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May 8, 2013

Maria asks…

who is the cheapest insurance company for first cars?

i am a female, and i am just wanting to buy a cheap first car
i have tried looking at going on my dads but all insurance companies are coming out at nearly the same price as i would on my own insurance, my dad has a lot of no claims as well .
mr.hello. that is not true. it is up to 50% cheaper for a young female driver. it older experienced females insurance who is higher than older experienced male drivers.

Administrator answers:

Firstly, being listed as a named driver on a parent’s policy if you’re actually the main user of the vehicle is what’s known in the industry as “fronting”, and is actually a kind of fraud, and therefore illegal. There are severe penalties when you’re caught (as per the Road Traffic Acts), and it will make obtaining insurance not only more dificult, but more expensive in the future for both parent and child. If you’re going to be using the car the most, then just take your own insurance – that way you get the added advantage of building up your own no claims discount.

There’s no individual company that is “the cheapest”, you have to shop around. Insurers’ prices are not only based on your age, gender and model of vehicle; your postcode also has a significant influence on your premium. Some insurers will be more expensive in some areas than others. Try getting some initial quotes on aggregator sites such as, which should give you a good idea about which companies are happier to entertain your risk than others. Call the top few companies, confirm the details, and make sure that’s the best price they can offer you (some will lower their premium just to attract the business).

Make sure you call some of the providers that show up as being unable to quote for your details, too – occasionally their rates can be incredibly competitive, compared to other prices you’ve been quoted – due to certain factors you may not have been eligible for their online discount, but they could turn out to be amongst the most competitive prices you’ve received.

ALWAYS check out insurance rates before you buy the car – I’ve seen many parents buy cars for their 17 year old children assuming their insurance would be about £1000, when the cheapest quotes they’ve had are for around £4000. 1.0-1.2 Vauxhall Corsas and Skoda Fabias tend to be the cheapest cars to insure.

And it’s not up to 50% cheaper, that’s rubbish. It can be slightly cheaper, but not by such a huge amount, especially if you’re young.

Jenny asks…

How do you buy a car in a private sale?

The car is in WI and I’ll be taking it to IL. Should I write up a bill of sale? Or, is it all taken care of with the title? I’ll have to go to the driver‘s facility in Chicago to register the car. What should I bring with me? Should I call the insurance right away after I signed for the car, since I have to drive it home? Should I use cashier’s checks only?

Administrator answers:

1) Get an insurance quote on the car now.

2) Get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic that you choose. They can even be in WI, but make sure you do it. It will cost you $100, but will save you a lot of money if it’s a hunk of junk.
This purchase will be ‘as-is’, which means if it breaks down 2 blocks from the current owner’s house, it’s solely your problem.

3) Exchange money (or cashiers check) for the title. You can use cash as long as you get a signed receipt from the seller. Make sure the Title VIN matches the VIN on the vehicle and the name on the title is the same as the name of the person selling you the vehicle.

4) Before you drive the car, call the insurance company and activate the new insurance.

5) Take the title to the DMV. Here, you will give them the title and they will give you plates and registration for the vehicle. You will pay sales tax (varies), the title fee ($95), and Plates and registration ($99). If the vehicle is less than $15K, then you do not need a bill of sale, Illinois bases the tax on a flat scale according to the age of the vehicle for private party vehicle purchases under $15K.

6) In about 4-8 weeks, you will receive the Illinois title, in your name, in the mail.

Lizzie asks…

How much is insurance for a mustang?

I need some help how much is insurance on a 2003 mustang for a 16 year old driver thanks.
I live in Sacramento California have a GPA of 3.72 and my parents have good driving and other background stuff.

Administrator answers:

There are a lot of different considerations that go into your insurance quote… Driving record, car’s safety, etc. You should really just get an online quote from any of the major insurance companies. It takes maybe 10 minutes to do.

Helen asks…

Can I get car insurance for just 3 months?

I am looking into getting my car insured for 3 months as I have been getting some insurance quotes and the cheapest I have been able to find is £1650 but if I wait for 3 months then I will be 19 years old and will have had my licence for 1 year the price goes down to around the £1000 mark so I was wondering if their are any companies that would let me insure my car for 3 months. What I was thinking of doing was getting insurance for 3 months but have my dad as the main driver and me as a named driver then the price won’t be as high. Once the 3 months are up I will cancel the policy or if I got a 3 month policy it will run out then I can start my own policy which then I can earn my own no claims being the main driver. If anyone knows of any companies who do this or anyone I can try I would like to hear from you. I live in the UK .

Administrator answers:


These folks offer “pay as you go” insurance. The policies are one month long and automatically renew. Take one of these and cancel after 3 months!

Generally short term insurance is a nightmare. My own broker requested almost a years premium for four weeks cover. These guys did it for a fifth of my annual premium.

Ken asks…

Best insurance for a young additional driver?

I am in the process of buying a car, and have been for ages, and i am now trying to find the cheapest insurance like i have been for ages.
My um will be the main driver, as she is selling her cr, and i walk to school everyday, so i will b the 17 year old male additional driver.
Whats the best insurance quote i can get? Anyone got any recommendations?
Im looking at getting a peugeot 207, which are 1.4 or 6, and many of them the sport edition. Dont bother telling me to get a different car as this is the one i like and have saved up for.

Many Thanks for any help with my cheap insurance,


Administrator answers:

Hi George, you are 17 , still at school , want to buy a Peugeot sport and expect the insurance company to believe your mum will be the main driver .
You are talking about dropping you and your mum in the poop , insurance wise .

Daniel asks…

How much do you think my car insurance would be(details inside)?

I am 15, I have taken drivers ed and I have my restricted liscense. I have a 3.8 gpa(I heard you get a discount for that) and I live in Kansas. I am looking at a 1995 Ford Explorer with 168,000 miles. I know you couldn’t tell me exactly, but about what do you think my monthly payment would be? Thanks
I am a female and I live in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City.

Administrator answers:

Its hard to tell you because it depends on a lot of factors, try this site where you can get quotes from different companies

Steven asks…

How long do you get to send your no claims bonus documents to new insurer?

And if over 3 weeks, can you take out a new policy quoting you have x years no claims with 3 weeks left on your last policy?

Administrator answers:

You do not earn the no claims bonus until the renewal date. If you want, you can cancel your current policy (but you lose the no claims bonus for the year nearly up) and take out a new one (on last year’s bonus) or you could take out an insurance policy with nil bonus and add the no claims bonus effective from when the old policy expired. You will pay top-rate for the period from inception to the expiry date of your old policy.

Unless you have very unusual requirements e.g. A change of car/ drivers that are unacceptable on your current insurance policy I would advise against either option.

By law you must receive renewal dcoumentation three weeks before your insurance policy is due for renewal so there should be no time problems sending proof of bonus to the new insurance company once the new policy is effected. If your broker is not sending out renewal notices/ proof of bonus (in an attempt to prevent you switching) I would ring them up, ask for the document, put in a complaint and switch anyway as they are obviously not a professional organisation.

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