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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

March 10, 2013

George asks…

How much does it cost add a child to insurance?

How much does it cost add a child to insurance?

I have a child who had his driver license for 2 years now, I want to add him to the insurance. I have three cars and me and my brother are in the same insurance so how much will it cost to add my child to the car insurance? he is 20 years old now. The insurance company is AAA

Administrator answers:

It depends, but three drivers, three cars, you’re probably looking at at least $2,000 a year.

Thomas asks…

how much would motorcycle insurance be for a 17 yr old female?

hi. im 17 years old and live in glendale arizona. i want to buy a honda rebel 250. but im kind of worried about the insurance costs. i get average grades and am a good driver behind the wheel of a car and behind handlebars. how much do you think theyll ask of me?

Administrator answers:

Hello, my names tim a motorcycle dealer in fla. I would think if you had a riders school certificate, it would lower it. If the bikes financed it requires full coverage if not probably only medical will do i highly recommend. Heck just call several insurance companies. Dont for get to check bike magazines for insurance companies. Hope it helps.

Mandy asks…

In the state of North Carolina, can a student get a parking decal for college wit a lerner’s permit?

My daughter is 17 years old and she needs to drive to college, due to insurance cost it is convenient for me for now to have her only with a learner’s permit. Then next year when she gets her car she’ll get her driver‘s license and her own car insurance, but for now she’ll have only the learner’s permit. Can she get a parking decal at GTCC with that?

Administrator answers:

It’s up to the college as they govern who gets the parking permits.

It’s obvious what you are planning to do by not allowing your daughter to get her license. It is a fraud against the insurance company and if they find out as the result of a claim they might very well cancel the insurance. You are obligated to inform your insurance company of any household member who is a regular driver especially a student. It is up to the insurance company how and when you are charged for the extra risk.

Charles asks…

How much would car insurance cost me?

IM 17, have a 3.67 gpa, the car will be a 98 van, and w/ that driver education training thing how much would it be.

Administrator answers:

It cost my son $200 a month. If your parents are willing to put the vehicle in their name, which it should be at your age;and put you on as an extra driver: it is considerably less. We did this for our daughter and it ran her about $25 a month, She paid the difference that made our policy go up.
You are still considered high risk even with drivers ed. It may help some depending on your ins. Company. It was no big deal to ours (State Farm). They said everyone takes driver’s ed now.
My son’s use Geico which they say is very good. From 18 to 25 is your best bet. Over that it drops a lot. Also if you marry before 25. (Don’t get married just for a rate. LOL It costs you more living wise. LOL)
Talk to your parents and see what their insurance agent recommends. Ours switched us to another company till my daughter was on her own and we went back to the old.

Lisa asks…

Car insurance is cheaper with a smaller engine right?

I’ve been thinking about getting a Corsa, which I think could save alot on Car Insurance due to it having a smaller engine. Anyone with a Corsa know how much it roughly costs, I’m 18 and hoping to pass my test later this month.

Administrator answers:

Not true,you can get a small engine high performance car. Many things affect insurance, drivers age and driving record,type of vehicle and manufacturer as some cars can cost more to repair than others.

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