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March 14, 2013

Laura asks…

what is the cheapest north carolina car insurance?

this is my first insurance as a driver has anyone found anything cheap around greensboro? also, do i need to have insurance to get my licence at the dmv, or can i just use a car that is insured?

Administrator answers:

First to get your vehicle registered you need to have valid insurance. You could concievable get a license plate, but you would not get the registration stickers so it would do no good.

Second get a online insurance quote to find the best price in Greensboro. They will check all the companies for you and give you the top companies with the lowest prices. It saves alot of time and energy on the phone, just fill it in once and it takes 5 mins. Go to

Nancy asks…

Where can i find the cheapest insurance quote for a 95 Dodge neon?

I pay 140$ a month at dairy land Proggresive, I have about 10 points on my liscense, and when are my liscence points deleted from my insurance

Administrator answers:

The car is only one part of the monthly cost. The driver and his/her record is another while location is a third major factor.

No one company will give you the best rates when all of those above criteria are looked at.

Surf different insurance websites and phone around for your best possible premium

Robert asks…

How much will i pay per year in motorcycle insurance?

20 years old. No car drivers license, first time rider. planning to take the motorcycle safety foundation 3 day basic rider course. Live in new york city. Looking at a pre 2007 used honda rebel. not looking for an exact quote, just ballpark what i should be expecting.

Administrator answers:

Would expect that the insurance for a new rider will be high…

New riders drop bikes & insurance companies know this..

Look at around.20 – 30 percent of the purchase price as a ball park figure..

Larger capacity bikes .. The percentage goes up astronomically.. 600 sports bikes can be as much as 100 percent..

James asks…

Our daughter has just passed her driving test ( aged 21 ) does anybody know of any cheap insurance companies ?

We are willing to buy her a small car but the insurance quotes she’s getting are idiotic.

Administrator answers:

All you can do is shop around, and don’t assume the cheapest deals are on these price comparison sites, they’re not.
Sadly for a new driver it’s going to be stupid money, under £2,000 would be a good result believe it or not.

Chris asks…

How much would a 23 years old pay for car insurance in Australia?


Normal car, under $8000


Administrator answers:

Most drivers under 25 pay quite a bit for car insurance. Over here the insurance price depends on the type of car that it is, not just its value. Particularly if it is a high performance car (V6 etc).
Check out the websites below as they are the main insurers in Australia and they do online quoting too.
Hope that helps.

Sandy asks…

Can a car insurance company change there rate after a policy is paid for in full?

Was quoted a rate which was agreed on and paid for in full proof of insurance was sent to my bank and car dealership. However, I had to back out of picking up my new car on sunday because I got a call from my insurance company late friday night with the end result of a new rate was 132% more than the negotiated rate the night before.

Administrator answers:

When you get a quote for your auto insurance, it is ONLY a quote, and subject to underwriting. You obviously need to pay in order to start coverage, but the rate shouldnt change unless there are points on yours or another drivers record which wasnt disclosed.
Now, if your agent made a mistake in the quoting and rated you in a way which he shouldnt have, then during the underwriting process, this could change your rate. You need to ask the agent WHY the rate changed, and get a valid explanation.
There is not much that can be done at this time. You need to either keep that policy at a higher rate, or switch to another company and get your money refunded for the time that you havent used it.

John asks…

Which British car insurance companies allow under 25s to drive other cars on a third party basis?

I know you usually have to be 25 or over for this benefit, but there are a handful of companies that offer it to younger drivers. To be sure I’m getting quotes from all, please can you tell me which companies you know of that allow this?

Administrator answers:

Just have a look on

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