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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Quotes

April 7, 2013

William asks…

Anyone know of any good insurance companies for a 17 year old male?

I’ve looked everywhere to try and find a cheap quote but can only get 2300 with eCar. Anyone know of any good places or tips which could get me a cheaper quote?

Administrator answers:

£2000 is now the minimum going rate for a 17 year old male new driver and that would be for someone in a low risk job in a low risk area with a group 1 insurance car. At £2300 you are probably a slightly higher risk and that is going to be the right price.

You will find this BBC news report interesting about this situation –

Donald asks…

What are the best websites to get car insurance quotes from different companies in New York City?

Administrator answers:

You won’t get accurate quotes unless you divulge all of your personal information. They need that information to give you a rate.

Measuring sticks for risk assessment:

Driving record
Student status
Marital status
Credit history
Where you live
Where you work
How do you use your vehicle
Licensed drivers in your household (teens especially)

And a bunch of other stuff that they use to quote a rate. So anything you get on the internet won’t be accurate unless you give them the info they want.

Lizzie asks…

How much is it to insure a 16 year old male driver in a turbo car?

I’m getting my license soon and I’m trying to get a Volkswagen GTI. Either V6 or 2.0 4 cylinder with turbo. Is it that going to be outrageous to insure? What would a monthly quote be?

Administrator answers:

That depends on a lot of factors including where you live, where the car is garaged, your GPA, which insurance company, etc. Nobody here is going to be able to guess.

Suffice it to say though, the less experience the driver has and the higher the performance of the car the higher the rate.

John asks…

Why is car insurance so expensive for an 18 year old?

I was looking at quotes and they all range from 1000-1400 just for six months on a Nissan Sentra SR-E spec v. Which insurance is the cheapest and you would recommend. Its for a college student just for school and work.

Administrator answers:

Insurance companies keep detailed statistics on all accident claims. They know from these statistics that a young inexperienced male driver is the highest risk to insure. So they price their policies accordingly. They also know exactly which vehicles are fast or sporty. They also know which vehicles cost more to repair. They also use this data to price their policy.

Do this. Get a car that neither fast or sporty. Maybe an older small 4 cylinder sedan. Something that is low performance and not sporty. For you, this car will still be somewhat expansive to insure.

Drive this type vehicle for the next few years. On average, go about 5 years without a ticket or an accident and your insurance rates will start to go down. Get a ticket or an accident and the clock resets. In other words, you need to pay your dues like everyone else and prove to the insurance company that you deserve lower rates.

If this is full coverage insurance you could also save a little money by getting a higher deductible. But get in an accident that is your fault and you will pay more money out of your pocket o fix your car.

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