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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

March 24, 2013

John asks…

Why are teens so looking forward to get their driver’s license and drive?

I read questions and answers from other teens on here that they’re looking forward to taking driver‘s ed, getting their license, getting a car, and taking their friends out every weekend this summer. Are they totally oblivious that gasoline is skyrocketing, and will be $4 a gallon this summer, and probably $5 a gallon next year? And car insurance will cost more than twice what their parents pay for themselves combined.

Administrator answers:

You cannot put a price on independence.

You cannot put a price on going parking with that special someone.

Jenny asks…

Why do people think that the only way to go is to get a car that you have to pay off?

There are people with no credit, not a lot of money coming in and no way to pay for the car and insurance. Yet they must have a brand new car that costs a fortune? Is it a ‘keeping up with the jones’ thing? Is there really such a shame in driving a car that you paid cash for?

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure it is a keeping up w the Jones thing. I know what you mean. I’ve known people who have chosen the color of their car to compliment the color of their skin. Just to say how way out there this situation is. Some have expressed how it makes them feel about themselves while sitting in the drivers seat-powerful and monied-tho they may have frozen hot dogs in the fridge for dinner for a month. (I’ve seen that) Its kind of like a public “look at me”, or “I know you’re going to look at me, I want you to think ‘success’ when you look at me!”
So I say “whatevah”. Its thier problem if the repo truck comes. And I’ve seen cars parked between 2 trees just in case.

New cars sold twice are money makers. Its no problem getting a customer into a car the finance people know the customer cant make the payments on.But still shameful.

Joseph asks…

What are good cars for a teenage boy?

I’m 15 now, and will be turning 16 in a couple of months. I’m not like most teenage boys. I don’t want ridiculous sound systems that’ll cause me to go deaf, or the largest rims, or anything like that. I don’t need anything blazing fast (but no slower than 0-60 MPH in 11 seconds). Safety is my biggest concern. A lot of reviewers, like Consumer Reports, say Electronic Stability Control is a necessity for a teenage driver. But, it’s hard finding a used, reliable, safe car with it in a decent price range.

I think a Volkswagen Jetta (2005 model) would be a good choice for me. 6 airbags standard, Electronic Stability Control, (and I think it even comes with Brake OverRide, like on the Toyotas) But then again, reliability is another issue. Some VW’s have good reliability, some don’t. The reliability history chart in Consumer Report’s used car magazine for a 5 cylinder Jetta for 2005 are average. (There’s one kinda near me for under $6,000 w/ 122,000 miles) And plus I’m not sure how much normal maintenance is for VW’s.

Some of you are probably wondering what my budget is… I’m 100% sure it’s way under $10,000. (nothing is official) My mom said she’ll match whatever I have, and my dad and grandparents may help me out.

Yes, Toyotas and Hondas run forever, (and I like them) and they’re good cars, but a lot of kids in my school parking lot have an ugly Corolla or ’02-’06 Camry. Hondas are just as reliable and look nicer in my opinion. But it’s harder to find Electronic Stability Control.

Please give any suggestions on helping me choose a car, SUV, truck, etc. It will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Other Factors: Decent MPGs, Maintenance Costs, Insurance Costs, etc.

Administrator answers:

Hey volvo’s are Amazing safe cars!!!!!!!!!!! Go check out a 5 cylinder that will have great get up and go power and yes the jetty is a great car I own a Volkswagen my self and its a Diesel and the las forever!!! They are great cars!!! But can be costly when needing to fix something and under the hood it’s not just easy to fix it your self I actually just took my Volkswagen in to the show to have my headlight replaced and that was about $150.00 but that are extremely reliable a safe cars!!!! If safety is the #1 in ur list Volkswagen is a good choice I got a 2003 Volkswagen beetle for my firs car and I’m actually paying about $80 a month on my parents insurance so insurance isn’t expensive on them
But I do Suggest that you get a 5 cylinder it would help you a lot!!!!

Sharon asks…

How much will car insurance cost me?

