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April 26, 2013

Carol asks…

How much is your auto insurance annual premium in NJ ?

I live in Central New Jersey and I pay around $1700 for 2 cars + 2 drivers with no accidents. How much do you pay approx ?
Please also note down the Insurance provider.

Administrator answers:

I pay about $1800 every 6 months for 4 cars and 4 drivers. So nearly $3200/year from 21st Century.

If you want to get quotes from top rated companies in NJ, I can give you a website or phone number you can call. Just send me a private message by going to my yahoo answers profile if you are interested.

Lisa asks…

What is the cheapest auto insurance for teens these days?

I’m 18 and just got my first car. I would like to drive it but sadly have no insurance on it yet. I then looked up quotes and found out it is real expensive, $500 and more. Is there any way a teen like myself can get cheap auto insurance?

Administrator answers:

If you qualify, nobody beats State Farm for insuring teen drivers. If you can be added to your parents policy that would be best, so that you can get a multi-car discount and if their home is insured, a multi-line discount. Good grades and clean driving will drop the price, they also have this program for young drivers called Steer Clear, you watch a video and keep a driving log — that will earn another discount.

Mandy asks…

how can you lower 17 years olds car insurance quotes ?

hi, im 16 and turning 17 in a few months, im looking at quotes for cars for example: cars with 1.0 to 1.2 engines an that are 10 years old or more.
for example: vw polo 1.2 – 11k and paying £1500 a month. i know this cant be right can someone help please !
the 11k is the annual price, sorry forgot to say, also what is cheaper monthly or yearly ?

Administrator answers:

£11k is very steep, even for a 17 year old. You really need to look at some other sites if that is the lowest quote you are getting. Google young drivers insurance for a range of sites that may provide you with a better quote.

That said, other ways to bring down your quote are:

Firstly complete your Pass Plus. With some companies that will take around 20% off your premium.
Secondly, become a full time student. Many companies will provide massive discounts for students.

David asks…

What’s the cheapest auto insurance provider in California?

I’m thinking of getting a new car but every insurance company quotes are more than the actual payment itself. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

The best way to find the cheapest auto insurance provider in your particular state is to use an insurance broker. Typically, they can compare a bunch of different providers in your area and give you the best deal.

I called 1-888-497-0801 and receive a great deal. They provided plenty of quotes and I was able to pick that one that best fit my budget. The best part the quote was FREE, so I was really happy.

Notes: Any time you call for an Insurance Quote you should have the following Items handy to get the best quote.

1. Driver’s License
2. Vehicle Make and Model
3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
4. Estimated Mileage
5. Your Driving Record – basically being truthful about your driving record.
6. Your Existing Coverage

I hope this helps…

Paul asks…

Do i have to put that I had an at fault accident on my auto insurance quote if the police did not come to the?

I’ve been looking for better car insurance but now I just recently had an accident and was found at fault. (Totally not my fault though true story) but anyway It just happened a few days ago. There was no ticket given or anything my insurance claim was just denied by the other driver‘s insurance company. So would that be on my driving record as an at fault accident. The other driver did file a police report. I just hope that that’s not on my record because I had a perfect record up until now and I really can’t afford to pay more for car insurance.

Administrator answers:

it will be on your insurance record

Donald asks…

How much will it be to register a car in Florida that I bought from a private party?

On the first time doing so.
To help, I got an insurance quote for $260 down…

What other fees will there be? I know they’re going to milk me for everything, but I want specifics.

Administrator answers:

If it’s your first car and have never had one registered in your name before, think it’s about $150 but check this link for sure.This should help you out with specifics and answer most questions. Http:// (prices are question 5)

Will also depend on how much you paid for the car….or how much they put on the title that you paid for the car, since you’ll have to pay taxes on that. If you can..have them put as little as possible, even if you paid more. Or if it’s somewhat cheaper car…could even have them put “gift” ..then you shouldn’t have to pay anything in taxes. For example.. If it’s a nice car, then far less likely to be a “gift” haha. Plus.. You are only allowed to do that so many times in your life I believe.

Hope this helps. Good luck and drive safe. Watch out for the popo! Tickets SUCK! Makes owning a car even more expensive and difficult.

Here are a few other links that might help also: (just info sites..they are not run by actual DMV, only the one above is, that ends in .gov)

John asks…

can you get a quote for car insurance before you pass your tests?

No insurance companies will give me a quote for car insurance so i was thinking that you may not be able to get a quote before you pass your test? someone help!!! PLEASE

Administrator answers:

If you own a car and have not provided a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to the DVLA, it HAS to be insured by law. That applies whether you are a learner or have a full licence. I insured a car when I was learner. There is no law stopping you from getting insurance. If there is a problem, it is because of you or because of the insurance companies.

If you have motoring convictions or some other criminal record, they might not want to give you insurance. Even if you have an unblemished record, they can pick and choose who they insure so they can decline to give you a quote if they choose. Obviously they want to make a profit so they do not want to give insurance to anyone who they reckon will be too high a risk.

You can change your risk a little by choosing a safe car to insure, by passing your test, by having a mature ‘named driver’ on your policy and by keeping your car somewhere safe overnight. Some insurers offer cheaper deals to drivers willing to have a ‘black box’ fitted to monitor their driving.

My nephew (after passing his test) couldn’t get an affordable quote for a Citroen Saxo but got a reasonable quote for a diesel Mondeo with his dad as a ‘named driver’.

A good insurance broker should be able to get you quote. Whether you will be able to afford it is a different matter. Good luck.

Mary asks…

How much can i save if i got 1 year No Claim Bonus?

I am a new driver, i got fully comprehensive car insurance paid alot this year like £1500 per year.
My question is, if don’t claim any things this year or no accident this year.
Next year, if i get 1 year No Claim Bonus.
How much can i save next year, like in £1500, how much would the i pay for next year full comprehensive, like how much can i save?


Administrator answers:


Some companies will give you 10% NCB just for taking out the policy but after that expect about 10% a year for 5 years then 5% for the next 4 years which brings you up to 9 years which is Full NCB for most Insurance Companies. So saving about £150.
You do not say how old you are as you will pay less next year if you are 17 at the moment but will be 18 before the policy comes up for renewal, Could be as much as another 10% so saving £300.
When I was on bikes at 24, The following year I had 1 years NCB but was then 25 years old and the second years insurance was half the price of the first.

Don’t forget to get new quotes each year. When I had mine Norwich Union used to be cheapest for 95% of first year riders but most found cheaper for the second onwards.

Andy C

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