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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

April 12, 2013

Helen asks…

how much does car insurance cost at age 16?

ok so i want a used 2002 toyota celica but i wanna know how much insurance will cost me first before i buy it. so if you can help plsss answer thxs =) p.s i live in the state of new jersey if that can help idk lol.

Administrator answers:

You can plan on between 1800 and 2500 a year, depending on where it is garaged, how much you drive, whether you have taken driver’s ed etc.

To get a real quote simply call a branch office of three potential insurers and they will give you the dollar amount.

David asks…

How much is car insurance?

How much can I expect car insurance to cost? I am taking drivers ed soon (which I have heard lowers the insurance price) and I also get pretty good grades (which I also hear lowers the insurance price). I would be driving a used car. Any ideas on how much insurance would cost me?

Administrator answers: < go here.

Mary asks…

Is it true that once you get your license you have to start paying car insurance?

Even if you don’t have a car but live with someone else?

Administrator answers:

Just because you have a license does not mean you can drive a car. If it is someone else’s car and it is insured, you have to be on their policy as an insured driver, or you are not covered. If you are not listed on the insurance policy as a driver of the car, then you are driving without insurance which can cost you your license.

Paul asks…

can I get car insurance without having a vehicle listed on the policy?

my job requires me to have car insurance at the present time I have no car and I’d cancel my policy b/c im w/o a car not realizing my job requirements. can i get car insurance w/o having a car listed on the policy?

Administrator answers:

There is such a thing as a driver’s only policy. I see them only incredibly rarely and I would consult an independent agent.
Compare the cost with that of buying an old clunker as was suggested, that may be cheaper!

Laura asks…

How to report uninsured car in CA?

Someone hit our car in a walmart parking lot. Our tail light was broken and the estimated cost to replace it is $420-$500. Since it is under $750, we didn’t report to police or DMV. However, the driver didn’t have insurance card in the car and gave us bogus information about their insurance. We only have their license plate and a walmart security person as witness. How do we track down this person or report uninsured driver/car? We are in San Diego, CA.

Administrator answers:

Contact the police and tell them what you have told us, hopefully they will investigate and get you a police report that will include their insurance coverage if any, and address.

Mark asks…

How much would car insurance for a teen cost?

Well i am 16 years old and i am looking forward to you know doing the whole process to be able to drive legally.
Well i am looking for a car from the years of 2003 – 2007 maximum $5,000.
How much would insurance cost if im added to my moms insurance plan. I believe she has Multistate? She pays like $48 how much would it go up if l was insured by them too in the same plan?
Also, I heard that you can get discounts if you’re a teen driver? Grades? Drivers Ed? Thanks!
I live in California San Fernando Valley area

Administrator answers:

Whatever amount your parents’ auto insurance company quotes them You aren’t old enough to buy your own insurance.

Mandy asks…

Can you have be under two car insurance companies at once?

My dad is considering in buying another car(ideally for me to use) but to avoid the high cost, he wants to be listed as primary driver to both. It seems that usually when youre under one company, I will most likely be forced to be primary on one of the vehicles. So would it be possible to be under two different car insurance companies so that my dad can be primary for both or would this be considered a type of fraud or something illegal?

Administrator answers:

No. Illegal. Fraud. Probable loss of licence for you as a new driver, prosecution for insurance fraud and insurance costs triple or more for both of you for 5 years.

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