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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

January 27, 2013

Chris asks…

How much would car insurance cost under these conditions?

-1995 mustang gt conv.
-both parents will have insurance
-car is fully paid off
I would like to know what insurance would cost when i turn 16 as well.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, “teenage” driver and “Mustang” go together to make for very high insurance rates. As long as you’re living at home you should qualify to be an additional driver on your parent’s insurance policy. There are also several on-line sites like GEICO or Progressive where you can get estimates, or you can pick up a telephone and call local insurance brokers.

Richard asks…

What would my allstate car insurance be?

im a 16 year old female.
i went through driver‘s ed (so you’re suppose to get a discount) and my mom had been a member of allstate for at least 10 years with no accidents or anything.
so im wondering, about how much would MY car insurance be?

Administrator answers:

The cost is based on too many factors for anyone to actually give a figure here.
But, from personal and family experience, to take a policy with them, regardless of cost, will be your first mistake, They are very unreliable and will try to screw you at every turn.

Nancy asks…

How much can I expect my car insurance to go up?

I was recently pulled over by a police officer and written a $239 ticket for going 60mph in a 35mph school zone. The DMV just sent me a notice that I have received six points on my license and instructed me to attend an eight hour driver‘s improvement class. I’m seventeen. How much should I expect my insurance costs to rise?

Administrator answers:

Your policy or your parents? Given the severity of going 25 MPH over the limit in a school zone, you may have your policy cancelled or get shifted into “assigned risk” insurance. If your policy doesn’t get cancelled, expect the premium to go up substantially. No insurance company really wants to deal with a driver who risks flattening someone’s kid in a crosswalk.

Betty asks…

How to save money in car insurance for g2 lic?

When a person got new g2 driving lic,if he buys a car,what are the possible way to get car insurance low premium,covering all the feautures of security and standards.

Administrator answers:

If you are talking about an Ontario G2 licence then they only viable ways to reduce the cost of your vehicle insurance are: 1) Take an approved driver’s education course; and/or 2) Buy a older vehicle that you can pay cash for and insure it for liability only, no Collision or Comprehensive coverage.

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