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March 12, 2013

Lisa asks…

How do I get a nice car with decent insurance as an age 17 male?

For some time now, I had been looking at subaru imprezas, of which I love. However, each insurance quote I got from my parents was something like 3400 a year under my dad, and close to 8,000 a year under my own policy, with collision, so my parents wouldnt even consider it. The quote was for an 04, so if it is that insane I dont see how some kids own 03s, 04s, even a few 07s, as my parents arent poor by any means, and I know all the other kids do not have rich parents. Even an 02 accord with 80k miles was over 3000 a year under my dad with collision. Is there any possible way I can get a nice car, something like an 02 impreza is ideal, without paying so much insurance with collision? I am perfectly aware of the fact that if I get a 95 civic with no collision, insurance wont b a problem. However, I have some hard earned money to spend on a car, and I cant see how I am constantly heading towards the single path of a bucket without collision. Please help me

Administrator answers:

Try shopping around for insurance if you plan to have your own.It could be the kind of car that you want to have causng such high insurance costs.You are a new and inexperienced driver which has alot to do with costs.Maybe you wanna start out with an older vehicle that has a small engine and automatic transmission.At least it will be yours and you can get some mileage and time under your belt.I started with a 1952 Chevrolet in 1969.I lived in New Jersey at the time.

Susan asks…

Why is car insurance so expensive for 18 year olds?

I passed my test yesterday, but insurers are being sharks again and charging thousands of pounds for something we might not need, and charging thousands (£2600-£23,000) for a small car which isn’t even worth £1500. I have been riding a motorbike for 2 years beforehand, but no insurer seems to care. What is the best way for someone like me who needs to get on the road because of his job, to get a cheaper quote online? I’ve done basically everything.

Administrator answers:

The stats are that 1 in 4 teens have a crash in their first year.
Given that could well cost an insurance company tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds if you injure or kill someone, the £3-4k premium looks like a bargain.

I know all teens will say, “but that’s not going to be me, I’m going to be a careful driver”, but unfortunately 1 in 4 of them are mistaken….

It’s actually the older more experienced drivers who pay insurance year after year and never make a claim that subsidise teenagers.

Ruth asks…

How much is one months car insurance on average?

Driving a slightly older car (87 Tbird), newer driver; no faults fines or tickets. Resident of BC.

Administrator answers:

There are several ways that you can consider.Call your local agent or do the online quote yourself.Take which way,it depends on your time and knowledge.

Donald asks…

What is the cheapest car to insure for an 18 year old male?

What is the cheapest car to insure for an 18 year old male?

Administrator answers:

You need to look for an insurance group 1 car, that way you will only be paying around £4000 a year (that IS a cheap quote for a new driver).

Richard asks…

How much would it cost to add this to my car insurance policy?

okay, i am 16 years old and just got my liscense a couple of days ago.
my parents are now paying an extra $800 to add me to the insurance but they want to buy me a really cheap car to drive for about 2 years so i dont crash the other expensive cars we have

say i got a ’93 honda civic for around $2,000 with around say 100k miles on it, how much do you think it would cost to add that to the policy?
i mean, the more cars you add the more expensive it is. so how much would it be to add another car.

Administrator answers:

I’d recommend asking the insurance company that insures the other cars in your family for a quote. You might as well go straight to the source for the answer – and you’d probably get a multi vehicle/discounted rate since they’re already carrying the coverage on the other cars (unless your parents have a horrible driving record, wrecks, etc – lol!).

Be sure to compare the cost of a stand-alone policy (you insured in your car only) vs. Adding the cheap car to the family policy (which would allow you to drive any car in the family if you needed to). When my son turned 16, we bought him a truck but added him to our existing auto insurance. His is not a separate policy and he can drive any of our three cars (although he seldom drives anything but his truck).

Because we have three drivers and three cars, every driver has to be listed as a primary driver on each car, with the others listed as secondary. Since it was cheaper to do so, we listed him as the primary driver on his mother’s car and put me on the truck. Everyone’s still covered regardless of which car we’re driving. This was our insurance company’s suggestion since teenage boys driving pickup trucks = higher premiums. Good luck and drive safely!

Jenny asks…

Resolved Question Show me another » In what ways does buying a car affect auto insurance premiums?

I’m looking at buying or leasing a new car and am wondering how that’ll affect my auto insurance premium. Also, which features in a new car affect the premium. I’ve heard about red paint and sports cars causing higher premiums, but are there any other factors?

Administrator answers:

The car affects the premium. New cars are worth more than cars several years old, so they cost more than older ones. High priced cars cost more because the potential loss is much greater than for that of lower priced cars. Sports cars cost more because they’re supposed to have more accidents. I’m not sure that’s true, but that’s what the people who set the rates think. Also, cars that are stolen alot have high premiums. You also affect the premium. Do you have a good driving record? That lowers premiums somewhat. If you’re middle aged or older, your premiums are usually lower because older people are considered safer drivers than young ones. I’m not sure that’s true, but again, that’s what the people who set the rates think!

Try this site to find the best auto insurance

Here you can get quotes from different auto insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an affordable auto insurance with a reliable company.

Hope this helps ya!

James asks…

Will my insurance be cheaper if my dad keeps my car in his name?

So my dad is giving me a car, he got a few insurance quotes but they are as high as $600. If my dad keeps the car in his name and just adds me as a driver will my insurance be cheaper? Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

Yes the insurance will be cheaper, but it wont be your insurance it will be his

Secondly – dont do it – if the insurance company find out they will terminate the insurance and any future insurance will be heavily loaded both for you and your father.

They may also advise the law that you have been driving with fraudulent insurance.

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