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April 4, 2013

Chris asks…

what is the normal monthly cost of a driving school? Answer only what you can.?

I want to open a driving school. How much does it cost per month? Like, what is the monthly insurance cost? I mean, you have tons of students driving your cars. Also, I figure I would need a business loan to afford to rent the property (which would be best next to a gas station, I think), the cars, the books, the teachers need pay, etc. Can you give me an idea about the start up, and what It would cost monthly?

Administrator answers:

You might want to rethink your location.
Student drivers and a fueling station might be better separated.
Not just for the hazard of student drivers but also people getting gas are often in a hurry and may not observe the rules when bolting into traffic.
A driving school would be better in a location with a couple of quite streets and large parking lots. This will give the students some places to practice and build confidence before getting into busy traffic.

George asks…

Where can i figure out how much car insurance will cost?

doing assignment for school and i need to find out how much car insurance would cost me but i dont want to use some website where they ask for my name, address, phone #, ssn, etc, so where can i go?

Administrator answers:

You probably can’t.
First of all, the company needs your age, address, driving record, and usage profile in order to quote you a basic rate.
Second, most of these places are in the business of providing insurance, so they’ll insist on your contact information before they render the service to you.
Remember, insurance is not a public utility: it’s a private, for-profit enterprise. If you have a relative or friend who is happy with the service of a national company, or one that’s local to you, I recommend that you call that agent for a quote. At least s/he has a vested interest in keeping the referral chain happy.

By the way, there is no salient reason that any of these places might need your SSN. Your driver’s license number, yes, but the SSN *should* have nothing to do with your driving record.

Michael asks…

Why is it the law to have car insurance?

I mean if I get into a car wreck. Will the insurance company really cover the cost of me getting into an accident? It feels like I will just be dumping money down their throats for nothing in return.

Administrator answers:

The law is to protect OTHER drivers in case YOU hit THEM and vice versa. If somebody smashed up you and your car wouldn’t you want and expect them to cover it???

This mandatory coverage is called LIABILITY insurance. It will only cover damage to the other vehicle, person and property (should you be responsible). It will NOT cover you or your vehicle. You have to pay extra for that coverage but it is not mandatory. Now if you buy a car and there is a lien on it, your bank will MAKE you have comprehensive/collision coverage and if you don’t, they will get it for you and make you pay for it.

Donald asks…

How much would insurance cost in Australia?

Hi, i’m thinking about buying a car a month after i get my P’s and i want to be the registered owner and have the title of the car. I was wondering in Australia how much car insurance i would have to pay each month, if i have a car under my name. The car would be a Toyota Prado GXL.

Also would it just be better to leave it under my parent’s name so the insurance would cost less? Oh and I’ll be 17 when i get my car. thank you.

Administrator answers:

There are three things that affect the cost of insurance
Type and model of the car – how much you are insuring it for
Your age (under 25 it costs much more)
The location the car lives at.

A suburb that has a high car theft rate has a higher insurance cost. Young drivers have a higher accident rate.

Thomas asks…

What does it take to maintain and enjoy a 1960s Mustang?

Considering that i am about to buy a “fully restored” 1967 mustang, can someone tell me what it takes to maintain a car like that, i.e. gas mpg, oil, brakes, filters, insurance costs. Please reply only if you personally had one and know it for sure. I appreciate your time and your answers.
so the 350 mentioned is that every month besides insurance and gas?

Administrator answers:

I had a ’66 fully restored and it cost me around $350 in basic maintenance. I changed the distributor to Electronic and that saves a bundle there alone. I got 16 MPG driving mostly freeway. Gas is anyone’s guess since it depends on how you drive. I install a performance K&N air filter at a cost of $35, and never have to replace again. Insurance, you should do a “Declared” value for the car and get full coverage. It’s a bit more, but worth it should someone steal the car or crash into it.

My Stang was an “A” body with a factory 289 4V, AC, vinyl top, and the RARE bench seat w/armrest. 1 of only 66,000 ever made.

EDIT: The $350 is my oil changes at 3500 miles, and happened 4 times per yr, and replacement spark plugs twice per yr. Brakes were installed new at restoration and not replaced again before I sold the car 4 years later, but still had well over 50% left on the linings. I had $12,000 just in parts to restore the car. I used it as a daily driver. Paint was original and in good condition at the time, so that saved me about $5000 by not having to strip and paint the car.

Daniel asks…

Is their a law saying that I have to pay the insurance company of an auto accident of another partly?

I hard an auto accident on March 07.
I made a left turn at a Intersection at 10 mph and hit a 2007
Audi that is slightly damage to my 94 Caprice Chevy more damage was done to her Audi. No one was hurt. Police was notify. She had a witness. Now my insurance company say it was my fault also her insurance company since I have only 10,000 dollars in liability my insurance already paid her. Her insurance paid the other 15,000 which cover the total cost of 25,000 dollars. Her insurance company want to collect the other 15,000 from me. Then was her insurance for ? This sounds like extortion with her carrier. Is there a law saying I have to pay her insurance costs it was a dam accident. Since when and where does it say I have to pay for an accident that was pay by her insurance company. This is Extortion at the highest level.
Also at the intersection when it happen on her side of the road the stop sign was taken down. I was makin a left turn.
[Update] This happen in the state of New Jesey. My insurance is Liberty Mutual. I have photos of the accident. I hope I have a case with my lawyer.

Check for you to see ;

Her Audi :

The missing stop sign :

Explanation :

My view make a left turn :

Administrator answers:

Not exactly.

Let’s break this down into parts:

First of all, the law. There are two types of law – statutes, and case law. Statutes are the laws on the books. Case laws are they way they get interpreted, in courts. Generally, there are “standards of fault” for an accident. One typical standard of fault is making a left hand turn. If she was going straight, and you were making the left, you’re at fault.

Clearly, fault is not at issue here, as both your insurer and her insurer agreed that YOU are fully at fault in accordance with your state law.

Now, insurance. If you were UNINSURED, you’d be just as at fault, just as responsible, as you are with insurance. Unfortunately, you are UNDERINSURED. You don’t have very much coverage. Sorry, $10,000 won’t fix MOST cars on the road today. Just because you carry a small amount of insurance, that doesn’t mean the REST is forgiven.

Now, her insurance. When HER policy pays out, in exchange for them paying her, she automatically gives up the right to sue you – passes it on to them. Just like they would with an UNINSURED driver, they will go after you for what you are responsible for – the $15,000 difference. Plus her deductible. After all, this accident is YOUR fault, it’s not fair that SHE has to pay a deductible, or that HER INSURANCE has to pay anything at all.

It’s not extortion. You are responsible for $25,000 of damages. Your insurance paid some, YOU will end up paying the rest. The law isn’t on the books. If you don’t come to a payment arrangement with them, they will sue you in court. AND WIN. Then they will slap on interest charges and legal fees, and garnish your wages. It’s pretty cut and dried. You caused the accident. You need to pay for the damages that your insurance doesn’t cover.

And then you need to raise your property damage limit to AT LEAST $50,000, and your bodily injury limit to AT LEAST $50,000/$100,000. At the very minimum.

Nancy asks…

In car insurance what does recovery made mean ?

My wife had an accident in her car the insurance company was informed, no claim was made as it was not her fault and the other driver paid for repairs they were informed of this . Now on her car insurance schedule under details of the claims,accidents or losses it reads recovery made ?yes . what does this mean ?

Administrator answers:

It means that the cost of the damages were recovered from the other party.

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