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April 24, 2013

Robert asks…

What is the lowest, best Liability auto Insurance in California ?

I just got a Pt Cruiser that car dealership if offering 70.00 to insure the car however I do need liability insurance any one know of a good web site were I can compare some quotes instead of calling around or talking to a pushy insurance agent ?
I’m not really looking for a debate just a web site thank you !

Administrator answers:

Wow! If you think comparing rates online and not talking with a licensed expert is the way to go, more power to you.

There is no such thing as “the lowest, best liability auto insurance”. That is different for every individual. It completely depends on your credit (and they don’t run that for online quotes), your driver record (also not ran for online quotes), your age, the different coverages you choose (which, without the education or license, you have no idea what you’re choosing and how it will affect you when you have a claim).

Many quotes you get online are mostly temporary quote estimates and once the policy is written, then renewed, you’ll see what the real premium will be.

I hope you never have a claim, but if you do, good luck handling it online without one of those “pushy insurance agents”.

Susan asks…

Car Insurance On A 2005 Mustang For A Young Driver?

Hi, Does anyone know what the average car insurance for a 2005 mustang is. I am 19 and a new driver, been driving for 3 months

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what state you are in but I would expect at least $6-8,000 or more per year for full coverage. Hate to say this but Mustangs are now more expensive to insure than Corvettes. I had an insured trade in his Mustang on a newer Corvette & his insurance went down. Insuring a Mustang is like insuring a $50,000-$60,000 car. They are expensive for adult drivers. BEFORE you buy the car, GET QUOTES & see what it is, then, get quotes for other, more practical cars. I know new Mustangs are cool. I wish I could afford one!! But, I don’t make enough money to afford one, so I don’t have one. I have my practical 4 door family vehicle that gets me where I am going.

Ken asks…

What the best, and cheapest car insurance to get full coverage on??

I moved to another state, need to change insurance companies, and have a 2000 pontiac sunfire.. its still in good shape and would like full coverage.

What the BEST, and cheapest insurance to get full coverage on??
I’m not a student (already graduated) and its paid in full. Good idea, I will jsut go around and get quotes. Can you negotiate for a better deal though or is it a final decision?

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates vary from company to company, so, your best bet would be to obtain a quote from different insurance companies to see who can provide you with the best rate. Only obtaining the rate from one company won’t let you know if you are getting the best rate.
If your vehicle is being financed (you are still paying on it), you would want to have comprehensive and collision coverage. Both of these coverages require that you select a deductible, which is the amount you are required to pay before the insurance company pays. Pick limits that are affordable for you in the event you have an accident (mainly go with the $250 deductible option). Also, pick liability limits that will protect you if you cause an accident, and that will prevent you from being sued in the end. For example, you have limits of 25/50/10 meaning that $25,000 will be paid for bodily injury up to $50,000 and $10,000 will be paid if you damage property. That might be the state limit, but if you hit a Hummer, you are out of luck and the other driver can sue you. Pick your limits wisely.

To compare rates, you can go to the following websites:

Sandra asks…

Question about car insurance in North Carolina?

Im 19 years old but I’ve been driving for about a year or two now and never went thru drivers ed.
I’m planning on putting a downpayment on a 2010 mustang v6 in about 6 months.
Could someone give me a general price range that I’d be paying, and am I still considered a “new driver“?

Administrator answers:

Its ahrd to tell you because it depends on a lot of factors, try this site where you can get quotes from different companies in your area

Chris asks…

How long does it take to get a car insurance?

We have a company, we are just waiting for a quote. I need it asap. But I am under my dad cuz he is the primary. He is taking his time, and saying it takes a while, even though I know it doesnt take that long either.
Btw. Its my car and I am paying for both insurance, I just need him to be primary so the insurance wont be that high. thanks

Administrator answers:

Amazing how many Americans don’t notice the Maple Leaf in the lower corner of the page…

Aaron, that depends on your area. If you’re dealing with a Provincial Insurer, it should be the same day. If you’re dealing with private insurers, it can take a few days to weeks.

That being said, it should generally only take a couple days at most. If it has been a week or more, your Dad may be dragging his feet. Just keep in mind that with most companies, the Primary Insured Driver is presumed to be the driver that will be driving the vehicle the most. If the company makes that presumption and you are the only driver of the vehicle and are involved in an accident, I have heard of companies suing, but most will simply deny some or all of the claim on the grounds of fraud.

Good Luck!

John asks…

How much do you think my insurance will increase if I get my own car?

I trying to plan how much money I will need for a car. Its a 2000 truck. I am 17 and have had no accidents or tickets. I get a good student discount and took a drivers ed class. Sharing my moms car (a new SUV) made her insurance go up $70 a month. Do you have an idea of how much it would go up if I got my own car? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The only one that can give you an accurate figure is the insurance agent. You might want to shop around online for different quotes, but a younger person always pays more than an experienced driver. You were very wise to take the drivers’ ed class :}

Mark asks…

What car insurance would you recommend for a first-time driver college student?

What is most reasonable priced and with the most useful facilities?

Administrator answers:

There is no one best company to answer this question. Since everybody is different: location, age, history, etc. The best thing for you to do is go online and compare quotes to find what is right for you.

It is really simple these days to compare quotes from all auto insurers at the same time, saving you time and most of all MONEY.

Laura asks…

How much is auto insurance for a 2004 mustang coupe? 16 year old male?

I just turned 16 and I want a 2004 mustang that is for sale. It is a really good deal, so i was wondering how much auto insurance would be a year. I am a male, and I live in Texas. My dad is willing to pay up to $1500 a year. Please help me! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Mine was about twice that when I first started driving. That was with waiting until I was 17 to get my license, a good student discount, a discount for drivers education, and liability only insurance on a 12-year old 4-door car.

Four years later, I’m driving a newer car(’04) with a bigger engine, although still four door, with full coverage insurance and have had no accidents or any other moving violations since I got my license. My insurance is still in the neighborhood of $3000 a year.

Based on my own case, I don’t think that any 16 year old will be able to get insurance on a Mustang for anywhere close to $1500 a year. The insurance companies look at a young male driving a sports car, and see a huge potential for accidents.

The best thing you can do, though, is have your dad call his insurance agent and get an actual quote, rather than relying on what some random guy on the internet tells you.

Ruth asks…

Is there any PA insurance companies offering good rates for drivers with a bad history?

I have two speeding tickets of ten miles over and then I have a minor accident where the man rear ended me but I was backing up so I was put at fault. I desperately need a car to get to school and work. Is there anything out there?

Administrator answers:

Sure -call the companies in your area & ask for quotes. Pick the policy that fits your budget and needs best. Enroll in a defensive driving class & have your vision checked.

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