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March 13, 2013

Michael asks…

Where can I find drivers programs that will help me lower my car insurance rates?

I am a “high risk” driver. I am 20 years old, and would really like to lower my monthly payments. Could you please tell me of any programs in Kansas or national programs that I could participate in that would lower my insurance? BTW, idk if it matters but i get my insurance thru dairyland.

Administrator answers:

Why are you considered a high risk? If you have a history of tickets or accidents read the article below for ti[s on keeping your driving record clean. Most states offer a defensive driving course in which can save you up to 10% off your insurance rates. Http:// offers this class via a video. Once you take the class, call your insurance company and inform them of completion. This should lower your rates right away. Better yet, call your insurance company ahead of time and ask what potential discounts they offer for the class. Also, you can find some other valuable policy savers at

Ken asks…

Does a NASCAR pilot pays the same for car insurance like the rest of “ordinary” people?

I was just wondering if their insurance pay rate would be the same like the rest of us because of the fact that they probably are consider high risk because of what they do for a living.

Administrator answers:

There are two perspectives:
When these drivers are using their personal car or the car of their family members, they’d be rated on the same parameters as other (non racing) drivers. Hence the answer to your question could be taken as Yes, they should pay the similar premiums.

However, if you would have noticed, when you go for getting an auto policy online, it asks you questions like your age, sex, marital status, qualification, your profession, etc. The response to these help the insurance cos. Decide how risky you are. Based on that logic, the profession of driving could be considered differently by different insurance cos. Hence, if a Co. A decides that racing profession could be considered as one which might make the driver risky in normal circumstances, it might actually increase their premium rather than what they would have paid had they been in some other profession.

To summarize it, Insurance cos. Can & do taken into account your profession to set up your premium.

Donna asks…

Can the cops do anything to me because my friend dropped a smoke bomb outside my car?

Today we were at a red light and my friend dropped a small smoke bomb out of my window. The woman behind us followed me home and said she had my liscence plate number and that she might call the cops on me and my insurance rates would go up. Is this true? Does it count as a moving violation?

Administrator answers:

They can, but it won’t happen.
As the driver of the vehicle you are responsible for the occupants. For example if your friend was not wearing a seat belt and you were you, the operator of the vehicle, get the ticket.

Carol asks…

How much will my insurance raise after DUI and totaled vehicle?

I totaled my 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Friday night and got a DUI. I have been with Nationwide for a number of years, and had a pretty exemplerary driving record. I was paying about 100 dollars a month full coverage as a 26 year old male on my Jeep. Does anyone have an educated guess at what my insurance rates will do now? I’m trying to decide, when I get my license back and buy a new car, if I should be looking at a sports car with full coverage, or if insurance prices alone are going to make me want to get something cheap with liability coverage. By the way, I live in West Virginia.

Administrator answers:

You will want to get a sensible car with liability only until it drops off. One of my insureds has a 1984 nissan 350z and he is paying about 600.00/ month (cali) and he just has 3 tickets on his record. In most states, a DUI counts as 4 tickets and then a suspended license can be another 4 and an accident can be 2. Some insurance companies will charge you for the DUI and not the accident, others will charge you for both.
Also, at 26, you are usually eligible for a good driver discount. That will go away too.

Laura asks…

Do you add your kids under your car insurance ?

Do you add your kids under your car insurance ?
because most kids that drive usually just take their parents car and their parents had not list them on their insurance.. any familiar situation or story you guys want to share ?
If someone drives their uncle’s car and the the kid don’t live with the unlce. The kid gets into a accident, will the insurance cover him even though he is not listed on his insurance ? he has a valid drivers license.

Administrator answers:

Good question star for you!

This is a very common question. Here’s how it works. If you have a standard or preferred company, anyone you give permission to drive the insured car is covered…with a few exceptions.
Exception 1- The driver must not live in your household. If they do, they must have their own policy or be named on yours to be covered.
Exception 2- The driver must not be driving the car regularly. If they do, they should be named on the policy.
Exception 3- The driver must not be using the car for any business purposes. Commercial auto insurance is a completely different product that is rated differently. A standard personal auto policy will not cover business activities unless otherwise stated.
Exception 4- The driver must have a valid driver’s license.

So, if your kids live in the house and/or drive one of your cars regularly, they need to be on your policy or have a policy of their own.
Hope this helped

Betty asks…

Someone else is driving my car & she gets pulled over, will my insurance rates go up?

As I type this my gf is driving my car, she is rather of a speeder, if she gets pulled over & a ticket, will my insurance rates go up?

Administrator answers:

Well then if you wear the pants in the relationship I suggest that you impart upon her the physical imperative that her enlightened foot had best keep tabs on itself as any excessive speeding tickets she gets she will pay for. And while on that subject You must also require 3 sex on demand days (sod) for each infraction she racks up with the sheriff. If you are going to let the little zipper zoom around town in your car have her pay the insurance to put her on as an occasional driver. This solves the problem of does the cop impound your car or not? Ok ! Good luck

Joseph asks…

why does another persons driving record affect my insurance?

sharing a residence with other people doesn’t mean sharing vehicles or the responsibilities, so why should their driving record affect my insurance rates?

Administrator answers:

Because in the eyes of the insurance companies, you have access to the cars that belong to the other household members. Below are the rules about households and insurance.

There is a LAW that insurance companies to cover all household members who have a drivers license,

But… Most all insurance companies will require that you call and notify them to either allow a licensed household members to be added to the policy or exclude them. This is because as household members it is assumed they have access to your vehicles and may drive them at any time. These drivers are thus a risk/rating factor to be taken into consideration. Don’t think you can get by and not notify them of household drivers because If they are not notified, they can and do and will cancel the policy.
Many state laws require that you must inform them of licensed drivers dwelling in your household, so that they can add him as a driver to your policy and rate accordingly or exclude him. Excluding anyone from your car insurance would mean that you are not paying extra on your policy to have him/her as a driver and thus they are not extended any coverage by your insurance policy if they were to drive your car and be in an accident, even if it were an emergency situation.
If you have a licensed household member, whether a relative, roommate, etc, the insurer believes that the person will have access to your vehicle and thus is a rating factor that should be on your insurance policy. If the person really is not going to drive the insured vehicle then there should not be an issue with excluding them. Without you signing off on the exclusion the insurance company cannot really believe that a licensed household member may not drive your car.
The perceived risk for non-household members by an insurance company is different and that is why you can normally let a friend that does not live with you borrow your vehicle without adding him or her to your policy.
A friend may occasionally borrow your car and be covered by your insurance because they do not have regular access to your car and thus are not rated as a risk factor on your policy. If you do have someone outside of the household that regularly drives your car then normally an insurance carrier usually would also want this person listed as a driver so they would be properly covered in an accident.

Donald asks…

Does drivers insurance increase if you move?

Hey, question says it all, my fiancee was told that once we move our drivers insurance rate will increase, is this true? We’re living in Maine and only moved a town over, we didn’t move to another state or anything like that. Anyone know? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

It’s possible. The ZIP code where the car is garaged is one of the things looked at to set rate. It’s obvious if you move from a small town the a larger metropolitan area that your rate will increase because of increased traffic adding to the risk.

William asks…

How and why do the British put with with ridiculous auto insurance rates?

I’ve heard of times where it costs more to insure the car than what the value of the car is worth. How did this happen and why do people let it continue?

Administrator answers:

Just driver over there and you will see why.

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