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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

February 8, 2013

Paul asks…

How much does is cost to become a driver in the UK?

I’m weighing up the pros and cons of learning to drive over my reliance on public transport. I want to take account of everything, (insurance, cost of average car, etc).

I figure £20 for provisional license. About £800 for lessons (40 x £20), plus another £150 for the test, £50 for the theory test. What other things do I need to consider each year? (I’m approximately 30 years old, if that matters)

Administrator answers:

It doesn’t make a lot of difference in the grand scheme of it all, but a provisional is £50, not £20, and a theory test is £31.

Sandra asks…

What car to get for my first that will be low on insurance?

How much for the car and insurance it will cost me ?

Administrator answers:

There is no easy answer to this except stay away from the online comparison websites, they’re not interested ion new drivers business. Go through a broker, and be prepared to regard anything under £3000 as a great result.

Lisa asks…

How much will my car insurance cost me?

I am 18 years old, and live in Northern BC. I have had my N license for just over a year, I have had NO accidents or tickets. I have a 1995 Honda Civic 4 Door. I am a very safe driver and I have been unlucky to find a good quote. Do you think it would be around $100/month?

Administrator answers:

Since your 18 now (if your 16 its ridiculously expensive) and your car is fairly old, ittl probably be only $50 or less a month. And if your a female, even less.

John asks…

How much does insurance go up with a teen getting his license?

the teen will get his license on march. dependig on insurance cost.
he will be 16 and with be driving a 2003 to 2005 honda accord. auto. how much would insurance go up on the year policy. oh he also gets very good grades.

Administrator answers:

Depends on your insurance company, car safety etc. State farm offers more then 40% in discounts to young drivers if they meet a 3.0 gpa and if they particpate in the State farm young driver program. I recommend calling several companies including your current company. Be sure to be careful how you word it because some places such as geico, as soon as they quote your teen, they add them to your existing geico policy until you prove that they don’t have a license. If they have a permit, that is usually not going to affect your insurance premium.

James asks…

What is the best company to rent a car from in Costa Rica?

I’ve heard that companies try to get you once your there with hidden insurance costs, dings in the car, etc.

Has anyone hd any good/bad experiences?

Administrator answers:

Last time I went I used Alamo, the time before I used Europcar…

I had no problems with either. The RAV4 I rented from Alamo was abused a bit as I beat the crap out of it on dirt roads… But no problems.

Expect to pay like $200 more per week for the BASIC insurance, which is required by law.

I always get the basic insurance because my credit card has coverage as well… Check with your credit card company to see what coverage they add, and make sure it is good in Costa Rica. Also, additional drivers are pretty expensive, I am always the only driver when I go with my friends, and I am the only one that drives (nobody can trust anyone but me)

The driving down there can be a little hairy at times, there are a lot of dangerous roads and dangerous drivers, so be careful.

Also, watch out for the cops that suggest you bribe them…

Nancy asks…

How much will my car insurance be?

I can’t drive, YET!
I really want to learn, buy myself a Renault Clio.

I’m worried about car insurance!
I heard you can buy insurance with a provisional licence to make it cheaper; how does this work?

I’m 20. Female. Assistant teacher. Living in London.
Id love a little Renault Clio, just scared of costs.


Administrator answers:

For a new driver, the average cost of insuring a small, basic car is £2,700.

Joseph asks…

How can I check what is affecting my car insurance prices?

Would there be a website to do this? I am struggling to see why my car insurance is so expensive. I’ve checked my insurance prices on, it’s around £4,500, so I think it would help if I could find out why it was so.

Administrator answers:

All insurers rate their policies differently, but to give you an idea, I have listed the rating factors that most insurer’s use.

RISK ADDRESS – The insurer will look at the claims received from the area where your car is usually kept. It does not necessarily mean the area has high or low crime as accidents can affect it too.

GARAGED – The insurer will look at where you leave your car overnight. If you put your car away in the garage or park it on the drive, the risk is slightly lower than if it is left on the road.

VEHICLE – The insurer will look at the group rating of the vehicle with the lowest group being the cheapest. They will also look at the age and value of the car, as older low value cars are cheaper to replace if they are stolen or written off.

ANNUAL MILEAGE – The average annual mileage is usually 12,000. If you do less than that, the insurance should be a bit cheaper. If you do more than that, it will be dearer.

AGE – The insurer will look at the age of ALL drivers to be insured. It will be dear if any of the drivers are under 25. The cheapest age group is usually 50-70. Once you get over 70, it starts to increase again. It can sometimes work out cheaper if you add on an experienced driver as a named driver.

CLASS OF USE – The insurer will want to know your occupation, and how you will use the car. If you just use it to travel to and from one permanent place of work, it would be classed as commuting, but travelling from job to job requires business use which is much more expensive. Sometimes, how your occupation is described can make a difference so it is worth trying a few different descriptions so long as they are similar and truthful.

COVER – The insurer will look at the cover you have requested. Sometimes, Comprehensive can be cheaper than third party fire and theft even though you get more cover.

EXCESS – You can agree to pay an additional voluntary excess in the event of a claim which will keep the cost down. The more you pay, the cheaper it will be.

DRIVERS – The insurer will want to know the history of all drivers, such as previous claims, convictions etc. If a driver has a claim or conviction, it can increase the price of your policy.

NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT – The more discount you are entitled to, the cheaper it will be.

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