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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

July 15, 2012

Daniel asks…

Decent looking vehicle, good gas mileage,low car insurance? &Where to find good car insurance rates??

I filled out a couple quotes from and allstate and i got like $2100 & $4100 premium 6 month payment. Does that mean its going to cost me that much for insurance for only 6 months? If so, that is insane. That would be $350-$750 dollars a month. That cannot be real. My dad gave me a quote from Allstate(thats what he has) and it was about $117.00/Mth for a Chevy Blazer for 18 Year Old First Driver. I am very new to the whole insurance thing so can someone just point me in a small direction to the lowest priced insurance with good plans. I would absolutely love to have an older car(oldsmobile, or between 60s&80s)But thats way to pricy, along with a nice sports vehicle. Because of the gas mileage and decent look, i would like a Chevy Convert Tracker. Just give me some advice if you know what im talking about. :)
Thanks Much
xox Brittany xox
Excuse me for the mistake above. My fathers quote was from State farm(thats what he has).

Administrator answers:

Your father should put you on his insurance, and you pay him,you will both win with this situation if multiple vehicles are on the same contract…. That’s why the rate he gave you was so much cheaper. If your making payments on the vehicle, your creditor is probably requesting you get full coverge, which is why it’s so expensive for someone your age, if you own the vehicle out right, just get the minimum state requirements( Ca. Is PL/PD ) can also try progressive insurance,takes almost no time for a quote and they are open nearly 24/7…good luck.

Sandra asks…

Car insurance policy in new York?

When you get into a vehicle accident even though only one driver is at fault does both drivers insurance policy rate goes up?

Administrator answers:

I think you’re misunderstanding how a policy is rated in NY . . . If there’s only one car, the highest rated driver, and the surcharges for the highest surcharged driver, apply to that vehicle.

Lisa asks…

Car insurance rates are through the roof and I don’t know why, help!?

I need help with car insurance, I’m having some problems. Okay, I’m a 21 year old single, never married, male and I got my driver‘s license when I was 18 in March 2008. Now, I know my car insurance rates are high because I’m young and a guy, but here’s the problem. I see people who are about my same age who have been driving for the same amount of time as and have no accidents, violations, or tickets like me. My car insurance rates are ridiculously high, I mean insanely high, even compared to others my age. My younger brother even, he’s had his license for a year, he’s 19, and had 3 speeding tickets and still pays less than me. On average for my car insurance rates, getting quotes online range from about $1500 all the way up to $2500 for 6 months! I used old vehicles, new vehicles, safe vehicles, unsafe vehicles, every kind of car/truck you could imagine and my projected rates are still through the roof.

For example, for full coverage with the minimum amounts and highest deductibles, my insurance on a 2010 Mazda 3 would be about $1800-$2300 for 6 months. However, I also got a quote for a 1997 Ford Escort and the same exact coverage is still $1200-$1300. I don’t get why my rates are so much higher.

A coworker of mine is 21 years old, not married, no tickets, and has had his license since 18 like me, and he has a 2007 Mazda 6 and he only pays about $170 a month, which translates to about ~$1050 for 6 months. I put in my information including SSN on the same company’s web site that he uses (Geico) and my insurance rates are about $1700 for 6 months.

So my question is why are my insurance rates so high? I have no tickets, no moving violations, no accidents, nothing, and yet insurance rates are so high.

I figure SOMETHING has to be on my driving record, but I can’t imagine what. How can get a copy of or look at my driving record? I just want to know why my rates are so much higher than other people, male or female, who are about my age and have been driving for about the same amount of time and yet I still pay 2x or 3x as much as me.

Please help me out! =)

Administrator answers:

Your insurance company most likely has a copy of your driving record. Give them a call and ask them if they have a copy or access to a copy. Your local DVM office will have access to your driving records as well. I think I would be asking my insurance company why my rates are so high and others you know have lower rates. I would also call around to some other insurance companies in your area and get quotes from them. If their rates are still higher ask them why the rates are so high. There has to be something that is causing your rates to be higher. Like you have already pointed out you are a 21 year old male and that alone makes the rates expensive. Maybe you need to consider getting liability insurance. It doesn’t cover anything on or any injuries to yourself or damages to your vehicle but it would be a lot less rate than full coverage. You probably wouldn’t want liability insurance if you have a newer vehicle. If you have a car loan you are required to carry full coverage on the vehicle until the loan is paid in full. It is also possible others that you have mentioned may be on their parents policy and have multi discounts on the policy that makes the rates lower. Talk with your insurance company and make them tell you why your rates are so high and call around and see what you can come up with. Get a copy of your driving record so you can show you have a clean record. You can also go to the police station and probably get a copy of your record to. Make the insurance company prove to you why your rates are so expensive.

