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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Cost

May 19, 2013

Jenny asks…

How much more would insurance cost if I bought a coupe car instead of a sedan?

I’m 17 years old, had my license for 9 months. I want to buy a coupe car but my mom said the insurance will be really high. Around how much higher would it be if i bought a car like a honda civic 2001-2004 coupe then a honda civic 2001-2004 sedan?

Administrator answers:

Man, 17, first car, barely 9 months, any car you get will be sky high as is. Add to it a coupe vehicle and goes higher. Why? They use statistics. A male drive, 17, barely licensed, driving a 2 door vehicle (basically means performance vehicle in the insurance’s eyes).. It will cost more. They do pay attention to trims too. EX models and al lthat. You can check really quick online with a company like Progressive. There is no fixed price as they also calculate costs based on driving history, address you live at and accidents there, your credit score is sometimes checked too. Tickets, accidents, if the vehicle is garaged, other drivers in the house.

Some companies might charge less than others so shop around and don’t do that one stop shopping like using progressive’s prices for other companies. Go to those companies and do quotes there too.

Being on the insurance with your mom helps. Being alone… Yikes…

Paul asks…

How much is car insurance for a teenager?

If the teenager is added to the parents policy, how much more will it cost the parent?

Info: I have a good gpa, I will take drivers ed, my mom has a new car and its safe, and I have just turned 16.
I really want a range of how much it is?

I have allstate, if that helps.

Administrator answers:

About 1500 to 2000 a year depending on where you live and what kind of car you’ve..

Donald asks…

How much will gas and insurance cost for me?

I will be driving at least 30 miles per day on week days and about 12 miles per day on the weekend. I am 18 and in college. I haven’t gotten my driver‘s license but plan to take the test in a month or two. I don’t know what the MPG of my car will be as I have not purchase it yet but I can almost guarantee it will be fairly old so that may help determine it somewhat. An estimate on a cheap car would be nice too.

Administrator answers:

Insurance and gas can easily run you over $200 a month depending on where you live. While gas prices are fairly even across the US, insurance prices can vary by more than 100% from state to state. An older car will be cheaper to insure, but the real cost for insurance will be the fact that you are under 25 and don’t have a driving record.

George asks…

How much will insurance cost a 17 year old driver with 77 corvette?

I just got my G2, and i just purchased a 1977 Chevy Corvette. I drove with my G1 for a year without any incidents, tickets, etc. The car I bought it yellow and has fairly low milage (97,000km) if that helps, also i will be paying my own insurance and will not be on my parents (its the third car in the family).
Also if it makes any difference im a boy.
any help is greatly apriciated. thankyou.

Administrator answers:

It’s going to depend on what city/town you live in, and whether you completed an approved driver training course. However if you’re not prepared to spend at least $6,000 a year for basic coverage then you probably made a huge mistake buying a car without checking. You should contact a local insurance broker for a quote in order to obtain an accurate quote.

William asks…

How is auto insurance (a contracted business service within a capitalist economy) legally enforceable?

How can a government, who supposedly stays as far out of a capitalist economy as possible, enforce that you purchase auto insurance? Isnt that a consumers right to buy or not buy?

One could argue that the privilege to drive at all is granted by the government, and you should abide by their requirements. But by that logic, wouldnt having insurance first be a prerequisite before you could get licensed?

Administrator answers:

First.. I might be ignorant but I thought the USA was the first capitalistic country of the world, so by “that logic” how can their government try to stay “out of it” as much as possible?? If a country is capitalistic, you’d think that it is because of the government that it has and nothing else.

But anyway, call me an idiot or a dancing fool (I am dancing right now..) and here’s to your question.

It is all about not being able to save up 10 grand, isn’t it? Or is it all about having to show off your masculine attributes by having a car that’s flashier than mine? Or a mixture of both and who knows how many more ridiculous factors
Think about it. I mean.. How difficult is it to get car insurance nowadays?
If you are able to buy a car with your own money, maybe you don’t have anything to prove and so you just need a car for transport.. You know.. Something that’s 10 years old will then do.

You don’t live beyond your means as you have a brain and can use it and so there’s plenty of cash in the bank. After all there have been years of plenty (haven’t there?)

So you are now buying something that hasn’t had a tough life, not very sporty at all and not too fashionable but sound, it won’t cost you the earth as it isn’t fashionable and so with not even 3 grand you get something that’s done 27.000 miles and has service history.

Maybe get some new tyres and brakes as it’s been garaged for the last 9 years and the tyres cracked and the brakes got a bit glazed.. Give it a full service and a new battery. Maybe it’ll be another $1500.. So..newly serviced, spanking new tyres, brakes wow.. It’ll serve you for the next 10 years now won’t it. For less than 5 grand.

Now you can get liability coverage for it. Get medical coverage for your self and passengers and that’s it. You don’t need full coverage.
You are a good driver so you have never had a claim in the last 15 years and so your insurance will now cost you about $42.50 a month.
That’s peanuts.. Most people you know spend that much on BEER in just a week end.. But no..

Maybe your insurance il $395 a month because you claimed 3 times in as many years and have no money saved up to buy the latest, flashest model and so in the end it isn’t your fault but the government’s.

But this I mean in general.. Not especially YOU..

Ken asks…

Car insurance for 300 to 500 dollars a month?

Are there any insurance plans for cars that cost 300 to 500 dollars. I have a bugeting packet for my twenty first lit class and I wanted to know what insurances would have car insurance at that cost.

Administrator answers:

Insurance costs are based on the age of the driver, their driving record, the vehicle, the amount and type of coverage, the amount and type of driving, and the area

$300-$500 would be really expensive insurance, and would usually be for a high risk driver.

I pay about $900 a year total for two cars, and a camper trailer.

Betty asks…

What happens or how does car insurance work when your parked car is involved in an accident?

My car was parked in front of my house, the driver of a Dodge Ram truck passed out and hit my neighbors car which was right behind me. Her car rammed into mine that was rammed into another car parked in front of me. Now that the insurances where notified, what’s going to happen? Will I get any compensation besides getting the repairs paid for?

Administrator answers:

The person driving the Ram is at fault and owes for damages to all of the parked vehicles.
The only compensation you will receive is the cost to repair or value of the damaged property. You will also be entitled to a rental while your vehicle is being repaired. You do not received lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc., unless you are injured in an accident.

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