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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

June 19, 2012

Richard asks…

What is a semi fast car that has a semi cheap insurance rate for a 16 year old new driver?

I am trying to find a car that is fast enough that i can have some fun in but im not going to be spending a lot for insurance. I also want to have a car htat would be good to hook up.

Administrator answers:

My dad bought a 2006 Ford Mustang, for about $19,000. It has about 200 HP, and is really fun to drive and mod. It also has about 20 mpg. There’s also tons of aftermarket parts if you love that kind of stuff. Check it out.

Chris asks…

Price increase for new driver on insurance?

I am a 17 year old male. I have had full driver‘s training and taken an eight hour driving class. I am also an A-B student. My parent’s have Geico and we live in Charleston, SC. No one seems to know how much our insurance rate will increase if I am added as a driver (without a car). Basically, I can not get my license because, supposedly, simply getting the driver‘s license (not permit, full license) will make our rates go up. If this is true, how much will our rates increase?

Administrator answers:

Call your parent’s company and find out since it varies

Nancy asks…

Do car insurance rates go down in the time you have you license even if you don’t have car insurance?

I am going to be a new driver and I am wondering if I just drive my girlfriends car without getting my own insurance if when I drive and get insurance for myself in a couple of years if my rates will be lower. Thank you all for any help.
I am 31 years old and I am going to be a new driver. I am wondering if I just drive my girlfriends car without getting my own insurance if when I drive and get insurance for myself in a couple of years if my rates will be lower. Thank you all for any help.

Administrator answers:

Yes, for the first 3 yrs of having a license you are considered an “inexperienced driver”. Assuming everything else stays the same (ie: no tickets or accidents, same address, etc.) it should go down after 3 yrs.

Laura asks…

Best car insurance company in Ontario for new drivers?

Hey Guys,
Got my first car! YAY!!!! I was just wondering if you guys can recommend the best car insurance company and rates in Ontario for new drivers? Please let me know.

Administrator answers:

You have posted this question, accidentally I am sure, in the UK and Ireland part of Yahoo.
In order to post to the US site and to view US questions and answers -
1. Click the United States flag near the bottom of the page
2. About one third down the page select the drop down box US questions, not just All english.

This will get your question into the correct part of YA and thus get you more and better answers and will save you time and effort answering questions from other countries with an answer whilst valid in the US may be complete gobbledygook anywhere else in the world

Daniel asks…

What’s the most reasonable car insurance company in Ontario for a new driver under 20 years of age?

I cannot be insured as a 2nd driver under my parents’ name as they do not drive. I will need a new policy just for myself but the rates seem punitive.

Also, what’s is a good starter car? I can’t afford expensive repairs so I need a low milage, low maintenance sturdy vehicle. If you have any suggestions, I would be eternally grateful!!!

Thanks, yahoo followers

Administrator answers:

Im 21 and have a bad driving record. And i have two cars a 96 mustang cobra and a 1973 chevy nova. And i pay 148 for both with the General insurance.

Ruth asks…

New Driver and Insurance Rates.?

Hello all, I have a couple of questions, this year I plan to purchase my first car. Through having a steady job for almost 3 years, I plan to buy it in my own name at the age 18, I’m 17 now, female, full time student, part time employee. I have just recently gotten my Learners Permit Nov. 2010.

My questions are:

Could I begin to pay for insurance without a car?
Could I put down payments on a car and keep making payments (without driving it)?

What are some good way to acquire the car of my dreams by my 18th birthday (Mazda3 2011; 4 door). I know being that I’m 17 there’s not much I can do without parental consent. But I don’t want to include my mom in much of this because she feels that I’m trying to run away or something (sigh, she’s very overprotective)

My last question is;
What steps can I take to get the car that I want. I know there’s saving, but what else?


Administrator answers:

Depending on what state you are in, you may be able to buy an insurance policy before you are 18. However, without a CAR on it, what exactly are you going to be DRIVING? You need to be listed as a driver on the policy that covers that car.

No lender is going to let you borrow money for a car that you either don’t have insured, or “promise” not to drive and don’t have YOURSELF as a driver.

Look, you’re looking at a sports car, and unless you plan on spending $1,000 a month for insurance, it’s really, really silly to buy “the car of your dreams”. Cars are DEPRECIATING ASSETS, and the second you drive that brand new car off the lot, it drops in value, about 25%. So if you put less than 30% down on it, you’re going to end up paying on this car longer than you actually OWN it.

Save your money. Buy whatever car you have enough money, to PAY for, no loan. Otherwise, you’re ENSLAVING yourself to the car lender, for years and years and years, and you’ll be broke FOREVER.

Lisa asks…

Car insurance rates for massachusetts?

I’m a new driver in Massachusetts and I was wondering what the average cost for car insurance is. I read from a place that it would cost about $3,500 and that seemed unreasonably high.

Administrator answers:

How long is a piece of string :) companies can base your rate on your credit history!! Like, someone with bad credit just has to be a bad driver! You must phone around and find out the best company for the policy you have on your mind.

Donna asks…

I am a new driver and need help finding good car insurance?

I want to know your experiences with the major car insurers in California like how helpful were they in very tight jams and other predicaments you were ever in. Also if you did research on the different insurers, which seemed the best at the most affordable rate. I just want to make sure i make the best decision on this and i have done research myself, i just wish to have your outtake on my matter. Thanks

Administrator answers:

They are all the same and if you aren’t careful they will charge you twice what the next one will so search for the best price!

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