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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

May 10, 2013

Donald asks…

How much is full coverage for auto insurance cost monthly usually ? ?

I was thinking about financing a 2000 nissan maxima but im not sure if its a good idea because of monthly car payments and car insurance plus if it breaks down idk what I would do. I just need to know how much is full coverage for auto insurance usually cost per month or is there something cheaper I can get other than full coverage.

Administrator answers:

If you own it and you have 10 years no claim and live in a quiet area, on state minimum then you are like my friend who pays $350 a year for it.

But for full coverage on a financed car, new driver, in most cases the premium costs as much as the car payments.

Jenny asks…

How Much Would A 17 Year Old With A G2 Pay For Insurance For A 1995 Geo Metro Hatchback in Toronto?

Im planning on getting my first car but the insurance is holding me back. Please Help.What Company do you suggest? Maybe you know someone with the same car and around the same age.

Administrator answers:

First I’ll assume your not financing the purchase, since that vehicle should cost about $50 :-p . It depends on where in Toronto you live and whether you have driver training or not. Assuming you live in the Dufferin/Bloor area you’re looking at at $6,500 for just the basic liability with driver training and $8,200 without driver training. This is with you as the principal operator. Keep in mind living out in Etobicoke or North York would make it cheaper, but we’re talking about maximum $150 difference.

David asks…

Will the cost of my car insurance decrease if I have a provisonal license?

My friend told me this but I think it’s rubbish..
I am 17 next week and he told me that if I get a provisional license now and get all my lessons done/pass my tests and get my full drivers license, then wait until I’m 20 to buy a car, the insurance would be cheaper than if I passed my tests when I am 20 and buy a car straight away. (assuming I use the same company/ deals)
Is this true or is he charting shit?

Administrator answers:

The length of time you have held a full licence for does make a very slight difference to the cost of your insurance. If you are able to tell the insurer that you have held a full licence for three years, it would reduce the cost, (as the insurer doesn’t know if you have actually driven or not), but if you were to start driving at 17, and you don’t have a claim, you can then go to the insurer when you are 20 and tell them that you have had a licence for three years and also have three years no claims discount which would be a lot cheaper than having no no claims discount.

Claim free driving experience is the best way to get the cost of insurance down so the sooner you build up that experience, the sooner your premiums will be lower.

John asks…

How much would the insurance be for this car?

Im a 16 year old boy that has not had any law trouble and is a first time driver with really good grades. I take my road test at the first of november. I am looking at purchasing a 2002 Volkswagen Passat GLS and i was wondering how much the insurance would cost on average?

Administrator answers:

From about $100 to about $800 per month. Depends on where you live, how much coverage you want/need, etc. No way for us on YA to give an answer, so see your insurance agent

Steven asks…

Car insurance – does everyone that drives the car have to be included?

I’ve been driving my grandmother’s car for about a year. She has insurance on the car, but my name is not on the insurance. I am wondering if I would be covered if an accident occurred. The insurance is liability and uninsured motorist if I remember correctly.

Administrator answers:

It depends on the insurance company.

You need to contact your grandmother’s insurance company to make sure you *are* covered.

Recently my girlfriend and I called our respective insurance companies to find out just what you are asking – were we covered driving each other’s cars.

Turns out my gf’s insurance told her, only she is covered, no one else, including her immediate family!

My insurance company said, anyone you give permission to drive your car is covered.

By the way, if you’re an under 25 driver, it’s a good bet that if you get added to the policy to get you coverage, that your grandmother’s insurance policy cost is going to jump up a lot. However it’s much safer (and probably legally required) for you to get properly insured rather than driving around with no insurance coverage.

Charles asks…

What is a good starter motorbike for Ireland?

I live in Ireland and I’m sick of my car so I’m getting a bike, what bikes are reccomended for first time riders? Keep in mind insurance and cost of the bike, im on the dole and broke. I’m 20 years old and I dont have my motorbike license yet.

Any help appreciated.

Administrator answers:

As a learner, you are limited to a max. 125cc engine while learning and for the first 2 years after you pass your test. It makes sense to keep the engine size small anyway as it also helps keep insurance costs lower.

As to what type of bike, that depends on your personal taste. Do you want something that looks like a racing bike or a scrambler, or are you after something more reminiscent of a Harley? My brother had one of these Yamahas for a while and never had a bit of bother with it:

Honda NSRs get great reviews, and Aprilia are excellent once you’re not planning on off-roading.

This is a good time to buy as you don’t want to be learning when the roads are all icy.

Info on motorbike licences:

Paul asks…

What are the typical costs of multiple driving tickets in illinois for someone under the age of 16?

So, the other day, being a complete idiot, i decided I would go driving in my parents brand new car. it didnt have insurance or the license plate on it, and im 16 without my drivers license and it was at 2 o’clock in the morning. what are the typical costs for a situation like this in illinois. (st.louis metro-east area to be specific). yes, i know, im an idiot.

Administrator answers:

If you are remorseful in court the judge will usually go light on a first offense but you will probably not be able to get your license now until you are 18, To break it down, no registration probably 150 dollar fine, no insurance 250 dollar fine, and not drivers license 150 dollar fine but if you are apologetic and convince the judge you have learned a valuable lesson they may reduce it.}{

Laura asks…

As of next year will all cars older than 7 years have their tax and insurance costs doubled?

A friend of mine told me today that as of next year all cars over seven years old will incur a sharp rise in their tax and insurance costs. he said that they would double. I understand this may happen with tax but it doesnt ring true for insurance. could anybody tell me if he is right or whether he has his wires crossed.

Administrator answers:

Your ‘friend’ is mistaken. I get he also runs around telling those born in 1993 or later that they can’t get their drivers license until they are 18 too.

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