I’m wanting to buy a 2000-03 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. I’m 17, and I’ll use USAA as my insurance provider. Can someone give me a rough estimate of how much it might cost? PLEASE don’t comment with links to any insurance providers telling me to get a quote. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there’s no answer to it… companies can base your rate on your credit history!! Like, someone with bad credit just has to be a bad driver!

Try getting a quote online or from a local broker. I am paying less than ½ of what I was paying before.

Carol asks…

What can I do when the other driver’s car insurance denied liability when it was their fault?

I was in a car accident and it clearly was not my fault I had a witness watch the whole thing. I do not have full coverage and liability was rejected by the other driver‘s insurance. Where do I start? Any websites or anything would be very helpful. I can only find injury lawyers and I’m not injuried. HELP PLEASE!

Administrator answers:

Any lawyer can file suit for you. It does not have to be an “injury” lawyer. If you have a witness who is willing to testify, you may have a good case. Contact your state bar association for a referral to a lawyer.

If the repair cost is below the limit for small claims court, and your jurisdiction allows accident cased in small claims, you can file that without a lawyer

Ken asks…

How much would insurance cost for a 16 yr old driving a Audi?

How much would it cost for insurance for a 16 year old male driving a 2001 Audi A6 in Minnesota?

Administrator answers:

Well you probably are a new driver so your rates will be high. Depends on the company but try shopping around. Also with the Audi it will be a little more because it’s an expensive car. I think my insurance in high school was about 180 -220 a month and I drove a 2001 corolla

Lisa asks…

What is the average price of insurance for me?

I got my license a week ago and I am going to be 18 in 2 months but I want to start driving now. How much would insurance cost for me (estimation)?

Administrator answers:

Call your parent’s insurance agent. The agent can tell you exactly what your insurance will cost.

There are just too many variables. Any number you might get here is just a WAG because we don’t know anything about you. For example:

What State do you live in? Big difference between rates in New Jersey or North Dakota.
Where do you live? (big city, suburban, rural?)
Is the insurance in your State based on no fault or tort? (affects your coverage choices)
Will this be for an additional car to be added to the policy? Or just adding another driver?
If it is for another car, is the car to be financed? (you may be required to carry physical damage insurance)
What’s your driving record like? (any accidents and / or tickets?)
Will you be the principal driver?
Are there other drivers in the household?
Are there other vehicles in the household? (multi car discount)
Do you go to school? How are your grades (good student discount?)
How do you plan on using the car? (pleasure use, driving to work, pizza delivery?)
Do your parents have any other insurance with this company? (multi-policy discount)
What is your parent’s insurance score?

David asks…

Could I sue the driver of another car in a total loss accident?

My dad got into a car accident in Ontario Canada with a driver whom are driving a company car. The driver of the other car are declared at fault by the cops. My dad’s car is declared a total loss and I know that he will only get the blue book value for his car from the insurance.

My dad keep his car in top shape, have go to every maintain suggested by Toyota, the car is a 1999 camry. However most 1999 camry are build in USA, while he have this car imported from Japan.

So my question is, could we sue the other owner or the company he work for under small claim court for the remaining cost to replace the car since it shouldn’t be replaced if it wasn’t broken.

Also my dad believe that the driver are using his cell phone when the accident happen, is there a way to subpoena they cell phone record to see if the phone number is using the phone when the incident happened?

Administrator answers:

Your insurance will sue the other driver fir any money they pay you. You are entitled to the “fair market value” of the car, which is not necessarily the Blue Book value. If you believe that the car is worth more than blue book, then you get to try to persuade the court of that fact. The fair market value is what it would cost to purchase an identical vehicle in identical condition.


Nancy asks…

how much more is car insurance on sports cars vs regular cars for younger divers?

im kinda just looking for a general answer like 25% more or 50% more…. eg if it was a basic ford mustang how much more does insurance cost for that if im 20yrs old?

Administrator answers:

It doesnt matter that you are a younger driver when it comes to two door vehicles they are always more expensive to insure than four doors or mini vans. You being a young driver with less then five years owning a driverse licens it will be a considerable difference.

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