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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Quotes

February 20, 2013

Donna asks…

What is the best car insurance for a teen driver?

I need to find insurance for myself, and wanted to know what other people use or think is the best place to get it from. I need to pay for it by myself with out help form my parents too so it can’t be to expensive. Is it cheaper to get my own or to add me to their account? I am using one of their cars if that makes a diffrence…

Administrator answers:

It would be cheapest to add you to one of their accounts. To get it yourself would be quite expensive. If you want to know how much it would cost, get an online quote at
This will compare all companies in your area and find you the lowest price

William asks…

What car insurance company that allows main driver and 2nd driver?

is there companies out there that allows my dad as the main driver and me the second driver. my dad has his own car. the quotes i got from me alone is too expensive and i cant afford it. thx
am 21 and i just got my full license a month ago

Administrator answers:

What you’re talking about doing is what’s called ‘fronting’ and is illegal.
The insurance companies are well onto teens who get their parents to insure cars in their name. It’ll land you both in court.

Thumbs-down the correct answers all you like, but that’s the truth of it.
No matter how many times you ask the question, what you’re proposing will get you and whichever adult is stupid enough to agree to do this into a lot of trouble.

Sandra asks…

How much would car insurance be for a Dodge Charger?

If I had a 3.0 average and no accidents,tickets, or other outstanding finds and i was only sixteen, how much Would the insurance be?

Administrator answers:

Talk to an insurance broker for a quote. You haven’t provided enough information to even guess. The 3.0 average means nothing. Where you live, your gender, how old the car is, how much you’ll be driving, whether or not you’ve taken driver’s ed and other factors will all affect your premiums. Probably won’t be cheap, though.

Sandy asks…

Can someone over 25 yrs of age significantly lower car insurance by going to driving lesson?

I know it is beneficial for young drivers to take driving certifiate lessons so that they can save on car insurace in the long run. What about adult drivers say about 30 yrs age with G2 licese ?

Administrator answers:

It all depends on which insurance company we’re talking about. In Ontario some insurers will give credit for driver’s training, some give nothing. So as I said it can be beneficial, but I would get some quotes first before committing to classes.

Laura asks…

How much should my car insurance be?

I passed my test over 4 years ago but have been a named driver on my parents’ cars. I recently got a quote for a second hand ford focus for £700 for my own policy – is this good? I don’t live near London and the car would be on a driveway. I am a 22 year old female.

Administrator answers:

That’s an excellent quote for someone in your position. Grab it with both hands.

Ruth asks…

Is there anything I can do to knock down the price on car insurance?

Owning a car at 17 will be expensive, I have heard predictions from people like £2000 – £3000 and it is slightly worrying, I think I might go broke If I pay that. Other than waiting until I am a bit older is there anything else I can do which will get the price down?
Al you know when people say don’t moan do something about it, that’s what I am doing so shut your face.

Administrator answers:

Quote . . . “7. Try and be a named driver as opposed to policy holder, it could work out cheaper… If you do that, try and go with Admiral or a company that will offer 2nd driver no claims discount”

How many times on this question alone!!!!! This is fronting, illegal and voids your insurance as you are committing fraud. It has been said already yet people seem to think it is ok to drive around uninsured. You MUST be the policy holder for your own car if you are the main driver.

Mark asks…

Why is Unitrin car insurance so cheap? Are they really a good, reliable insurance company?

I got a quote for about half of what I’m paying with another company with the same coverage.

Administrator answers:

I’ve had good luck with them. They mainly insure high-risk drivers. A great person to ask would be an auto body shop owner. They will be happy to help direct you to a really good no-fuss insurance agent that won’t overcharge or give you run-around.

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