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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

March 21, 2013

Mark asks…

Can a second driver on an insurance policy cause the primary drivers rates to increase?

I have my wife on my insurance policy as a “second driver” of my vehicle. She backed into a relatives car in our driveway which caused no damage to my car, but lots of damage to the visitor. Neither one of us have had any accidents and have perfect credit. Will this cause my rates to increase? Will I have an accident on MY record? If so, wouldn’t I be better off saying it was me driving and leaving her out of it if my record and rates were going to be tarnished anyway?

Administrator answers:

It shouldn’t go on your record, but at long as her name is part of your policy your rates will probably go up

of course there is so much variability amongst car insurance policies you’ll really have to talk to someone who works for your insurer

maybe you can convince your relative to not file a claim and the two of you just settle it on your own (probably cheaper in the long run)

Ruth asks…

How much will my parents car Insurance go up when I get my drivers licence?

I live In Missouri, by the way. Doesn’t the Insurance automatically go up for them?

Administrator answers:

With most insurance companies, the premium automatically goes up if you’re an underage driver and have the same address as your parents. It goes up even more if you are the primary operator of a car. For example, if your family has 3 cars and only two licensed drivers (your parents) and you get your license, then you are automatically assumed to be the primary operator of the third vehicle.

How much the rates go up depends on your current insurance policy. Underage male drivers generally are charged a much higher rate, and for a longer period of time, than underage female drivers. But to answer your question, the rates will definitely go up.

Donald asks…

Will MY car insurance rates go up if i crashed a car as a valet?

backed into another car as a valet. My company has insurance. The insurance exchanged was my bosses, and the other 2 parties involved (car I was in and the car that was hit). My license number was taken down and I received a traffic ticket. Oh well. My real concern is does MY insurance ever find out about this? Or is it all on the company’s insurance?

Administrator answers:

Sorry, if you received a ticket your drivers record will show the violation and accident. Companies order driver’s records routinely so eventually they will become aware of the accident. It may be a while before it catches up to you because the insurer may not order your drivers record until the policy anniversary or every other anniversary (you can hope).

More of a long shot, but a few companies offer accident forgiveness for the first accident (usually as an option for an additional premium). You can hope your company does that and that you selected it.

Daniel asks…

If I ask my insurance company to fix my car will my premium increase?

I’m a beginner driver and I have my first car and a new insurance. Today I hit a standing car. My car requires some body work and the other car was not damaged at all. There was no police report filed. I’m 24 and single.
I appreciate your help.
Will it be cheaper if I fix it myself?

Administrator answers:

I’d pay for it out of my pocket unless it will take allot of money to fix your car. You can bet your rates will go up if they don’t cancel you. The when you go to get insurance from another Company they will know about the wreck and you will still be getting the high rates. Fit it on your own if you can

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