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July 28, 2012

Mandy asks…

Is Car Insurance quotes race-specific?

Where I live the ‘minority races’ and immigrants I asked how much car insurance they are paying because mine seemed steep were paying very little compared to me for the equivalent car – even though theyre new drivers. I have a clean licence since 1987. Are they less likely to have accidents? I dont believe this some of them only their God is keeping them from having accident. Or is to charge them too much being racist so we have to pay more insurance for them?
Or Nationality specific eg. If you have an exchanged South African licence you get a high quote because ‘SA are bad drivers’ (but you have to be a good driver to not have had an accident there)?
Or Nationality specific eg. If you have an exchanged South African licence you get a high quote because ‘SA are bad drivers’ (but you have to be a good driver to not have had an accident there)?

Administrator answers:

You can get a policy over the internet no one knows what race you are so the answer is no

William asks…

Car Insurance for a new driver?

I’ve been searching compare sites for a couple of days now having very recently passed my test (yay”). The best quote I have at the moment is £4,500. I have no convictions on my license and at 21 years old, I’m finding this pretty hard to believe. Surely something is wrong?

On my mothers insurance (9 years no claims) I’m getting a quote, as an additional driver, at £2,500. Still pretty pricey wouldn’t you agree?

I’d love for some comments on this, I’m getting rather annoyed! Thanks.

The car is a 2000, 1.0l, 3door Micra… hardly a big engine and it’s valued at £500… yet my insurance is £4,500.

It’s my mothers car I’m trying to insure for me to drive so I don’t see how it can be called fronting lol… she still drives the car.

A lot of people I’ve asked from the UK regarding this are baffled also, an example being a mate who recently passed his test 2 weeks ago and got a deal of £1,800 for a £3,500 car.

Pretty hilarious.

Administrator answers:

It depends on what type of car your trying to insure,

most quotes i get for a typical 17yr old is roughly £2500-£3000,

thats usually for a group 1 fiat sciento or something like that

Jenny asks…

NY car insurance question for a new driver?

Okay, I’ve had my permit for like a year because I didn’t have a car to care if I had a license or not. Now that I’m getting a car. I was wondering how about how much insurance would cost. I have to wait a couple weeks from the car insurance place so please no “get a quote”

I just want an approximate estimate of about how much it would cost. I don’t have drivers ed or anything. Just a license at 17 on my parents insurance. I would have my own car but it’d be on their insurance so that’s 3 cars on 1 insurer. The car I am going to get is a 84′ Volvo wagon.

Please just a month average price of how much more my parents insurance would go up. ( like they pay 100 and it’d be 250/mo. So i pay 150 a month.) something like that.

I just want to know if my job will cover my own difference


Administrator answers:

We’re in NY and when we add a new driver to their parents’ policy it usually runs about an extra $100-125 /mo. Comp/collision on the car will raise that number considerably.

Sandy asks…

First Time Driver? Insurance on a New Car I’ve bought?


I’ve recently bought a car, more precisely a “P” Reg 1.1 Citroen Saxo. Now I’m currently of 21 years of age, have had my Full UK Driving License since June 2010 yet have not however been insured to drive any car. I’m expecting to pay at least £1500 with being a lad and it being my first car, but thats how it is. Now I’ve gone around and got some quotes, the cheapest so far being £2200!!! Ouch. I’m wondering if anyone knows anywhere that maybe a little cheaper, somewhere closer to the £1500 mark or better?

Any help/tips or advice would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

Administrator answers:

Ok. That price sounds right to be honest.

I do know that:

1. The area where you live has a huge impact on insurance (high crime areas = high insurance)
2. The amount of cars in your household.
The more cars you have in your household the cheaper your insurance.
3. Even your profession matters.
My husband is a petrol pump attendant and a teacher. When he writes petrol pump attendant as his profession its so much more expensive than writing teacher!!!

Ruth asks…

what is the best and cheapest car insurance, for a 17 new driver with a used car.?

i just got my licence last december. the car i will have is between the years 1995-2003. it will be bought in cash. and i will most likely be the only one driving it, since i am graduating soon. and i want a car when i go to college even if i am staying on campus. what is the best and cheapest (less than $200 a month). i have made some quotes and everything is about 400-500 dollars a month!! thats crazy.

Administrator answers:

With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there’s no answer to it… Insurers base their quotes on different factors for different people, Pretty much any insurance broker or agent should be able to help you, just search around till you fing someone that offers good value for money

Helen asks…

how much will my car insurance be as a new driver?

