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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

May 4, 2013

Carol asks…

How much does it cost to add your name to your parents insurance?

My parents dont wanna buy me insurance, because it cost too much for them..(1000). I would like to know if there is any cheaper prices. please give me your suggestions and links.

Administrator answers:

The price of insurance depends on your age, are you still in school? Good grades? What kind of car? What kind of coverage? Have you ever had a ticket? Chargeable accident? One thing that will help your premiums is to attend an approved drivers ed school. Sounds cheesy, but you can save that much money the first year in reduced premiums. The best thing to do is just shop rates at several different companies.

Ruth asks…

How much would insurence cost for a small car detailing business?

i have 2 do a project for school about creating our own business and i need 2 know how much insurance would cost for my car detailing business.

Administrator answers:

I don’t do homework; that’s your job!

However, I will tell you what types of insurance you need. Maybe you could check the ‘net for approximate costs in your state?

For employees: Workman’s Compensation
Possible health benefits.
Liability (in case of accidental injury not covered by Workman’s Compensation).

For owner: Liability (in case a car is damaged, stolen, vandalized or other misfortune occurs).
Premises: theft, personal injury liability, fire and general liability, including renter’s insurance which will cover storm damage, or other “natural” disasters.

In addition, you will need a permit and/or license to operate the business, and a certificate of occupancy for the building out of which you will operate.

Also, you will need to ensure that you are hiring only documented people (no illegal aliens), who are of age (not minors) and who have driver’s licenses (in order to move customer’s/client’s vehicles).

I think I’ve got most of the salient points covered.

Ken asks…

What are the best car insurance in Eugene, OR ?

I’m a college student and looking for the best car insurance in terms of reasonable price and have the higher coverage. I’m looking for full coverage. Please help me as you can whether you recommend one or you could lead me to a recommended insurance.

Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

You should get quotes from multiple companies, compare them and then make a decision. I went aheard with The Hartford insurance after shopping around. Also, enquire about the different kinds of discounts they offer young drivers- the good student discount, defensive driver’s discount, safety device discount etc might help reduce costs. Consider getting onto your parent’s policy. Might increase their costs, but you can pay the difference yourself instead of buying your own individual policy.

Helen asks…

If the policy holder on car insurance crashes does it affect the named drivers?

I am wanting to get a car and been 19 it will cost a lot , my insurance drops below £1000, if i put my parents as named drivers.

I was wondering if the policy holder (me) had a crash would it affect their insurance or is it just the other way around, if they crash as named drivers it will affect the policy holder?
As they have no claims discount and i have none , so i can not apply NCD protection ?
Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

No, if the policyholder claims their insurance it has no bearing on any named drivers.

You cannot get anyone’s NCB until you earn it yourself, nor can you get someone else to insure your car.

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