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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

February 13, 2013

Donna asks…

What is the best auto insurance carrier?

Hi everyone. I am shopping for car insurance and want to know the best but most affordable out there. My mother thought to put me on her policy with Progressive and I would pay her for the insurance, but they were going to charge her over $500.00 to do so. My friend has gotten into two accidents and hasn’t had to pay nearly that much , and neither did her dad when he put her on his policy.

Administrator answers:

Well, for starters you cannot compare how much you pay for your auto insurance to that of your friend. Just because you may be similar in age does not necessarlity mean you will pay the same. You probably have different coverages than your friend, a different vehicle, and a different insurance company. Some companies will assign a driver, particularly the youngest or most high risk driver, to the vehicle on the policy that is considered the highest risk. For example, lets say you are on the policy with mom and dad (3 drivers). And on that policy you have (let’s say) a 1998 Honda Accord, a 2001 Ford F150, and 2008 Chevy Corvette. The corvette is going to be considered the highest risk vehicle. And even though your dad techinically drives that car 100% of the time they may assign you, the youngest, highest risk driver, to that vehicle. Being a young driver ( i assume) you are not going to find or get the type of rate your parents or an adult will get. For you to get the cheapest rate it will be on a car/truck that is liability only. You can also qualify for some discounts if the are applicable to you. Discounts like the good student discount, the car pool discount, the driver training discount, and some may offer a defensive driver discount or some sort of a young driver video or dvd that you can watch and take a test on and submit to the company. Personally, i think allstate, state farm, and progressive are probably the best insurance companies to have in general for auto insurance. I say this based on service, the ability to speak with the same agent/adjuster, claims payments and settlements, etc.

Progressive may charge 500 to add you on but i am guessing that 500 does not have to be paid all at once. It should be over the course of the policy period. If they add you to their policy in the middle of the policy period it will be prorated out. E.g., if their policy starts in january and ends in june and they add you in march then it should only add 250 since you will only be covered for part of march and all of april-june. Maybe she misuderstood them when they told her it would cost 500 to add you. Was that 500 for the entire 6 months. $500/6 months=$88.33 a month. Your portion would be about that ($88.33).

Also, any multi-policy discounts mom and dad can get for carrying their homeowners or renters insurance with the same auto carrier will lesson the premium. Ask mom and dad about that! Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

What is the average cost of car insurance for teens?

Hi my name is Evelyn and Im planning on getting my car soon. It’ll be an old used car. Im a girl. 16 years old. 3.5 or higher gpa. possibly 3.75. Im wondering what the cost for insurance will be when I get the car. I am also currently taking drivers ed in school but have not completed the coarse yet. Does that matter? or should I get the insurance after finishing the class for the discount?

Administrator answers:

Evelyn, you can’t get your own insurance at 16. The only way is to be under your parents, so ask them.
BTW it is “course”.

Jenny asks…

Just how are illegal immigrants supposed to prove their identity in order to get a license?

This nation is a melting pot of immigrants, both legal and not. Our state is no different.

We celebrate the ethnic diversity of our population and welcome those who come to this country and pursue citizenship, and whose work and effort have helped make this country great.

We also have a continuing concern with the numbers of immigrants in this country who are here without any legal authority. Many of them have come to America from our southern neighbor seeking work and a better life for their families. Another large percentage of the undocumented immigrants came to our country legally from probably every country on earth and have overstayed their visas.

The question of immigration reform is an emotional one, and one in which the federal government must play the lead role. It is a national concern, and yet it is also an issue in the 50 states individually.

As a nation, we must secure our borders, and we must provide a wider door to citizenship to those who come to our country legally. As a state, we must also recognize the impact of an estimated 250,000 undocumented immigrant drivers on Illinois’ streets and highways and on the cost of car insurance to family budgets.

There is a cost to society when we have uninsured, untrained, untested, drivers. With the recent legislation to extend the current Illinois temporary visitors driver’s licenses to the undocumented immigration population, Illinois is offering another response to the lack of action from the federal government over the last decade or more.

It doesn’t allow the license holder to use that license as identification to register to vote, to board an airplane or to purchase a firearm. It requires undocumented immigrants to prove their identity, be tested and purchase insurance to drive legally on our streets and highways.

