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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

April 28, 2013

Donald asks…

How do I claim my deductible and rental car insurance from someone without insurance?

What is the best way for me to get my money back (deductible and rental car costs) from someone who caused the accident, but who’s insurance turns out to not be valid? She is insured with Geico, however when I called them – they said it is likely that there is something wrong with her policy and they will probably not cover the cost of the accident. I’m guessing she didnt pay her monthly bill, or something similar which caused them to void her coverage. Can anyone suggest what I need to do to recover my expenses for the accident she caused?

Administrator answers:

Legally, your carrier is abrogated to your right of recovery. As you may know, this is just for the amount that they pay. However, your carrier has as much right to _anything_ paid by the other person as you do. So if you collected anything from the other person, your carrier would legally be entitled to at least a portion of it.

You could let your carrier seek recovery of the amount they are owed and usually this would include asking for your deductible but seldom will they ask for your rental payment. Also, it’s unlikely that they will collect much of anything.

With that said, about your only recourse is to file in small claims court. This will get you a peice of paper called a judgement. It’s not money… It’s just a judgment. Still no guarentees you will be able to collect. If you could/do… I’d say keep it and let you carrier find out on their own if they can. That is just my opinion.

My other recommendation is to make sure the police or at least the state knows that this person is uninsured (if GEICO confirms this). That way the state can suspend the person’s drivers license until they pay you what she owes. If the state does not find out, she will continue to drive and cause someone else the same loss you suffered.

Mandy asks…

Will my insurance company pay if an uninsured driver has an accident while driving my car?

Friends want to borrow my car but don’t have a car or insurance. Would I have to pay out of pocket for damages?

Administrator answers:

You will be liable for all the cost and face getting prosecuted for no insurance even though you have it, as you let them drive knowing that they don’t have any. The best thing you should do is make shore your friend has a full driving licence (you must see it with your own eye’s ) then phone your insurance provider and get your friend put on your insurance for the shortest time that they do. This will cover them and you, I would get your friend to pay any fee, but i have put people on as a named driver this way and some don’t charge as long as you don’t make a Habit of it. Good luck.

Michael asks…

How much does getting your drivers license cost in Ontario, Canada?

After everything (written test, both road tests etc) but NOT including car insurance or buying a car.

Administrator answers:

You must be 16 years old. You must pay a $100 fee when you apply.
This fee includes:

knowledge test ($10),

your first road test ($40),

five-year licence fee ($50).

You need to pay again when you come for level (2) exit test ($75).

John asks…

Should I keep collision coverage on my car insurance?

I’m thinking of removing collision coverage off my car insurance and keeping comprehensive only, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be a good idea although I consider myself a safe driver. I’m a full time grad student and I simply cannot afford the increase of cost with the collision coverage anymore. I have a 2008 Honda Civic which is very new and luckily with extremely low mileage, so some people encourage me to keep the coverage. I only do daily commute to work and weekly grocery shopping trips with occasional long distance drive. Does that mean if I can try to be a safe driver always and make sure even if I’m involved in an accident it’s not fault, I can do away with collision? I don’t have much experience with this so I was wondering if anyone can think of a scenario where collision coverage would be crucial?

Administrator answers:

Keep the comp/collision coverage – that car is still worth well over 10K.

You can never “make sure” that you won’t have an accident that’s your fault, no matter how good you are. What if you blow a tire and lose control and hit something? The liability for an accident like that will be on you even though you didn’t really do anything wrong, but sometimes s**t happens. You could get wrecked by an uninsured driver or a hit and run.

If you can’t afford it, sell the car, buy an older/cheaper car and then skip comp/collision and keep the extra few grand in the bank for repairs and/or replacement.

Chris asks…

What is better for a frist time driver a car or a truck?

i turn 16 soon and i am not sure if i should get a car, a SUV, or a truck. I am thinking car because it will be cheaper to insure and cheaper for gas. But at the same time i am a boy and a truck looks pretty cool. any other thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

They both have advantages and disadvantages. Plus, it all depends on what kind of car or truck you want to get. Small cars are easier to drive for the most part, they get good gas mileage, and it’s really easy to maneuver them around if you’re newer to driving. Some smaller pickup trucks actually have about the same insurance costs as most cars, however most of which use more gas. A benefit of driving a truck is that you’re usually seated high up, which gives you more visibility while driving. I’d say avoid the SUV if you don’t really need it, it’s just going to eat gas and run up your insurance.

Charles asks…

How much will my car insurance cosT?

We have Allstate. 2 cars, and my mom and dad are both covered on both cars. If I were to get my license in a week, when I am 16 how much will that increase there bill too? I only want to get insured for one car, and its an older classic car. Also I have taken an online drivers ed course.

Administrator answers:

When adding teens to your insurance it can cause it to go up quite a bit. It is very important that you shop your insurance as some companies are more teen friendly than others. I would recommend using a site like to shop around and compare.

Ruth asks…

How much would it cost a new driver in the UK for car insurance?

I am thinking of getting a 12 year old ford fiesta. I am 24 years old and I’m a new driver. How much would it cost me for car insurance?
I haven’t bought a car yet, but the compare sites want personal details. I don’t really want to fill it out until I have a car. I am looking for ford fiesta zetec, I don’t actually have the car. Do I still need to fill out the details on the comparison site?

Administrator answers:

This gets asked all the time on here, use the site search box.
We don’t know how much YOUR insurance will be for YOU, ask an insurance company but bargain on a few grand.

James asks…

How much is car insurance for teenagers or “New drivers”?


My father is planning on buying me a a car when I get job to pay for my own insurance. I was wondering how much car insurance would be for me. I am 16. How much would it be if I’m also on my parents plan ? You don’t have to give the exact price, just a price range. . . And the car would be a regular nissan or economy car.

Administrator answers:

However much your father’s insurance company quotes him. Insurance pricing is based on many personal factors. Nobody here can tell you how much insurance is going to cost you.

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