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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

June 15, 2012

Mark asks…

what is the average car insurance cost for new drivers in NJ?

17 yr old driver
extra cost cost per year on parents insurance?

Administrator answers:

From about $100 to about $800 per month. Depends on location you live, how much coverage you want/need, what kind of car, etc. No way for us on YA to give an answer, so see your insurance agent.

Michael asks…

How much does car insurance cost per month for a 22 year old new driver in UK….?

Administrator answers:

If you search this site you’ll see that this question has been asked before…

However it isn’t all doom and gloom… You must phone around and find out the best company for the policy you have on your mind.

Donald asks…

any idea on how much car insurance will cost for new driver I’m 28yrs old??

please help i just need an estamate looking into buying a small car after hopefully passing the uk driving test next week. 1.4 engine size nothing to smart just to get me from a-b i only have around £500 to buy a car, just trying to figure out how much to put aside,tried calling insurance companys but they said they wont quote with out full licsense details…. all i want is an idea!!!thanks in advance
im in reading berkshire

Administrator answers:

Go here click on the Lloyds banner, fill in a free form and get an instant quote from the best insurers in the UK.
Googd luck and drive safe.

Nancy asks…

How much does canadian car insurance cost for a 20yr old male NEW driver for a used CAR or used SUV?

Just give me an estimate for a car or an suv in canada. Just an estimate. I know its different for all cars and suvs but just give me an idea obviously the differences CANNOT be thousands and its gonna be in a certain range. if u can give me a range fine, give me a range im just a new driver and male, 20. these stupid car insurance companies cant even give me that much its not like im going to be paying 9000$ instead of 300$.

Administrator answers:

We can’t begin to tell you; Canada is a big country and you forgot to tell us where you live, your driving record, or the specific type of car or SUV you’re looking at. “Those stupid car insurance companies” need a lot of information to give you a quote, so be prepared to supply it.

Jenny asks…

How much is it going to cost to add a new 18 year old driver to car insurance?

my mom said its going to cost about 200 bucks a month. thats too much. >_< i live in california.

Administrator answers:

That is not unreasonable… But….Have Mom shop around if you think it is too much.

Joseph asks…

im 21 and a new driver how much would my car insurance cost on a honda civic type r 02 reg?

Administrator answers:

There are many factors which are used by the insurer to calculate the risk and so the premium they charge for car insurance – these are mainly;
1 Age and sex of the policyholder (who must be the Main driver, and registered keeper) and that of any additional drivers.
2. The cars age, mileage, value, insurance group, security and the companies own claims history for that vehicle
3. The occupation of the policyholder and any named drivers
4. The claims history of any drivers
5. The licence details of drivers (endorsements, length of time held)
6. Where the car is normally kept overnight (is it the policyholders address? On road is more expensive than on a drive which is more expensive than in a locked garage.
7. What use will the car be insured for, social and domestic is the minimum but if commuting and use for the policyholders business or their employers business is added the price increases. If used to commute where is the car to be parked when there – on road or in a car park.
8. Does the car have any modifications from the standard factory fresh condition like alloy wheels or performance enhancements – some insurers will refuse to cover modified cars, some will increase the price and some will cover them but only for return to standard.
You need to tell the full truth about everything asked and inform them of any changes to any of the details disclosed as the policy goes on – failing to do that can render it null and void.

Some younger drivers consider putting the car and insurance in a parents name with the parent as a fraudulent main driver and them as an occasional named driver to cut the premiums. This common scam is called “Fronting” and is an illegal act which can get parent and son/daughter into a lot of long lasting expensive troubles.

Most insurers offer a monthly payment scheme and most need about 15% up front to start the cover. The scheme is usually in the form of a loan and so interest is charged – this can be as much as 25% APR. This is usually at rate which is higher than most credit cards even charge so look at other ways to borrow the money to spread the cost if possible as it will be cheaper.

With a few minor differences these are the questions you will be asked before being given a quote. Not having supplied these details on Yahoo Answers, and who would, it is impossible to give a guess of a price for you to within even £1000 for a younger newly qualified driver.

Steven asks…

approx. how much does car insurance cost for a new driver in BC i have a ’93 323 mazda?

Administrator answers:

Between $70 and $200 a month? Depending on age and insurance coverage.
Getting quoted is free, you can check many prices in one go at

Also here’s a good bunch of tips to avoid getting scammed when insurance buying over the net:

Helen asks…

how much does car insurance cost for a new driver?

in the state of north carolina

Administrator answers:

If you’re 18 or under, living at home, your best option is being added to your parent’s insurance policy. If not, there is no way to tell, rates are based on your risk factors, which include gender, age, zip code, vehicle, driving record, and even credit rating.

Assuming you can’t be on your parents because of age and address, contact a local independent agent and give him your information, and he will find the best value for you.

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