Joseph asks…

New or used car for 17 year old driver?

Is it more reasonable to buy a new or a used car for a new driver? What are the general insurance rates?

Administrator answers:

Used Car. There are no other options unless you want to pay through the roof and are extremely wealthy. Get a car that you only need liability on and a car that has no financing.

Jenny asks…

Would teen car insurance be expensive for a 2007 honda civic hybrid?

I am a new driver with good grades and took drivers ed. Will the year of the car affect my insurance rates? Would another car be cheaper? Would being on my parents policy be less as opposed to having my own?

Administrator answers:

You can only speculate on it, the way to know is to research it by taking quotes off the sites, it’s free to do and you won’t have nasty surprises whet it comes to ACTUALLY having to pay for it.
This is a place where I go to as they are quick:

Sharon asks…

will my car insurance go up because i have a child with a driver’s license?

Hello, I am writing from Tucson, Arizona and I have 2 teenage sons (16 & 17) that both live in Wayne County, Michigan (near Detroit). The boys live with my ex-husband and he wont let them get their driver‘s license because he claims ‘his insurance rates will go up’. ???is this true???? (I have a 21 year old daughter and when she was 16 with her driver‘s license I just excluded her from my insurance with one company and when I switched to another company, I just ommitted telling them I had a teenage driver. Does anyone know who this works in Michigan, Harper Woods, Michigan, I believe he has just a local company with no-fault insurance, state basic minimim insurance. ???Or if the boys do have to get their own insurance when they do get their own car, does anybody know the best rates for new teenage drivers with a good record????

Administrator answers:

When my two daughters got their license, my insurance more than doubled. Be glad your daughter never had an accident or your policy would have been voided and the accident not covered. The price hike CAN be mitigated somewhat if the kids have taken drivers ed and your kids have at least a B average in school, along with a multi-car discount. Some companies will discount another 10% by having your homeowners policy with them as well as your auto insurance…Good Luck!

Robert asks…

What is the average car insurance rate for a 16 year old?

I was looking into getting a red Toyota Celica GT and because is it a sporty car I know that it is gonna cost more for insurance. I was wondering about how much it would cost for a new driver like me who is 16 years old, so that I know if I could afford it or not.

Administrator answers:

Traditionally, the younger you are, the more expensive your insurance policy is going to be!

Ruth asks…

Range of Insurance rates for a 25yo Canadian (New Driver)?

I am a 25 year old Canadian, buying my first car. It will probably be 6+ years old, valued at less then 5,000.

I’m wondering about insurance. I spoke with a broker telling me prices range from 4,000 – 4,500 a year (~$333/mo). This sounds excessive. She also said with third-party coverage the type of car I drive shouldn’t matter, which left me with doubts.

What should I expect to pay?

Administrator answers:

Most companies will not cover American or Canadian licence so you will have a job but inter nation licence is OK for 12 months.Insurance depends on age,post code,claims,convictions and engine size make,year and model etc.But it will not be cheap .You need all the details and before you buy a car find out the insurance on a similar car first and if you can afford you buy the car then.
Tell us how much you can afford it is not going to be £1000 but over it for third party.If money is no problem then email me the details and I can tell you.Why not go on line to get car insurance quotes.

Mandy asks…

Im 16 and need car title and insurance advise?

I was wondering if it would be better to put my car in my name or my parents name. I have a 1998 toyota corolla and I was also wondering about a rough estimate for a new 16 yr old drivers insurance rates

Administrator answers:

By law, you can’t have your name on any title of any car (its considered a contract). Your parents would have to register the car in their names.

And as far as insurance rates go you can expect to pay from $400 a year to as much as $5000 a year. – basically, NO ONE will know what your insurance rate is going to be because there are MANY factors that go into determining rates, these factors include:

1) your age/experience
2) other licensed drivers in your home and their driving records
3) credit ratings of all the licensed drivers in your home
4) your state
5) your county
6) your city

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