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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

April 21, 2013

Mark asks…

What are the variables included in the cost of car insurance?

What are the BASIC variables that are included in any car insurance? i.e…car color, car make, type of car, horsepower, year, age of driver, ethnicity…? Which things do they look at car wise/and driver wise that affect how much insurance you end up paying in the end? and does the speed of the car effect the cost greatly?

Administrator answers:

The factors are…

Vehicle – Year, Make, Model, How much you drive
Driver(s) – Age, Status, Driving Records, (in some states credit history also plays role:not in CA)

Color, ethnicity, is not a factor.
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Betty asks…

does car insurance cost more if you use a drivers license from another state?

i recently moved to louisiana but my drivers license is a california dl. Im about to buy my first car and someone told me insuring the car will cost more if its an out of state license.. is this true?

Administrator answers:

Insuring your car is not based on where your license was issued. Insuring your car can only be done in the official state of your residence, where you sleep, where the car is garaged. You are going to have to get a Louisiana license within 30 days of moving there anyway.

Charles asks…

What first car would you recommend buying?

I’m 19, I’ve held my driving license for around 20months now, currently deciding on what first car I should buy as I’ve waited this long mainly due to not needing a car and purely insurance costs. I’m looking for something small, reliable and which can mainly get me from point a-b, looking for a 1.4L or below to keep insurance costs down.
Any suggestions please?

Administrator answers:

Having your licence for 20months makes no difference to the insurance as to them you are a new driver and will be paying £3000 for even the smallest 1ltr car you can find, a 1.4ltr could be over £4000 for a new driver.

Get some quotes on a few different cars to find the ones you will be able to insure.

John asks…

A theory on how to reduce car insurance for young drivers?

I have an idea of how to reduce my insurance for young drivers like myself, and it goes like this, I buy a motorcycle for about £10 to nothing(it could be broken I don’t care), with this motorcycle I insure it for about £100, because insuring a motorcycle is a lot cheaper than insuring a car, then for a year I have no claims with this motorcycle, would this then reduce the cost of my insurance premium for a car?

Administrator answers:

My daughter had FIVE years no claims bonus on her bike when she bought her car…..
The insurance companies didn’t want to know! It is not transferable

Mary asks…

If i drive someone else’s motorcycle and get in an acidet would the owners insurance cover me?

Just want to know if motorcycle insurance works the same way car insurance do.

Administrator answers:

As with the United States, in Canada you insure the vehicle, not the rider. That’s why you can live alone, and own 3 motorcycles, and have to pay a premium for each one, as opposed to only paying for yourself on any of the 3.

Ok so what does this mean?

This means that yes, you would be covered under the driver’s insurance, CONDITIONALLY and just because it would cover you it does not prevent the driver from coming after you in court.

Ok so what does that mean?

The insurance company doesn’t like to give money away. If they have to give money away to cover your mistake, you can bet they’ll send someone to look into what happened first. Likewise, I’m guessing most motorcyclists don’t like losing money either. That said, there are lots of ways where your accident could still cost you a lot.
- Insurance company will start by looking for any foul play on behalf of the policy holder. For example, have you really just used this vehicle once or have you been making frequent use of it? If you’ve been making frequent use of it are you registered on the policy? If yes, as a primary or secondary rider? Etc.
They don’t want to pay out, they’ll look for foul play to void someone else’s policy, and that leaves you to pay.
- Theft is a good one too. If you steal a bike, or even just ride a bike without the owners permission and get into an accident. Guess what? The owner will get a payout from his insurance company AND guess who the insurance company is going to come after? Yep, you! Guess what? Insurance companies have great lawyers.

There’s a saying in riding, and it sucks, take it from someone who’s struggled to pay his own way to ride since he was a teenager, this is 100% true:

You’ve got to pay to play.

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