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February 2, 2013

Lisa asks…

Is it cheaper to be put on your parents car insurance, or get your own?

I’m 16 and I need car insurance, would it be cheaper to be put on my parents, or get my own entirely?
In New Hampshire.

Administrator answers:

Ask them to ask their insurance then you’ll know how much it’ll cost, then get some quotes yourself and compare the two.
Keep in mind that it will be cheaper to be an added driver on their insurance but should you need to claim, they’d lose their many years no claim bonus and this wouldn’t be fair.
So it might be better to start building your own no claim bonus by getting your own insurance.

Ken asks…

Whats the difference between limited, broad and regular collison deductibles with insurance?

Whats the difference between limited, broad and regular collison deductibles with insurance?

Trying to get an auto insurance quote, thanks

Administrator answers:

Limited Collision:
Pays only when the driver of your car is not substantially( more than 50%) at fault in the accident. Limited Collision is the lowest priced of the collision coverages and is available with no deductible.

Standard Collision:
Pays for your damages, less the deductible amount, regardless of who causes the accident. Better protection than Limited Collision at a somewhat higher price. Available deductible options are $100, $250, $500 and $1000.

Broad Form Collision:
Pays for the damages, less deductible amount, for collision damage to the insured vehicle regardless of fault. The deductible will be waived if the driver of your car is not substantially at fault in the accident. Available deductible options are $100, $250, $500 and $1000. Broadened Collision is the best of the collision options, but is more expensive than either Limited or Standard.

No Collision Coverage:
If you do not purchase collision coverage, the company will not pay collision damage to the insured vehicle.

Linda asks…

Do I get a refund on my car insurance deposit?

I took out a new car insurance policy last week and paid a deposit of £333. However, my documents came and they are telling me my compulsory excess is £500, when I specifically chose this company because they quoted me a £150 excess. I’m actually paying slightly more every month for this company for this reason – I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere! If I cancel now will I get my deposit back?

Administrator answers:

If you took out the insurance over the phone, the insurer should have the call recorded. If it’s recorded that the adviser told you the total excess would be £150, then this would count as misselling. Speak to the insurance company about your concerns. If you did take it out over the phone, they will be obliged to investigate this further and they will be able to advise you on what has happened and the terms of cancellation. The FSA require that insurers have a 14 day “cooling off” period, so if you do have to cancel within that 14 day period, you won’t be charged as much for cancelling. If the product has been missold to you, then register a complaint with them.

If you took the policy out online, then it’s likely the voluntary excess was £150, which is on top of any compulsory excesses which must have been outlined to you before you purchased the insurance. More often than not, there’s a link at the bottom of the quote page which leads you to a breakdown of any compulsory excesses (standard excesses, young driver excess, inexperienced driver excess, etc). Online insurance is a bit of a minefield. I prefer to call companies direct to make sure that everything is ok and that everything is explained to me.

Call them sooner rather than later so that you’re still within the cooling off period, so you won’t be charged as much to cancel.

William asks…

Approximately how much would Comprehensive car insurance be for these luxury cars?

Im currently doing an assignment where I have to compare running costs of three different cars. I can’t get an online quote for comprehensive insurance for these three luxury cars:

Let’s say the driver is a 30 year old with a perfect history/driving record.

BMW 740i (Price: $183,000)
Audio RS4 (Price: $187,500)
Mercedes CLK-63 AMG (Price: $199,100)

How much do you think APPROXIMATELY, the comprehensive car insurance would be for each of these cars? (Annual) AS A GUIDE.

Administrator answers:

drop the last two digits from each price
that will be the 6 month cost per car with a good driver

Helen asks…

What are the best Insurance companies for a first time driver?

I need car Insurance for a 2006 BMW & want the best coverage, my mom has State Farm & she says their a good company & the insurance could be cheaper because I’m her son & could be on her plan.

Administrator answers:

Hi Avant,

State Farm is an excellent company. There is a cheaper company that is just as good just not as big. State Farm covers 49 states. The company I am thinking of covers 47.

I would say a 2006 BMW will be expensive unless you just need liability.

I listed them below. Never hurts to get a quote since it’s free.

George asks…

can i get temporary car insurance for my teenager daughter on a separate insurance policy?

I want to get car insurance my teenage daughter (who passed her test 6 months ago).I am unable to add her to my current policy – does anyone know if any other way than changing current car insurance policy
I am in the UK

Administrator answers:

She can be insured alone. I’ve just passed my test (March, 2011) insurance policies range depending on the car etc. The cheapest quote I’ve recieved is from diamond and tesco also offer student car insurance which is perfect for me.

Someone else suggested that I buy a car but my mum be the insurance holder and add me as a Named driver (Second driver) but I feel uncomfortable doing this as it’s not actually legal. There’s no way to prove it, but it is a bit risky. I do know a lot of people who do this though.

Otherwise, I’ve been added on to my mum’s car’s insurance. She drives a honda jazz and at the moment we share the car….

Thomas asks…

Do car insurances typically give lower quotes for married couples?

I’m going to be jumping on to my fiances auto plan [Progressive] and heard that insurance agencies give lower prices to married couples. Is this true? He drives a 1988 bonneville and I drive a 2001 sunfire. I am also in college, he isnt.

Administrator answers:

Yes, I’m also with progressive and I got married three years ago when I was 26. When I got married we combined our insurance policies. Our two cars on the same policy was actually cheaper than her policy + my policy before we got married. In other words we saved over 50%.

Play with whose name is the “named insured” and who is just a “driver” on the policy. It will probably be cheaper to have the Mr. As a driver on the Mrs.’ policy. (women almost always have lower insurance rates.)

With his old bonneville you’re probably not going to see a huge difference, insurance should already be pretty cheap but you should still see a noticeable difference. If you don’t currently have comprehensive or collision, ask how much it would be to add them (probably just on the sunfire, the bonneville probably wouldn’t be worth it.) Also consider lowering your deductible and raising you’re liability limits–if you’ve currently got minimum Bodily Injury (BI of anything under $50,000) you’re asking to get sued if you ever get in an accident and hurt someone.

You might be pleasantly surprised how much cheaper the additional insurance costs.

Ruth asks…

What is the cheapest way to build up No Claim Bonus?

I am 20 and have passed a year ago and im getting ridiculous prices for car insurance, about 4k onwards.

So i was wondering if a van or bike or anything else cheaper to insure will help me build NCB?

Administrator answers:

Vans tend to be dearer than cars to insure and NCB from bike insurance isn’t usually transferable to a car policy.
Just do what every other new driver has to do and spend a bit of time hunting for the best quote you can.
“Best quote” for a new driver is about £3000 btw.

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