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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

February 14, 2013

Laura asks…

If you own a car and an unlicensed driver totals it are you responsible?

My best friend left her car in CO when she came back home to CA and her unlicensed husband just totaled it in an accident with a big rig, is she going to be responsible for any of the damages or will her insurance rates go up? And what kind of trouble will he be in?
Even if she told him not to drive the car?
The accident was in Colorado and she is in California so i need info for Colorado not California…

Administrator answers:

She will be responsible because the car follows the owner……..they will go after the money in other words they will go after her insurance and whatever her insurance does not pay then she will be required to pay the difference.

Her husband will be next to get hammered and yes her rates will go through the roof.

As for her husband driving unlicensed and uninsured……heavy fines and possible jail time as well.

Vehicle Code Section 12500 says driving without a valid license is a misdemeanor in California, and the punishment for violating Vehicle Code 12500 is usually handled by probation, time in county jail, and fines of up to $1000 plus surcharges.

Failing to show proof of financial responsibility, meaning insurance coverage, is a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 16029. Violating this code could result in fines up to $500 plus penalties, impoundment of the vehicle and suspension of the driver’s license. If the vehicle is impounded the owner will have to pay for all storage and tow charges as well.

The consequences can be far more serious if you are involved in an accident and do not have insurance. You may have to comply with the financial responsibility laws (SR22, SR22s, SR16) including having to pay for any injuries or damages from the accident out of your own pocket.

Being caught driving without car insurance is likely to cost you twice as much as what you would have spent for one year of auto insurance.

It is against the law in Colorado to drive your vehicle without insurance. If you are caught driving without insurance there are severe penalties. It is a class 1 misdemeanor traffic offense

A first offense for driving without insurance comes with a $500 minimum fine, license suspension until you can show proof to the Division of Motor Vehicles that you are insured and 4 points being placed onto your CO motor vehicle record (MVR).

Courts may add up to 40 hours community service to the above penalties as well.

Also if you have been found guilty of driving without insurance the state of Colorado requires that you file future proof of automobile liability insurance in the form of an SR 22 for three years. It appears you failed to do this and continued to drive without insurance so your license was suspended.

A suspended license is discussed under Colorado Statute 42-2-127.7 which gives the state the authority to suspend a driver’s license of an uninsured motorist.

Diving without a license in Colorado carries mandatory jail time and 1 to 5 years of further suspension…

Donna asks…

If you get married in Oregon, do you and your spouse have to combine auto insurance?

If you live in Oregon and you get married, is it required for the married couple to combine car insurance? Can you still keep your car insurance separate?

Administrator answers:

You could keep it separate, but you wouldn’t want to.

Married drivers are better risks and get better rates when the policies are combined.

Keeping them separate introduces a coordination of coverage element that brings unnecessary confusion if there were an accident with both of them present.

Jenny asks…

What is the average rate of car insurance for 16 year old driver?

I am going to be 16 and i am just wondering how much will the insurance charge is i get added on right when i get my license?

Administrator answers:

The only wat to get a correct answer to your question would be to contact the insurance company and give them all the info they ask for. Insurance rates vary from area to area and state to state. There are many factors involved in the finial amount you will pay. One thing for sure is you will probably need to set down before you hear the amount it will cost. It will not be cheap for you by any means. Drive safely.

Ruth asks…

I am planning to leave the country for two years and have a car insurance question.?

I will be out of the country for two years doing a peace corps type volunteer program, I am currently on my father’s car insurance and don’t own my own car. I pay about $400 a year to have the right to drive one of his cars. Is it worth cancelling my insurance for two years or will the uninsured penalty be worse. I am currently 22 and a recent college grad. Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

Basically, if you cancel your insurance and then purchase it again when you come back you will be paying the rates of a new driver. That’s insurance companies for ya!

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