administrator answers:

Circumstances vary depending on things like your age, gender, where you live!
Try a Pass+ course to prove you are a capable young driver – this will give you a certificate and many Insurance Companies will recognise this and reduce your premiums.

James asks…

Cheapest car insurance for new drivers?

Co-op seem to be the cheapest i can find at the moment, i am going on my dads name because we are both going to drive it and he has like 11 year no claims, so far co-op seem the best (coop seem to go by the age of the car) the older the cheaper, im looking to insure either a fiesta a clio or a corsa, something like that, could you from experience or just knowledge tell me which insurance is the cheapest, by the way im 17

Administrator answers:

Just to make you aware before you enter into a very sketchy situation, if the car is essentially yours and you are going to be driving the vehicle the most, you need to declare yourself as the main driver, otherwise this is fraud and you would essentially be driving with no insurance since your policy would be invalid. Insurers are wise to this scam. You and your dad could be in for a lot of points on your licences, and would face severe difficulty in obtaining insurance in future when you’re caught. You may as well keep it legal if this is the case and build up your own NCD, which will set you in better stead in a few years time, when you could be driving something a lot nicer and insured for a lot cheaper.

Also, is your dad using his no claims discount on another car? You can’t use NCD on two vehicles at once, and your insurer would ask for proof that the NCD is valid.

In response to your question, no single insurer is “the cheapest” for anyone. Each insurer will price your circumstances differently, so the cheapest for one person might be the most expensive for another so there is no answer to this question.

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