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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

March 20, 2013

Sandy asks…

Would it cost alot to add a second “weekend” car onto my Insurance?

I am thinking of getting a older blazer from the later 70′s to take out on the weekends to go rompin’ and 4x4ing, would it cost alot to add it onto my insurance? Would there be a discount since it is not my daily driver car?

Administrator answers:

If its not a POS you could try to apply for historical status and that will make you insurance cheaper

Nancy asks…

If I move out would the health insurance be in my hands now?

That and car insurance?
What will be put on me that my parents used to handle if I move out of the house?

Administrator answers:

Will your parents still claim you as a dependent, or not?

If you’re over 19, still in college, and claimed as a dependent, your parents’ health insurance will cover you. If you’re over 19 and not in college, you have to pay for your own insurance. Obviously, if you’re under 19, regardless of your schooling situation, you can be claimed as a dependent and covered on your parents’ health insurance.

With car insurance, no-matter what, you need to either have your own policy or, for an extra cost, be listed as an “occasional driver” on someone else’s policy.

Betty asks…

Can my car and I be added to my boyfriends car insurance policy?

I’m buying a car tomorrow and insurance for myself only is going to be over a $100 a month. If I get added to someones policy its wayyy cheaper. My boyfriend has progressive insurance. Could my car and I be added to his policy?

Administrator answers:

Depends on his insurance carrier and your driving record. If say his insurance is a decent one and you live together, and YOU are not on “assigned risk”, he should add you to his policy with no problem. But, if you have a DUI or are on assigned risk because of your driving record, most companies will not insure you, and will probably issue an “exclusion of driver” clause and not insure you. If you and your boyfriend do combine your vehicles onto one policy, you may get the multi-car discount and it may cost less. If he has a bad record and is on assigned risk, they will not add you except as a “driver in household” if you are living together.

Or if you like you can have your own car insurance. There’s a lot of car insurance out there.
But be careful on choosing a company that provide car insurance.
This might help you.


Hope i help you. Keep using Y/A. :)

Jenny asks…

How much would car insurance cost for a 17-18 year old first time driver?

It would be under their name as parents dont own a car, and the car he is interested in is a Ford Mondeo. I know you can’t say for sure without specifics but how much would you reckon (min) monthly?

Administrator answers:

A 17 year old can’t have his own. An 18 years old might pay $100 for a state minimum.

Helen asks…

How long does it take to learn to drive?

How long does learning to drive and passing your test roughly take?

Also, how much am i expected to pay for lessons for enough lessons to be able to pass.

And what is a good first car. Which is cheap and cheap to ensure.

About how much does car insurance for a first time driver cost per year. I’m a 17 year ld girl 18 soon.

Thank for any help (: i’m really stuck, i’d like to know about how much in all im gonna expect to spend :s

Administrator answers:

Passing test is normally measured in how many lessons you need to pass your test and currently national 46 lessons. Young people usually pass in few lessons, so you should aim to pass in less tham 30 driving lessons.
You should go for a small 3 door car if you can live with this, because they are economical, cheaper on your insurance and easy to manoeuvre.

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