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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Quotes

April 18, 2013

Jenny asks…

What would be my car insurance for a muscle car?

I’m an young driver, i live in the UK (northern ireland) nearly 20 years old, what do you think the insurance for a classic 1969 plymouth roadrunner or a 1970 dodge viper would be, I just passed my test in January, but have a guess, what you think the quote would be, how much.

Administrator answers:

200-400 pounds mate

Ken asks…

How much on average does it cost to insure a 21 year old female driver with her G2?

I just bought a car and need to get insurance. I am 21 years old have my G2 currently but will be going for my full G in the next couple weeks. I have taken drivers ed in the past and I am a university student. Previously i was paying $50/month as a secondary driver under my dad and received a quote for $156/month as a primary driver is this a reasonable price?
I live in Ontario Canada

Administrator answers:

Nobody here, nobody anywhere can possibly know what insurance may cost you. There are simply too many variables. It is a complete waste of time asking anyone but an insurance company. “Reasonable” can only be determined after you get several insurance company quotes.

Happy shopping

Richard asks…

What questions do car insurance agents ask?

We’re thinking of changing insurance companies. I want to do some calling around for quotes. What kind of questions should I be prepared to answer, aside from what model/yr of the vehicle, my age, etc.

Administrator answers:

They want to know basic questions to determine the type of driver you are the the type of driving you do.

Age, marital status, address, where you work, how much you earn, how far is your commute. Who will be driving the car. If the driver is young they want to know their grades and their GPA (yes, it matters).

Of course they also want to know what kind of coverage you want, what your deductibles will be and how and when do you plan on paying for the policy.

None of the questions are difficult, they just ned to qualify you as a customer and determne what policy to give you a quote on.

When calling around make sure you ALWAYS compare identical policies. Make sure the deductibles are the same and the coverage limits are the same. If you don’t, you won’t have an acccurate or equal comparison.

George asks…

How much does insurance increase for a teen with an old car?

I was doing some research to buy my own car. I wanted either a 1976 dodge Monaco or a 1989 Chevy caprice. My question is, if I am 17 years old and I had this car, what is a rough estimate of how much my dads insurance will increase? I figure old cars and young drivers don’t mix well but I need to know.

Also, I have never gotten in any accident or received any tickets and I don’t even remember the last time my parents crashed or got a ticket if that helps. Shanks

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates vary with many factors. Unsure what State you are in, as each state has individual insurance regulations.

Young drivers will of course pay more in insurance, however an older car will likely be cheaper to insure than a newer one, as the risk of theft and obviously the cars value is much lower. It will also depend on your coverage options. I would not worry much about an old car causing sky high insurance rates. Get a quote online for more information.

Susan asks…

How much is insurance on a genesis coupe?

I’m thinking about getting a genesis coupe sometime in june. How much is insurance on this car? I’ll be 17, and I have done drivers ed.

Administrator answers:

No one here has the slightest idea of what some insurance company may charge you for their insurance. There are way too many variables. You must call around for quotes

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