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April 13, 2013

Nancy asks…

How much would insurance be for a 16 year old boy with a Nissan 370z?

Dontt give me that bullshit that a 16 year old should start off with a safer car ect ect. I live in Ontario canada, I’m 16 and I’m gettin a 370 so how much do u think it will be around? Plus I have no records or watevrr. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Coverage is based on a number of factors. If this is the vehicle you want, then you will pay based on it.

Coverage is determined by items, such as the following:

Your age, sex, date of birth, marital status, education, address, living arrangements – do you own or rent, level of education, prior coverage, driving history, credit history.

Year, Make and Model of the car, usage, modifications.

Limits of coverage and who all will be driving it or have access to drive it.

Do you live with other licensed drivers/family? All licensed drivers in the household are to be listed on a policy, but can be excluded (understand this if you opt for this situation).

If you lived in another state with the same risk factors the premium could be completely different for the same company. Location and the companies experience in a given location also plays a part of the quoting.

My suggestion is to get quotes from an Agent who can write with more than one company. Don’t walk into visit with the Agent and tell him you don’t want no b*sh*t, etc, etc.

Maria asks…

If I have a combined auto insurance policy with my my spouse, does the claim history follow both of us?

I have an auto insurance policy with my spouse. He was in an accident and filed a claim. He is not planning to buy another car and is going to use public transport. If I drop him from my policy, will my rates still go up because of his claim even though I was not involved in the accident? If I go with a different insurance company only for myself, will they also quote higher rates because of the claim?

Administrator answers:

The claim follows the person not the policy you should be ok however if you live with your husband the law might require him to be on your policy as a second driver on your car

George asks…

How much more money for insurance would a 1992 dodge stealth be compared with a 2003 cehvy impala?

Also I am only sixteen years old and I have a perfect driving record so far and have completed drivers training. In dollar estimate how much more would you say for the stealth? I also get insurance from state farm. They arnt open now so I cant contact them.
Also the stealth is an r/t, not the twin turbo model.

Administrator answers:

This depends on many factors. Overall the Chevy will more than likely be much more expensive, mainly because its a newer car. I would check some other insurance compaines that are open 24/7 and get a quote. You can usually do it online as well. I know Geico & Progressive are some that should be available.

Donna asks…

My mother wants to add me to her car insurance. How much will it cost?

im 24 and i have never driven before. lets just say i had a silver spoon in my mouth for 23 years. but now i need to start driving and my mom would like me to drive her 2000 bonnaville while she gets a small pickup truck. but to be fair i would need to pay her once she gets her insurance bill yearly, and i would have to pay once she has added me…see where im going with this?

Administrator answers:

You’ll have to call her insurance company and get a quote to see what it would cost to add both you and another vehicle to the policy. Most companies off a multi-car discount, so if there’s currently only one car on her policy, adding one will help a little. However, even if you are 24 but never had a license before, you’ll be rated like a 16yr old brand new driver. Taking drivers ed or if you’re in school and get good grades (only until you turn 25 though) will help too.

Sandy asks…

If the main driver crashes will the named driver lose their no claims bonus on their own car?

I have recently passed my driving test and I am doing an insurance quote. I wanted to put two named drivers on my insurance policy with me as the main driver. however they think if I crashed my car, they think they would lose their no claims bonus on their own Cars, But they have their own insurance policy which I am not a named driver on. So how can they lose their no claims bonus if i crashed in my own car with my own policy.

Administrator answers:

If you are listed on their policy they are correct.

Steven asks…

What do you have to pay for when purchasing car insurance?

I’m a first time driver just about to get my license this month and I just wanted to know what all do I have to pay for? Like do I have to only pay for the 203 dollars a month? Or is there more?
Any help would be amazing!

Administrator answers:

If you were quoted $203 a month, I would bet your first payment would be for two months ($406). Usually insurance companies keep you a month ahead that way. Other than that, I can’t imagine anything else they would want you to pay for up front. You can always call them and ask to be sure though.

Michael asks…

Can I put my daughter’s car insurance in my name after filing for bankruptcy?

My 18 year old daughter just got her license and is now getting her first car. Her car insurance rates would be crazy high if she gets it in her name because she’s young and a new driver. I would like to put it in my name so it will be cheaper for her, but I’m going through a bankruptcy right now. Can I still put the insurance in my name? She has a full time job and would be paying for the insurance on her own.

Administrator answers:

If she is a “resident relative” living at home, this will be the best and cheapest option for the both of you to put her under your policy. You need to add her as a licensed driver in the home first, since she is licensed. And prepare yourself for a minor coronary. When she actually purchases the car, it will be a whole new premium. Your bankruptcy is what it is. Still cheaper to put it on yours. Get her added asap. Then get a quote from your agent for specific vehicles that she is considering.

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