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February 6, 2013

Maria asks…

What trackers reduce car insurance for young drivers?

I have heard of trakers that are said to reduce car insurance, can anyone name the trackers and how much they are said to bring the quote down by? Many thanks
I have heard that people have it so i know they exist. they also have been in the papers as they are ment to montor the speed of the driver and driver habits etc.

Administrator answers:

The device you refer to that monitors the driver’s habits are called Smartboxes. They are combined data collectors and tracking devices, so if your car is stolen, they can trace it, and if you speed, drive erratically, drive at night etc, it feeds that data through to the insurer.

The devices are not something you can buy in a shop. The insurer fits them to your vehicle as part of your policy conditions. I know that Co-operative Insurance and Coverbox both offer this service and there may be others who do too. When you take out the policy, they will arrange for someone to come and visit you at home or work and fit the box. It is small and out of sight.

The insurer will start by charging you the basic rates for young drivers, but every three months, they will look at the data fed through from the Smartbox and will reduce or increase the premium based on how safe you have driven for those three months.

Nancy asks…

Can a friend or someone not related to you insure a car for you ?

my insurance quotes are high and i was wondering if someone thats not related to me and is NOT living in the same house can insure a car for me. The car would be under the person insuring it and i’d just pay the person thats gonna insure it. is that legal ?
in ontario canada.

Administrator answers:

Uk,yes but the car would havre to be in his name on the reg doc…it woulds have to be in his possetion[parked outside HIS house]..but it would have you on as a named driver thus raising up the premium.

Jenny asks…

Why is my car insurance quotes so expensive?

I’m a 19 year old guy, recently got my license so i’m going to get a car soon. I have been doing quotes on some car insurance web sites and my quotes are always between $300-$500. Why is it so high? My cousin is 22 and she only pays $150 a month. I don’t understand why mine would be so high…

Administrator answers:

Big things that determine your Insurance costs: Gender, Age, Car Type.

Young males pay the most as far as car Insurance goes, although some companies are becoming less biased on that matter. I do know my Insurance Company does not charge me more for being a Male Driver. With most companies, that’s not the case.

So, being you’re 19, your Insurance is automatically higher, you’re a Male, so that adds on to it. And then, finally, the type of car, which will determine a lot also.

If you choose a 4-Door Car, it’s considered a Sedan, cheaper to insure because they are safer to drive. Get a 2-Door Car, it’s considered a “Sports Car”, automatically more expensive. Get a new car, even more expensive. If it’s a truck, more expensive.

You have to think about it this way, the more expensive the car, the more expensive it is to fix. The faster the car, the more expensive the damages may be to the occupants of the car during a car wreck. If you want cheap Insurance, go with a Used, 4-Door Car. That’s as cheap as it will get.

Chris asks…

US auto insurer who will consider driving experience abroad?

I have just moved to the US and I am looking for car insurance. GEICO have told me that they will not cinsider my driving experience abroad, which means I am being quoted as a new driver even though I have been fully licensed for over 7 years. Does anyone know of any US insurers who will quote based on my previous driving experience abroad?

Administrator answers:

Kevin C, Try getting an online insurance quote It’s free and quick to do. Http://

Good Luck.

Steven asks…

How much lower would car insurance be if I started driving at 18 not 17?

Does anyone know how much lower your own policy would be to insure a car if you start at 18 instead of 17?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, there would be hardly any difference. Insurers look for claim free driving experience, and until you get some experience behind you, the cost of the insurance will not start to come down, so if anything, by starting at 17 instead of 18, you will have an extra year to earn that experience.

Insurers tend to charge more for drivers aged between 17 and 25 as that age group make the majority of the claims that an insurer deals with. So whether you are 17 or 18, you still fall in to that category and will still have to pay a lot.

You also need to bear in mind that insurance premiums tend to rise each year anyway because of inflation and the increased cost of repairs, so even though you are a year older, you could end up paying more for your insurance.

To get a rough idea, you could always do a rough quote online and then go back in to it and alter the age by a year, then compare the two quotes.

Sandra asks…

Does anybody know of the cheapest car insurance company in Hamilton, Ontario?

Getting car insurance these days is getting ridiculous…I’ve gotten quotes for $500, etc. but there has to be something cheaper out there. I’m getting an old car, so just basic insurance would be fine, so I can “legally” drive. Does anybody know of the cheapest car insurance company in Hamilton, Ontario?

Administrator answers:

I hear your frustration. You probably feel that you are paying too much for something that you really don’t need. Hopefully you won’t need it.

Online insurers are usually pretty inexpensive. A broker or agent can have quite a few markets to shop so one call there will get you a bunch of quotes. The problem is that your situation is unique and until an underwriter pulls your driver history, checks for tickets and confirms your acceptability a quote is only that, an estimate.

Do be careful. You can buy the bare minimum insurance and it will be cheaper then buying a higher level, such as $1 million public liability and property damage (PLPD). There is a reason why it is so cheap.

You get what you pay for. If you have an accident and someone is hurt you will not have as much insurance as you might need. You could find yourself in civil court with an garnishee on your wages for a very long time. Not good.

You could get hit by someone who either doesn’t have much in the way of insurance or who doesn’t have insurance at all. Maybe this is one of those people with a suspended license. Now your very limited insurance amount will not cover much for your medical needs, perhaps long term. It is likely that the driver who hit you doesn’t have a lot of personal resources. So when you take him to court it won’t amount to much for you.

Buy adequate insurance. It isn’t so much to protect everyone else from your driving. It is to protect you from all the poor drivers on the road who are aiming for your vehicle.

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

How much will insurance cost on a 94 eclipse?

I am an 18 year old first time driver.
the car has 133000 miles on it and i’m thinking about buying it from a friend. it is white.
how much will the insurance be monthly?

Administrator answers:

Do your own “legwork” each state has itsown insurance laws;;; call a few insurance offices in your area and request a quote from them, then compare.

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