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March 26, 2013

James asks…

What is a estimate for car insurance of a new driver ?

I’m 18 years old and I would like to know what a estimate of car insurance would be in Cali for a new driver. I dont currently have a vehicle but im sure it will be a 1994-2002 Toyota, Honda, or VW.

Administrator answers:

Hey Dude, it purely depends on the car we own, experience in driving and the location we live and stuffs like that. If you need to get accurate car insurance quotes, try with them:

Mandy asks…

Why is my car insurance so high at 18? How can I get it down?

I’ve just passed my test and learnt in a 1.4 diesel and I have a peugeot 206 1.4 hdi, I had insurance quote for £1800 a month ago and now they are saying its £3700 I don’t understand what’s changed in a month what’s the best way to get it down, I’m going on my Nans policy as a named driver and registering the car in her name and its still £3700! Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

New drivers average 3-4 times as many accidents as more experienced drivers. Someone has to pay for the damage. That would be you in the form of higher premiums.

Lizzie asks…

Do car insurance companies suddenly think I have reverted back to a 17 year old driver?

And a boy racer?

What’s with thte massive hike in prices? I’ve spent all day trying to get a decent quote!

So, does anyone know a decent car insurance company?

And please take time to answer this football question – Should your premier league club recruit Hargreaves on a “pay as you play” contract?
Lipi – In the UK. The clue has been in my name!

Administrator answers:

Try Tesco’s ins really good value i saved a bit going with them and they offer three different ranges depending on what you require. Companies like Diamond,bell,elephant and admiral which are all the same firm try to hog the market far too much for my liking,best of luck ;-)

Nope time for Owen to try his hand at something else perhaps :-)

Ken asks…

Can I be added under my parents insurance?

I’m about to buy my first car. I’ve had cars before but I’ve never had one that I’ve had to make payments on until now. I’ve been researching rates and so far all the quotes I’m getting are for about $1400 for 6 months, which I feel is a little steep. I was wondering if I could get on my fathers car insurance and just pay that cheaper rate but when I brought this up to him, he said that would only work if he was a co-signer with me. I wanted to know if that was true and also what are some tips for getting the lowest rate on full coverage that I can.
I’m a 22 year old male, have had license for 7 1/2 years, I don’t think I have too many things on my record except for a stop sign ticket two years ago and maybe a seatbelt ticket 5 years ago.
Well I called the insurance agent and asked him if it was possible. He told me that I could be added to the insurance and the difference to the entire policy would be about a $100 cheaper than what I would have been paying by myself. So that sounds like a deal to me.

Administrator answers:

You are pretty much stuck paying the higher rates, for one you have never had an insurance policy in your name, two, you are a male under the age of 25, that’s an automatic high premium based on stats that a young male will likely get in a wreck or tend to drive in a reckless manner. If you and your parents reside together, you can be added as part time driver on their cars, or you could be excluded from their cars, that’s their choice, thinking you will get a cheaper rate under your dad’s policy isn’t really true. First, you would need to be the primary driver for this car, right off the bat the above rules come into play, it would be cheaper for you, but very high for dad to cover your butt. Time for you to grow up and take care of things yourself.

John asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

I’ve just passed my test today and I’ve been looking a full day for insurance most won’t quote me but the ones that do are well over 10.000 a year!!! That’s with a 1.2 engine car. Any advise would be great. Thanks

Administrator answers:

‘cheap car insurance’ and ‘a 17 year old’ don’t fit in the same sentence.

It’s taken you a day to find out. Check out all the other questions asking the same thing.

Try putting an adult (a parent?) with a good driving record and lots of NCD on the policy as a named driver.

Robert asks…

How much should one expect to pay for a car rental in Costa Rica above the rate quoted by the rental company?

Going for one week, would like a two-way insurance (others/self) and GPS unit rental.

Administrator answers:

Besides the quoted rate, you may have to pay insurance: CDW and SLI. CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) covers any physical damage to your rental car itself (accidents, vandalism, theft, etc). Many credit cards will cover this, so check with your bank if they will cover it in Costa Rica. Book and pay for the rental using that card. If none of your cards covers it (very unlikely), it runs $6-12/day, depending on car type and company. SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) covers your liability in an accident. It covers the other driver’s car as well as the other driver/passengers (in case they sue you). It’s mandatory, unless you can prove that your home car insurance will cover you in Costa Rica specifically. You must have something in writing to that effect. The cost is anywhere from $8-25/day, it varies greatly by company and car type. SUV’s are higher. With SLI, there’s a 20% deductible, which means that if you damage the other driver’s car, you are responsible for paying 20% of the damage out of pocket. The SLI pays the other 80%. Most rental companies offer “Total protection” that covers the other 20%, but it costs an extra $3-6/day. So basically, if the quoted rate is $25/day, expect to add $12-15/day for SLI. CDW should be covered by one of your cards, so decline it.

GPS units run about $5-10/day. Most rental places also rent cell phones, but it’s $5-10/day, free local calls and $1.25/min to the US. That’s crazy pricing. You can bring an unlocked GSM phone and buy a prepaid SIM card at the SJO airport for less than $10 (¢5,000) and you’ll have enough minutes to talk for a week locally. And the rate to the US is about $0.30/min. If you plan to call the US, get the ¢10,000 ($19) SIM card. The telephone company (ICE) desk is located near carousel #1 in the baggage level. The phone must be unlocked, GSM (must work on 1800Mhz band). Any quad-band and many tri-band phones will work. You can get one on Ebay or Amazon cheap.

Driving in Costa Rica is not easy. Unless you are used to driving in a big US city, you may not like driving in CR. The drivers are extremely aggressive (they will honk at you when the light is still red, even before it turns green-LOL).

Michael asks…

where can I get any driver over 25 business car insurance?

I’m fed up with filling in heaps of info for online quotes, only to find that the company doesn’t offer any driver policies

Administrator answers:

You don’t get commercial insurance or driver policies online. You have to contact a broker for that.

Linda asks…

Will insurance company pay for damages on my car if i have a suspended license and it was other drivers fault?

I got into a car accident it was the other drivers fault but I had no insurance and a suspended license. I want to know if the other drivers insurance company will cover it the damages to my car?

No ugly answers please. I already know I shouldn’t have been driving.

Administrator answers:

VIRGINIA M, For car insurance the quickest method to get a low quote is do a auto policy comparison. Be sure to choose the same coverage levels, you can get an fast quote to compare against others. Use the same zipcode, car make/model, mileage and driving history to make sure you get an apples to apples comparison. To get easy auto insurance quotes, go to and you can compare the major auto insurance companies.

Daniel asks…

What is the cost of car insurance with out drivers ed.?

I am an 18 year old girl, looking to get a small used car something like a older civic. What would the average monthly payment be. I live in NH and I have good grades, never been in an accident, no criminal record but I have not taken drivers ed.

Administrator answers:

Your best bet is to call different car insurance companies and get a quote. You can also get a quote online. You have no obligation to buy just get a quote.

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