As a legislator, I’ve supported other Illinois responses to what is a national immigration question. I have opposed this specific kind of legislation in the past. Because of agreement with the statutory language I proposed that would prevent the use of the temporary visitors driver’s licenses for identification, I believe this specific bill is in the best interests of Illinois citizens.

Untested, uninsured immigrants are driving today. Those drivers cost $64 million annually in uninsured damage claims that other policy holders must cover. In 2011, 42 percent of all fatal crashes in Illinois involved an unlicensed driver. In Lake County, 28 percent of all motorists booked for traffic offenses in the last year were undocumented immigrants who could not get licenses, burdening our public safety system.

Our goal is not to encourage more illegal immigration to Illinois. Instead, it is to promote safe driving and to unburden licensed motorists from the financial cost to them resulting from a collision with an uninsured motorist.

If they do buy insurance to register a vehicle, they cancel it as soon as they have tags in hand. I’m telling you , folks, we’re just asking for more trouble and more illegal immigrants.

Administrator answers:

I understand your concern, no matter how wrong we think it is to be an illegal in the country, we simply cannot deny the fact there are millions of undocumented drivers on the road every single day. It’s too late to put the genie back into the bottle, politicians and law enforcement simply haven’t been doing their job for the past 3-4 decades.

The executive order President Obama made 6 months ago giving a 2 year break to most young people supposedly covered by the Dream Act is the first step towards the solution. As citizens we can vote for those politicians who support fixing the II problem instead of deporting all of them at once. Only politicians have the power to really do something, we can’t.

Robert asks…

what is the estimated price of being added onto a parents car insurance?

i am 16 sorting out the finances of my future car and have noticed the unreal car insurance price for a little car such as a nissan almera and am thinking of going onto my parents car insurance.

Administrator answers:

Could cost a bomb if they have a car bigger than what a new droivwer would normally have.
If you mean getting a car yourself and one of them being the declared main driver when you really are this is a criminal fraudulent act and as the insurers are now on to it they price the insurance on the youngest driver so it does not save anything anyway.
You parent will have no claims bonus – this is useless to you as they cannot use it on an additional policy.

Insurance for you on an old car which costs maybe £2000 or as little as £500 to purchase will be £3000 to £4000 a year.

Linda asks…

How Much Will Insurance Cost On A 1958 Corvette?

I’m 14, and I’ve been saving up for on for my first car. My parents are willing to pay a small chunk for the cost of the car. I want to know approx. How much will insurance cost for it? Since I’m sure you are doubtful, my dad will pay as much insurance as his car requires, my mother is willing to pay half what she pays for her car, and I will pay the rest. Also, I learned how to drive at 12 years old, my grandmother is a dirt track racer, she attended the Bonduraunt school, and she has taught me (on a manual transmission) for 2 years so far all she learned. I think its safe to say this goal is attainable. Also my neighbor is willing to sell me his for 35,000 (he bought it in the 60s for just a few thou). This also adds to just how attainable this goal is.

Administrator answers:

First thing. You usually do not go through the usual insurance companies like State Farm, All State, Progressive, Geico, etc. You use an insurance company that specializes in collector car insurance. The two top insurance companies for this are Grundy and Hagerty.

However, you will run into a problem. These insurance companies will not insure a driver that is less than 21 years old. Even if a parent purchases one of these collector car policies, the policy does not cover an accident with a minor driving.

Also, it is highly doubtful ant one of the more conventional insurance companies will write a 16 year old driver a policy for a car like this. You will most likely need to wait until you are 21 years old.

By the way, your illegal driving experience means absolutely nothing to an insurance company. The driving experience clock starts the day you are a licensed and legal driver that is covered under an insurance policy.

Also, it is highly doubtful that you will get a loan for a car like this. For one thing, a minor can not enter into a loan contract because a minor can not legally sign the documents. A parent would need to get this loan. However, the banks generally do not give loans for cars like these. But never say never. Your parents could see if they can get a loan for this car. Maybe put their house up as collateral if they have enough equity built up.

One last thing. Remember what I said about the insurance companies not covering an accident with a minor driving. The banks will require full coverage insurance on this car. But they also know that a policy does not cover a minor driver. So if the banks find out that you will ever drive this car, they will not give a loan. Don’t be surprised if there is something about this written into the loan contract.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

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