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February 22, 2013

Donna asks…

Where can I compare legal malpractice insurance like car insurance quotes?

I am a new lawyer and need to get receive coverage. Any attorneys out there know how much I’ll pay? Who has good rates?
Car insurance guy, what the heck are you talking about? I need to compare legal malpractice rates. Not car insurance rates.

Administrator answers:

Okay, I have two cars (2003 Accord & a 1999 Bmw 323i). I have basic liability for both cars for my wife and I as drivers, plus $25,000 additional liability coverage on the cars.

We just paid $427 for an entire year ($35/month )for the same car insurance company we were already paying around $2,000 for before! How can you beat that? I have tried and I have looked through numerous car insurance companies, you have to find the right bargain. Find the best deals available on the entire internet. If you already have Allstate, Geico, AIG, Progressive, Mercury, Esurance, American Family, Nationwide or any other USA auto insurance, and you are paying too much,
Go here:
(esurance from here would probably be the cheapest) (best for students and everyday drivers)

Daniel asks…

Hello,I am going to buy a small 3 door 1999 model car for my wife to learn driving.I have already got a car?

I dont want to take a new insurance policy for 3-4 months as i will have to pay for a year.Can I switch my existing car insurance policy to this old car for 3-4 months and stop using my usual car for that duration.Once my wife gets driving licence,I intend to use my usual car with wife as second driver and sell off 1999 model car.Will the insurance company accept that.
Thanks in advance for answering this complicated question.

Administrator answers:

To be honest you would be better insuring both cars as remember your other car could be stolen or damaged unless of course you are going to lock it up in a garage
you can easily change your insurance to the newly purchased car
A 1999 model actually won’t cost that much to insure anyway as long as you have NCB
my last car was a 99 Corsa and only cost me £18 a month with Direct Line
Why not phone your current insurer and ask for a quote for when you are going to use the 2 cars and adding on another car to an existing policy is cheaper than insuring them separately

Chris asks…

Were you really excited when you bought your first car?

I couldnt get really excited because i just knew something was going to go wrong. The finance guy even told me to get excited but i couldnt let myself enjoy my first purchase. It was really stressful. Getting a great insurance quote was a b!tch because I was “a new driver“. I still can’t get used to the fact that I have a car now. I’ve only been driving for 4 months. Anyone else feel/felt the same way?

Administrator answers:

You’ve been in the car for four months. Look at it this way, everytime you are walking to your car, just say to yourself, WOW, that’s MY new car, it’s so awesome. The initial shock of the payment should have gone away by now, but that’s ok, just look at every day as one more time to enjoy your new toy.

Sandy asks…

Where can I get cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

I need car insurance preferably under £3000, I can be a named driver on my dads insurance (he’s been driving over 25 years and has 5 years no claims bonus). I have tried comparison websites and even for a 1L 1998 Vauxhall Corsa, they are quoting around £7,000 – it’s daylight robbery!!!

Where can I get cheap(ish) insurance from? What type of cars are best (eg new/old, engine size etc)?


Administrator answers:

“I need car insurance preferably under £3000…”
What you need and what you will get are two different things. The average cost of insurance for someone your age, is over £4,500 a year.

“I can be a named driver on my dads insurance…”
Not if you are the registered keeper or the main driver of the car, you can’t. That is called ‘fronting’, which is insurance fraud. You can go to prison for insurance fraud.

Lisa asks…

How much will car insurance be for me?

I am a 15 year old guy and I’m going to get my license when I turn 16 which will be in March. I just want to know approximately how much my car insurance will cost me monthly. I get good grades in school (maintaining at least a 3.6 GPA or higher) and have never gotten in trouble with the law. I live in Portland Oregon. I’m trying to decide whether to get liability or full coverage insurance. I’m looking at getting a 2004-2005 Mazda3 OR a 2002-2005 Honda Civic. Can you please give me price quotes for both of these cars with both liability and full coverage insurance? Thanks. And I think I might be doing my insurance with Allstate because thats what my parents have. And I am not taking drivers ED class, if that makes a difference.

Administrator answers:

Since you’re quite young it will be more than older people / people with good history. Is it a red car by any chance? That would make it higher.

Mary asks…

What is car insurance priced on in Ireland?

What are all the factors that influence the price of car insurance for drivers in IRELAND.

Administrator answers:

The factors that affect the price of car insurance in Ireland are the car we drive, our age, our drive record, and our credit history etc. To know more about the insurance quotes, take a visit to

James asks…

What company offers the cheapest car insurance for a first time driver?

And also what types of cars are the cheapest to insure? I live in nyc, the 11434 area code. I desperately need a car for college and everything I’ve checked so far is asking a fortune a month! Help! Thx in advance.
oh and i’m 23

Administrator answers:

There is no such company. Simply call around for quotes, stick with an older, 4 cyl. Common sedan

Richard asks…

Insurance broker gives very low quote and then you receive a higher bill from the insurance company? Should I?

I shop for car insurance quotes I got 4 quite low. I contacted an Insurance broker that claimed to be able to give me a much lower quote with Intac Insurance. I went to see him and i cancelled my previous insurance and signed the new contract. A week later I receive a policy from Intact in an amount close to $300 higher then quoted. Intact Ins. claims that has nothing to do with this, claims is the brokers fault. The broker claims that there was an payment of $90.000 by Allstate Insurance related to an accident when I was hitted by a driver while crossing the crosswalk and at my point of vue is just a fraudulent excuse to promote his business giving lower quotes that are not sustanable by the insurance and have you hooked. You allready cancelled your policy, and if you want to cancel there are cancellation fees..your previuos insurance will claim that there is a gap corrresponding to the days (a few) you weren’t insured and jack up your previous quote $400 dollars. What to do? Sue the broker? Denounce Intact fro fraudulent procedings?

Administrator answers:

That answer they gave you is irrelevant to your own car insurance rates. If you were a pedestrian crossing the street and a car hit you,, that can never go against you or raise your car insurance rates.

Intact is not to blame here as they have to issue their price… It sounds like the broker quoted you wrong. If that is the case Intact will not EVER change the rate because the broker screwed up.

Unfortunately, and I really mean that, there is nothing you can do to rectify the problem other than cancel and pay the penalties, etc. The broker probably wont admit to it and will make up an excuse and seeing as you dont fully understand how insurance works, you wont know if hes lying.

I dont know the whole story so I cant say any of this for certain, but Ive gotten pretty good at seeing the truth in these situations.

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