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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

May 19, 2013

William asks…

How much would a car with expenses cost a month?

I just got a new job where I’m being paid $27,500 CDN a year. How much would a car (maybe a two-year-old Civic or something) cost per month with gas, insurance, car payments, maintenance, and parking thrown in. I’m 22, female, clean record, no husband or dependants.

Administrator answers:

Here’s a calculator that you might find useful:

I plugged in some rough numbers – figuring a car that costs $12,000, financed over four years at 10% interest, with $100 a year for insurance, $1000 for gas, and $1000 for maintenance and repair (and $25 for a drivers license). Using this calculator, it came to $527 a month. You can plug in any amount and the type of currency doesn’t matter since it is just math – adding up all costs and dividing by 12.

Getting at costs another way, for most purposes, it is estimated that the actual cost of ownership is about fifty cents (American) a mile. This changes from time to time (it is based on IRS calculations) but it’s in that ballpark.

Paul asks…

How much does your car insurance cost?

I want to see by how much i am overpaying. How much do you pay a month, where do you live, and what type of car do you have?
i just want to take a poll….
well my parents have their Windstar insured..never been in accident and its 170 a month..which an extreme rip

Administrator answers:

97 honda accord, 95 Jeep Cherokee 4 drivers, 1 of them under 21 full coverage 130 month

Laura asks…

Where can I buy a 1959 Cadillac?

I need an estimate for these prices in Manatee county,Florida:

Car itself
.I’m 16 so what do you think the insurance would cost. I’m planning on taking drivers ed next year to reduce the cost. Do I have to pass drivers ed to get the reduced cost or do I get it reduced just for taking it?

Administrator answers:

You could try or e-bay for one. Or search for a classic car dealer on google. Insurance will be lower than a newer car unless you have the Cadillac appraised for higher by the insurance company. Repairs will be constant unless it has had alot of rebuilding prior to you purchasing it. Mpg depends on the engine.

Helen asks…

Would i have to pay car insurance for the rest of my life if i had a car?

Am 22 and i dont yet drive but from what ive heard you have to pay a ridculous amount for car insurance every year you own that car. so is it true? is it never ending? surely once yourve paid a certain amount for example (the rrp of the car) then you stop paying it? if that isnt the case and you do have to pay for the rest of your life then can someone please explain why?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you have to pay car insurance as long as you own a car. It’s not about how much the car costs. It’s about how much damage can be done with that car.

Let’s say that you are in a car accident and you break your arm. You have to go to the hospital for medical treatment and then have several weeks of therapy for your broken arm. Insurance can cover the repairs to you car, as well as your medical expenses. If the accident is your fault, you are also responsible for the medical expenses for the driver/passengers in the vehicle that you hit. (as well as paying for repair of the other vehicle.) It also covers you if the other driver is un-insured and for ‘acts of god’ or ‘natural disaster’.

Good Luck.

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