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March 1, 2013

Maria asks…

What info can a car insurance rep see about you?

If they have my driver‘s license number, what info can thy see?

Administrator answers:

An insurance agent can actually pull your credit, CLUE report (loss history), and driving record without having your social security number. Most of the insurance companies don’t let the insurance agent actually see your credit score though – but it is pulled and used in the rates.

There are some companies that can find out the vehicles titled to you…Just try to get a quote with Progressive or Nationwide online, and they will pre-fill this information in for you! Geico used this same information for their online quoting system a few years ago, but then stopped using it because many people were upset that so much personal information was known about them.

Richard asks…

How much you pay for car insurance if your in early 20′s?

I’m a 21 year old college student. Im going on to my junior year and have just gotten a car. I have always gotten a ride with my friends. I got a quote from Farmers Insurance for $2600 for 6 months full coverage is that normal?

Administrator answers:

That’s pretty expensive, but probably par for the course for young drivers and first-time car owners.

If you can manage it, you’ll be much better off being insured on your parents’ policy. But check other quotes out as well (try going through an insurance broker instead of an agent, or find a web site that lets you submit your data and compare rates).

Betty asks…

On an application for car insurance does having the use of other vehicles increase or decrease the quote?

I’m filling in an insurance comparison and it asks if I have the use of other vehicles, I can drive my dad’s but does it make it more or less expensive?

Administrator answers:

Since we buy insurance for vehicles, it makes no difference as far as the premium is concerned if you have the use of 1001 other vehicles. Insurance isn’t bought for drivers, insurance is bought for vehicles

Steven asks…

Should the Federal Government provide Universal Car Insurance?

I just had a thought. Since many want the government to provide health insurance to those who cannot afford or will not purchase it, shouldn’t the government extend it’s insurance business to automobile liability insurance?

Supporters say it’s heartless and inhumane not to offer health insurance to those who cannot afford it, but isn’t it so with car insurance as well? How many people are not able to drive to work because they afford insurance? How many illegal aliens are driving around uninsured because they don’t have universal car insurance? What happens if they causse an accident and have no insurance? Isn’t it the same thing?

Administrator answers:

Some states get involved to help people get insurance who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Here in California, as I’m sure elsewhere, between 1/3 and 1/4 of all drivers don’t have insurance. This is even though you can’t renew your driver’s license or your car registration without proving that you have insurance.

One plan that’s been suggested is to put a 10-cent tax per gallon on gas, and this would give everyone a minimum liability coverage. If you wanted more coverage, or collision or comprehensive, you could buy it, but it would be cheaper because you wouldn’t need ‘uninsured motorist’ protection. The article I read about this showed how this system would actually be better for everyone! It also suggested that visitors to the state who had their own insurance could keep track of their gas purchases and apply for a refund when they left (but I doubt many people would do that).

Health insurance is different from car insurance, though. When 45 million Americans simply can’t afford health insurance, it’s time for the govt. To step in. The comparison to car insurance is not a good one.

I am diabetic and my wife has a kidney transplant, and we are both middle-aged. If we had to buy our own insurance we simply couldn’t afford it. If one of us didn’t have a job that carried insurance, we would have to go on welfare because our insurance would cost most of what we make! We have gotten quotes as high as $4500/mo. For both of us. Maybe you think we just don’t -deserve- insurance.

Ruth asks…

what will i have to pay for car insurance?

Im a new driver 16 years old and I am male.

I live in pennsylvania in a small city of around 6,500 people and I would like to know how much i would probably estimated be paying a month for my car insurance.

I Drive a 1998 Dodge Neon Highline.

I dont know if anyone can help me but if you have some place were i can go and get a estimate on what i will probably be paying for car insurance it would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Since it is an older car, you would probably want to insure it for liability only. Do you live with your parents? If the car is in their name, you can have it added to their policy. If not, you will have to get the policy on your own.

Contact a local insurance agent in your area (check the yellow pages or internet) and ask them for a quote. It won’t cost you anything and by all means, shop around. Rates vary widely from company to company. But beware, since you are considered a newly licensed driver (usually under 3 years) the rates will be higher for you.

Good luck & happy shopping!

Linda asks…

How can I save money on my car insurance?

I’m a young driver who’s only just passed. Is it OK to put my Dad as the main driver when in reality I will be driving the car most of the time? I heard it’s cheaper that way. Also I know Pass Plus can decrease it. Does putting it in a garage and having good security decrease it? What other things can I do to save – the cheapest quote so far I found is £1,600!
Sorry but why will I regret putting him as the main user? How will they actually know?

Administrator answers:

Plenty of young drivers have there parents has main driver.
Also keeping your car in a garage knocks money off.That
quote is disgusting.Our son was on with my husband it cost an extra couple of hundred.
Good Luck

Sandra asks…

How much will car insurance run about for a 16 year old male who gets good grades and has taken drivers ed?

I am a 16 year old male who has taken driver‘s ed and gets good grades. I am going to be added to my parents insurance. About how much on average will it cost me per month? Please give me a guesstimate, and I do not want to go to sites for quotes. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Depends on the state you live, whether you live in the city or country, how old the vehicle is, and some other stuff.

I just added my boy to my insurance. The agent quoted me about 400/yr. That’s a twelve year old vehicle with minimum insurance. A new family car with full insurance would run 3000/yr. If I buy him a brand new sports car the agent wouldn’t even give me a quote. He said I wouldn’t be able to afford it. That’s okay, I couldn’t afford a brand new sports car anyhow.

John asks…

What are you paying for ur car insurance?

I just bought a brand new 2010 EXL V6 honda accord , i went to my current auto insurance for a quote and with my husband’s ticket record and accident..our age..location ( Central cali), price of the car ($31,000)…its going to be 215 a month. What do you think of the preimums?

Administrator answers:

That sounds like a bargain for a new $31,000 dollar car.
I’m 41, have a clean record in Missouri and pay $118.00 a month for full coverage on a 2001 Town Car, ’69 Camaro and 2007 car trailer and liability on a 1987 Suburban 4×4. Total value minus the truck is about $30,000. The Camaro is actually killing me. I need to go back to Grundy for $150 a year. They insure classic car’s only and it would drop my regular insurance to $88 a month and the Camaro would be better covered with Grundy too.
ANYWAY, I was shopping for 2010 Mustang’s, Camaro’s etc. In the $25,000 to $35,000 range and I was quoted at an additional $257 a month just for one of those on top of what I’m paying now.

So $215 a month for your husbands current bad record and 2 driver’s on a new car seems reasonable to me.

David asks…

Can Car insurance company know if you ever had license in another country?

Wife just got a drivers license, she got quoted for $2000/year, but when they asked if she was licensed in a different country, she said yes, since she was 26 years old, she is now 33. and That alone dropped the premium to $1000 a year. How can the insurance company find out if a person was license in another country? They did not ask for proof when they asked her.

Administrator answers:

Yes they will know… It will be on the computer..

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