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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

January 8, 2013

Sharon asks…

Will Getting a license in a different state lower car insurance?

If you originally have a drivers license in one state, and move to a different state and get a drivers license there, can it lower your car insurance. I’ve heard from some people that it can because when you apply for car insurance they won’t see any tickets you may have had originally, but I’ve also heard that no matter what they can see your driving history.

Administrator answers:

Sorry, but some people are wrong. All states have computer access, and when you move and get a new license, your records move with you.

As to the cost in the new state, it may be the same, higher, or lower. It depends on a lot of factors. It also depends on where in the state you move to. In California I moved from a rural area to the greater Los Angeles area and my insurance premium increased a lot.

Joseph asks…

How much does insurance cost for a new 16 year old female driver?

I would like to know how much insurance costs for a new 16 year old female driver. My parents have the insurance company USAA, so if I could get some information on the likely costs of this, that would be great.
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

This is where having an insurance agent is a great resource. To give you an answer that is accurate your parent’s will need to call USAA.

As it is there are just too many variables for you to get a number that is of any relevance from Yahoo Answers. In fact any number you might get here is just a WAG because, other than the fact that you are a 16 year old female, we don’t know anything about you. For example:

What State do you live in? (big difference in rates between New Jersey or North Dakota)
Where do you live? (big city, suburban, rural?)
Is the insurance in your State based on no fault or tort? (affects the coverage choices)
What is the limit of liability on your parents auto policy?
What is the year, make and model of your parents car?
Is the car financed? (do they carry physical damage insurance?)
Will there be a car added? Will you be the principal driver?
Are there other drivers in the household besides your parents?
How is their driving record?
Are there other vehicles in the household? (multi car discount)
Do you go to school? How are your grades (good student discount?)
How do you plan on using the car? (pleasure use, driving to work, pizza delivery?)
Do your parents have any other insurance with this company? (multi-policy discount)
What is your parent’s insurance score?

Helen asks…

Does anyone know the car insurance laws in new york state?

Ok. I am seventeen years old and i want to get my drivers liscense but my parents wont let me because they wont pay for my car insurance. Does anyone know the laws for underage drivers for car insurance? I would be driving one of their cars and i wouldnt have one of my own. If you can site a source, it’d be great cause then i could show it to them. thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yeah, the law is you can’t drive in NY state without insurance. As soon as you get your license, you will be added to your parents insurance policy. Only your agent can tell you how much it will cost to do that, but it will be high. If you try to get your own policy it will be even higher.

John asks…

Can I add my son to my fiances car insurance?

My son just turned 16, and I have been researching insurance cost for him. My fiance drives a company car, and his own personal truck just sits in the driveway. It would be much cheaper adding my son to his truck (84.00) as an occasional driver versus putting him on mine (154.00) as an occasional driver. My car is considered a class C vehicle (Landrover) which is why it would be more expensive. Does anybody know if insurance companies would allow this, being that we are not married yet? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Do you all live in the same household? If not, this could be a problem. If your living in the same household and sharing vehicles, have you ask your carriers if you can all be listed under the same policy? It might be cheaper for everyone.

I question if your son is less expensive under your fiance’s policy because that carrier offers lower rates. Liability rates are based on the driver, not the vehicle. I’m betting this is where most of the cost falls… As adding another driver to the same (1) vehicle should not increase comp/coll coverage very much… Only one person can be driving it so the 1st party risk is about the same.

Paul asks…

How much do post offices in CA charge for an envolope you use for sending a copy of my college degree?

I have to mail five things tomorrow in a single envelope.
They include a copy of my degree, driver‘s liscence, car insurance, and resume.
How much does it cost for a basic envelop?

Administrator answers:

55 cents for a business size envelope, if you buy the envelope. If it is in a 9 X 12 manila envelope, it is 1.00. It may be more depending on the weight of the envelope after the stuff is in it. 1-800-ASK-USPS

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