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June 22, 2012

Paul asks…

How much does car insurance cost for a new driver?

Im 18. i live in California. i own a 2003 nissan altima. Ive had my license for over a year. The car is ONLY under my name and i will be the only one driving it. Ive gotten quotes but they have been as high as $1000 for 6 mths of full coverage. Any advice on something cheaper or how to save money.

Administrator answers:

One thing you can do to lower your insurance rates is to take a Defensive Driving Course oferred by your state. Just call your local motor vehicle office and ask for the name of the course (who offers it) and if it’s a course that will lower your insurance rates. Sometimes I’ve heard of the courses reducing your rates by up to 10&. So for your expensive quote you got it would lower it by up tp 2oo dollars every 6 months.

Mary asks…

I’m looking for free car insurance quotes?

As I’m a new driver, my parents told me to seek on the internet for insurances quotes, to help me handle my own things. So yeah i’m looking for websites that offer free car insurances quotes.

Administrator answers:

15 mins could save you 15% or more on car insurance

Lisa asks…

How much would a new driver expect to pay for their car insurance (UK)?

I’m 16 and will soon begin driving lessons, and every company I go to online to find a quote asks for my name and address, and until I need the insurance i’m not going to enter them.

Does anyone have an idea how much a 17 year old would expect to insure a first car (something small like a Vauxhall Corso, Renault Clio et al)?

Administrator answers:

If you want an accurate quote then you’ll need to enter an address I’m affraid.

The quote will take the postcode into account and this can impact the premium significantly.

You could always enter some details close to yours but not exact. Some companies will hound you as soon as you get a quote, especially off the price comparison websites.

I agree with the set aside a day for quotes. The price comparison websites make it a bit easier, but not all companies are listed on them and any quote given needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as whenever I’ve used them the premium has gone up when I finalise the quote for some aspect that the price comparison website doesn’t take into account.

Some of the best companies aren’t listed so you need to go to them directly.

I’d imagine £1000 to £1500 a year for a standard Clio or Corsa with say a 1.0 or 1.2 engine.

Higher spec or any modifications would put the price up significantly.

Maria asks…

Where is the cheapest place for young drivers first car insurance?

My 18 year old brother passed his test in October and is finding it impossible to get a car insurance quote less than £3k. We’re looking at a small car like the obvious Corsa/Clio/Fiesta.
We’ve tried all the options of adding named drivers/adding him to existing policies but it isnt making much difference.
There are SO many websites out there promising ‘great’ deals for new drivers… and then quoting £7k!! How stupid.
Is there any young driver out there that has insurance less than £2k for your first car and where from..? Any help appreciated.
Also – im in England.

Administrator answers:

You are living in a fantasy world.

The average cost of insurance for a newly qualified, young driver is £4,000. That’s for a very basic, 1-litre car.

If you are very, very lucky, you might find insurance for just over £3,000. You don’t have a hope in hell of getting it under £2,000. Many insurance companies have just stopped offering cover for young drivers, because the risk is too high.

This is the main reason that many young people don’t own cars – they simply cannot afford the insurance.

John asks…

Car insurance quotes?

Is there any place to get a car insurance quote without entering in a bunch of personal information?

I am looking for quotes for a sedan, coupe, and SUV for a new 16 year old male driver. (Im trying to decide what a good deal is, and what is worth buying)

Administrator answers:

The reason that slot of personal information is asked, is to get a very accurate quote. Since insurance is very individually based, you need these personal questions to get an accurate quote.

Go to for a quote that does not ask alot of personal information but gives an accurate quote.

Hope that helps

Lizzie asks…

Where can we get reasonable car insurance for a 17 year old new driver?

My son who was 17 last October (2011) and passed his test on the 23rd February 2012 is being quoted £5,000 to £8,000 for third party on a £700 Micra how can he get reasonable insurance while still under 25 years of age?

Administrator answers:

Insurance is like buying a good suit. It must be tailored specifically to and for you. Get quotes from local companies that have an office with a full time agent as opposed to “E” quotes which are very, very often inaccurate and unreliable

Michael asks…

car insurance on a pergeout 307 new driver? UK ONLY.?

i turned 17 in march.i have yet to pass my test but wish to look at quotes for insurance. its a 5 door 1.6 and 5 doors.
who knows a cheap car insurance site for me and with prefernce to someone you know having it from there?
before you say i have tried comparison sites and they are no use.

Administrator answers:

There are no specialists for younger drivers.
You need to set your sights a little lower in terms of engine size and value if you want a reasonable quote – for the car you give expect it to be in excess of £5000 a year at best.
Depending on all the other things they use to determine how much it will be a 1.0 litre 5 to 10 year old Vauxhall Corsa will cost you at least £2700 a year and £4000 a year is quite possible

You can get prices on a comparison site without knowing a reg number or having bought a car so see for yourself.

After that consider a 125cc motorcycle for a few years.

Test passes are down 20% in the last 6 years and in the past 12 months applications for provisional licences are down 20% too – one reason, teen insurance prices. Sales of 125cc bikes have never been better!

Charles asks…

Where to get the cheapest car insurance for new driver, and which combinations of options, to get it lower?

I am 17 and lice in Hartlepool in England and I have got a 1.2 mk2 3 door Fiat Punto. And i need insurance, apparently Adrian Flux is cheep for young drivers, but just over a month ago i was quoted £1800, and now that i need it i am being quoted 2600, y? I was also surprised when i found out that my car is a group 4 insurance, with it being a little 60bhp 1.2 compared to my mates 130bhp car being a group 5. I cannot go on my mams insurance either as she can only drive an automatic. So I considered selling my Punto and try getting an automatic to go on my mams insurance as she has over 10 year no claims, but her £200 insurance went up to £2500. I guss alot of the price being because of where we live, there was multistory flats, in a big estate, and was a bad area, but now they have been knocked down and is now a new modern housing area. Is there anywhere I can contact, to come prove it is a nice area now? Thanks

Administrator answers:

I doubt that just because the buildings have been razed, the insurance will go down. It is worth trying to inform them of this, though. I’m guessing the type of car you insure has less to do with the rates, than where you live and your age.

Betty asks…

Low car insurance for new driver age 37 who has just passed. I live in the U.K.?

Can anyone give me advice where to get the cheapest car insurance in the U.K. I have just past my test and I am 37 years of age. I am looking to get a 1.3 engine. The chaepest quote I have recieved is £789.

Administrator answers: give you the option of telling them the lowest price you have been given previously. Put in a fingure a couple of hundred less than you have actually been given. Then call Swinton Insurance and tell them you have been given the elephant price. Even though they dont have a price beat policy they usually do beat the price. I saved about £800 when I passed my test last year. Elephant are quite cheap anyway. Give it a whirl.

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