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February 28, 2013

William asks…

What are some insurance rates for 18 year old drivers?

I know there are multiple factors counted into insurance rates, including age, driving history, car, year. But I just want to know what’s some insurance rates other teenage drivers had. Please state what type of car and how much you paid for insurance. Include whether you lived in the city or a rural area also. Thanks

Administrator answers:

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Joseph asks…

I live in an area that has a high concentration of asian drivers?

Why should I have to pay more in car insurance for their poor driving skills. Don’t say I am being racist. Its a fact. Why can’t insurance companies charge them higher rates.

Administrator answers:

Post which Asians: Israelis, Turks, Lebanese, Iraqi, Iranian, Saudis, Afghanis, Khazakstanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Burmese, Phillipino, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian or East Siberian.

James asks…

My girlfriend got in a car accident in her friends car, can her friend recover damages?

My girlfriend picked up her friend, the owner of the vehicle and by her request, with her car from a christmas party where she had been drinking. Soon after she, my girlfriend, got in a car accident, which was her fault. The claim went through the owner of the cars insurance, and now the owner is seeking damages for the increase in her insurance payments, aswell as for the cost of the rental car she got. Would she be fully or partially succesful in sueing for damages given the circumstances? Thanks to all who respond!

Administrator answers:

Your girlfriend was legally liable for the damage to the vehicle and any other expenses incurred. The so-called friend’s insurance may not increase, since she was not considered the at-fault party. The owner should contact her agent and find out if she can expect a rate increase. Your girlfriend’s own coverage will likely increase due to this loss, perhaps she can counter sue(just kidding).

It is not your girlfriend’s problem that the friend did not have rental coverage. If the friend got behind the wheel and had the same accident, she would still be out the rental expenses. She would also see an increase in her premium because she was the at-fault driver.

Some friend. If your girlfriend wants to offer to pay the deductible and compromise some other resolution, perhaps she can avoid this unnecessary suing business.

Nancy asks…

My daughter had a at fault accident in my car and now there is a claim on my insurance, will my rates go up?

My daughter had a at fault accident in my car and now there is a claim on my insurance, will my rates go up?

Also she doesn’t live with me and she isn’t on my policy.
What about if I change companies since my record is perfect?

Administrator answers:

NO your rates will not go up. As long as she does not live with you and is not on your policy. The insurance company will obviously ask who she is and if she resides with you so you would need to prove that (copy of her Driver’s license showing her address different than yours or a bill). If she did live with you, you would need to either add her or exclude her from your insurance. Its the same as though your friend borrowed your car. Your rates will not go up but on her insurance policy with whatever company she is with her rates will go up due to the driving record showing the accident which will be there for 3 years. Oh and by the way, the car owner’s insurance is first to cover the accident so if you did not have insurance then your daughter’s insurance would cover the accident or if your insurance was not enough to cover the accident as far as the liability goes then her insurance will pick up the rest. Good luck!

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