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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

February 21, 2013

Steven asks…

How do I go about getting car insurance in another state?

I live in new york, i want to get car insurance in another state like maryland or delaware, i have friends in each state. What do i need to get car insurance there? Please help me…lots of details please…thank you

Administrator answers:

There are two factors in auto insurance. The legal residence of the owner of the vehicle, and the garaged location. For example, I can have a car that I keep at a vacation home, and the insurance cost will be based on that location.

To register your vehicle in MD, and get insurance there, you will need to have a MD driver’s license and a residence in MD. The car will need to pass MD state inspection, and you will have to pay tax on the book value. (6%)

In DE you will need the license, you will have to take the car to be inspected at the state inspection facility, and pay title and tax.

If you are trying to avoid the high cost of NY insurance, you can not do so legally and keep the car in NY

Joseph asks…

How are medical costs covered by car insurance companies to crash victims in the US?

I am a Canadian planning on a trip to the US, probably for about two weeks. I am healthy and do not have any concerns except about getting hit by a car. The problem is I don’t have enough money even for basic travel health insurance (usually at least $25 a day cost). Now if a person gets hit by a car who is uninsured, and the driver is at fault, would the driver‘s insurance company pay those costs? Are all drivers required to have insurance?

Administrator answers:

Most states require drivers to have car insurance, but still an estimated 1 in 7 drivers nationwide are uninsured. If the driver is adequately insured, then the insurance company would pay the medical costs of injured parties up to the amount the driver is insured for. The problem is that some people only carry the bare minimum insurance coverage, which would not come close to covering your medical costs if you got hit by their vehicle.

Betty asks…

What are the advantages of getting my driver’s license long before i want to drive?

Will insurance cost less when it comes time for me to drive? i am turning 17 this month. in a week to be exact. I do not plan to drive any time soon… at least when i’m 18 or 19. A lot of people are getting their liscenses even though they are not going to use it. what are the advantages to doing that?

Administrator answers:

It means that when you are ready to drive, you can, without a person in the passenger seat to keep you company. Plus, it will cost you less in insurance, and the graduated licencing means it will take longer to be fully licenced. Here’s why:
G1 stage: you write a test, get a licence, take Driver’s training. This lasts 8-12 months.
G2: after you successfully drive the G1 exit test (15 minute test), you get your G2. This stage lasts 12 months.
Full G: this means you passed your G2 exit test, and you can now do anything you darn well please (as long as it’s legal).

Go to the ministry of transportation offices and buy one of the handbooks they have (for cars, nothing else!) and read it over, and take your G1 test. It explains almost everything in there, which is awesome. Plus, you can bug them for anything else you need to know by calling your local ministry of transportation.

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