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February 13, 2013

Jenny asks…

When does insurance policy underwriting happen?

Doesn’t the underwriting happen AFTER YOU BUY/SIGN UP with the insurance company? How can you be confident that the price you were quoted will be kept to the max after the policy goes through underwriting? If they increase the price with the underwriting, what good are all those online (car/home) insurance quotes websites? Aren’t the (low) quotes one of the ways they use to get you to buy???? Can anyone clarify?

Administrator answers:

There are actually companies out there who will gather your information, NOT run your MVR or your credit, give you “best case scenario” and then issue your policy. When you renew, you will see the actual rate.

Now, if you’re a great driver who has nothing to hide and your credit is excellent, you’ll still see the same rate when you renew. It’s those who weren’t up front that will see the increases.

This mostly applies to 1-800 numer quotes and online quotes. When you deal directly with an agent, you’ll find the REAL price up front.

Joseph asks…

How much would insurance be for a 2006 GTO?

I am a 49 year old female with a good driving history, but i have my 17 year old son on my insurance…but he wouldnt be listed as the primary driver for this car. How much would insurance be per month/year?

Administrator answers:

Call your agent for a quote, darling. I can assure you, its going to be high, since a GTO is rather quick, no?

Susan asks…

Should i have my g2 licence for sure to get my auto insurance?

I’ve my international driving permit and g1 license…. but when i try to get auto insurance quote in the internet… The results are not given,if i mention i have my international driving licence or G1 licence….
So this is making me wonder, “only if i have g2 licence… its possible to get my car insurance in canada?”… Please help.

Administrator answers:

With insurance your G1 is considered a learners permit. Obviously you know that you can only operate a vehicle with a fully licensed driver with you. A lot of online quoting systems are geared towards the norm so when you attempt to get a quote online and mention the G1 is it not configured for that. More information is needed. If you call a company they will be able to advise you on if they can insure you and how much it would cost.

I work for an insurance company and we will insure those with a G1 if they are the owner of the vehicle and the only operator in the household (meaning the only licensed driver in the home). If there are others in the home we would rate for them as the main driver and indicate that you are there with your G1. Once you get the G2 the necessary changes could be made.

Also with a lot of companies the international license is fine to drive someone else’s vehicle temporarily but you can’t usually purchase a policy with it. You need to have a Canadian driver’s license and even more specific a license for the province you are living in (ie Ontario G2 or G).

Hope this helps!

Lisa asks…

Why is my car insurance quote £1700 more if women and men are meant to have the same premium?

After an EU court of justice ruling I believe that male and female insurance is supposed to be the same?
I have a quote as a male at £2800 whilst £1100 as a female?
these were found on a comparison site.
Why is this allowed and what can I do about it?

Administrator answers:

That doesnt come into the end of the year
what you can do about it is add a woman as an additional driver, this will lower the premium, quite alot, so if you have a friend ask them if you can add them, they dont have to drive the car, but if they might drive it, you really ought to have them on just to be on the safe side. Also, say you car is parked on the street, thats usually cheaper than a garage/driveway.
Try different comparison sites at different times of day, amazingly they do come up with different results!
If certain cheap insurance companies (like admiral and co if you are young) dont come up for your quote but do for the females, go to buy on that quote and change the details in their site, this will get you a better price than going direct to the website usually.
Or you can wait, but dont expect the price to come down dramatically for you. Although you will be older, which will help.

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