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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

March 6, 2013

Thomas asks…

how much will car insurance cost for me?

i am 17 years old and i have my g2. i live in oshawa ontario canada. i will be a secondary driver on my dads car, which is a 1999 yukon gmc. i have also taken driving school. and im a girl. any clue how much insurance will cost me per month?

Administrator answers:

The only way you’re going to get an accurate answer to this question will be to contact local insurance agents. There’s too many variables for anyone to be able to give you an accurate answer on a forum like this.

Mary asks…

how much does car insurance cost for a 16 yr old in oregon?

i get my license in a few months, what am i looking @ for insurance costs.

oregon, age 16, adding to parents insurance, state farm insurance, good grades, drivers ed, a car with no crashes but alot of milage from 1990-2000…under 7k$$.

around how much will my insurance per month cost?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the type of car, what year is it, and believe it or not it depends what kind of neighborhood you live in, if you are a boy or a girl, what ethnicity you are, if you have good grades or not, there are lots of things you should check out your parents insurance company and see if there are any discounts most likely if you have over a 3.0 you will get a discount but you have to maintain that gpa

Helen asks…

Can I drive another car with my fully comprehensive insurance?

I have fully comprehensive car insurance on a car, I heard you can drive another car with the owners permission because you’re insurance is fully comprehensive. (So if there is a crash my insurance will cover the costs 3rd party)

Here’s the tricky bit, I am on my friends fully comprehensive car insurence as a named driver. Can I (Being a named driver on his fully comprehensive insurence) drive someone else’s car with there permission?

Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

This is a question for your insurance company as they all have different rules.

Joseph asks…

Car accident where the driver of my car is at fault?

I let a family member drive my car and she got into an accident where she’s at fault. I live in MA so will my insurance cover the repair costs of my car and the other driver‘s car? We share the same address.

Administrator answers:

Yes and maybe. Yes, unless the driver was specifically excluded from your policy and maybe (depending on Ma laws*) if they were specifically listed as a resident of your household.

* In some states, the insurance MUST cover any driver, with a license who resides in your household even if the insurance company has not been notified of their presence. In this case, After they pay out they will probably cancel the policy

Daniel asks…

Does it cost more to add a teenager with a permit?

My family is on progressive car insurance. I am hopefully going to get my permit soon. But what I first need to know is, will it cost more even though it’s only a permit?

Administrator answers:

We would need to know where you are located. In Washington state, where I live, for instance, you don’t need to add drivers who only have their permit to the insurance as they are covered either by the car’s policy or the supervisor’s policy (usually their parents). Good luck, enjoy driving!

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