I’m learning to drive as a necessity for a new job, but I am struggling to get a reliable estimate of the insurance premium I should expect once I have a car. I know that nobody will be able to give me a precise figure as it depends on so many variables, but I wondered if anyone would know what to put into a quote generator to get something accurate? I’m female, in the UK, 27 years old and will need a cheap and cheerful 5 door hatchback. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about engine sizes and that sort of thing to know if I’m answering the questions on the form realistically. I tried compare the market and got a cheapest quote of £3,700 per annum – does this sound right? I know it will be expensive but even so that seems very high for a 1999 Vauxhall Corsa! (the car I used to get the quote).

I do realise this is a very subjective question but any advice is greatly appreciated – at the moment it is looking like I won’t be able to take up a dream job offer as all I will be doing is working to pay for a car that I oly got in order to take the job :(
EDIT: I already do take the bus or walk everywhere I go, so thank you for that facetious answer. I have to transport a car full of equipment to places in the middle of nowhere in order to take this job, so it is not an option to carry on taking public transport.

Administrator answers:

You cannot get a price without knowing what car you will be insuring. Your best bet is to go to a local insurance office to see if they can give you a “ballpark” figure. An e quote won’t work. They are often inaccurate and unreliable anyway.

Paul asks…

add another driver on Hastings car insurance?

we are currently trying to add another driver onto the car insurance (with Hastings Direct) is there any way to do it via their website does anyone know? they make it very clear how to draw in the new customers and get a quote but not much else!
thankyou :)

Administrator answers:

Phone only and have a debit/credit card handy to pay the extra premium and admin charge as they will want it all on the phone there and then

Susan asks…

Insurance costs for new drivers?

I am thinking of getting my driver‘s license in about seven months (when i turn 18), but i am a bit discouraged by the quotes for car insurance that i have been given. I was told that car insurance for new driver‘s is about $3500 per year (and this is with a 40% discount for maintaining a 4.0 GPA). If i am put on my parent’s insurance plan, it will still cost me $1100 per year (i have to make up the difference caused by adding me to their policy). Is this the normal rate for insurance for new driver‘s? Any other way to lower the cost? Any help would be greatly appreciated because i really want to learn to drive but the cost is so great…especially since i will be starting college next year.
How much driving experience do i have to have before the insurance cost goes down? What other factors would cause the cost to go down?
I’m sorry..forgot to say that i live in New Mexico

Administrator answers:

Insurance is regulated at the state level so it’s hard to give you accurate info without knowing what state you’re in. Generally though, if your parents have vehicles that require full coverage ie. Comprehensive/collission and you can carry a basic liability policy on the vehicle you drive, it will be cheaper to get a policy by yourself. When I say that, I mean have your parents get a second policy with their names and yours as drivers (that way you get all their discounts) but just your vehicle. That way you don’t have to pay for the BIG increase on their full coverage. If you need full coverage also or if they just carry liability then it’s usually best to just get on with them. All insurance policies have flat fees called policy fees so if you’re on with them you at least get to split it three ways. As for your age, it varies. In Texas you will be uprated til age 25 if you’re male, 21 fem. Some states it’s just 21 for everybody. Other states it’s a 3 year rule no matter what your age. Always remember though, the single biggest factor in pricing for young people is driving record. A speeding ticket for an adult rated driver may only raise their monthly rate by $5-10 but an 18 year old will see a $30/month jump at least. ALWAYS get a lawyer. Keep whatever you can off your record. You will thank me.

Charles asks…

Car Insurance query on how to fill in application forms?

Last year my son’s car was hit by another car driver. The other car drivers insurance company paid for the damage. Then when my son tried to get the last years’ insurance he filled in his application on line and when he did so he put on it that he had made a claim for an accident (but it wasn’t a claim on his own insurance) and the insurance policy was issued, then a few days later the manager there ,said that there was no claim on his last insurance and therefore could not be insured with the same company,(they only insured high risk drivers) so they cancelled the policy and found my son a new insurer at a higher rate.

Now that my son has come to get this years insurance and is trying to find a lower quote , as the company he is with are very expensive- we are not sure how he should complete the insurers questions regarding whether he has been declined insurance before. He doesn’t want to say no he has never had insurance declined as he is not sure if they mean his type of situation and if he says yes, the insurance companies either quote a very high rate or won’t give a quote at all.
What should he put on the application forms? Any advice would be most welcome.

Administrator answers:

Usually the question is worded something like this:
“Has an insurer cancelled or refused or given notice that it intends to cancel or refuse any similar insurance for misrepresentation of any material fact in the procurement or renewal of insurance or in the submission of claims?”
In your case, the answer is no. Your son did not deliberately try to misrepresent the information, he simply made a mistake. When you intentionally give incorrect information it is considered misrepresentation.
I’ve never heard of an insurer refusing a policy because the driver’s record is actually better than they stated and the new (better rated) policy is more expensive? That makes no sense to me.

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