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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

April 2, 2013

Charles asks…

Friends borrowing car – how do i insure them without using my car insurance?

I want to make sure they’re insured to drive my car but really don’t want them to claim on my policy should anything go wrong – is it possible to just get temporary car insurance to cover them separately from my insurance?

Administrator answers:

If anything went wrong, would you prefer that the claim was in your name?
Two seperate lots of insurance on the one car is a nightmare. I do not believe that insurance comanies are able to insure two cars with the same registration, but I guess it would be possible to get away with it if you went to a seperate insurance company.
However- if anything was to happen-it would be a legal nightmare. Typically, insurance companies dont like to pay out, so can you imagine what they would do if there were two seperate poilcies on the one car? They would just start fighting about which company should have to pay out.
You can list your friends as drivers on your policy, and in the event of a claim, it goes onto their name, not yours. Although the policy may have had a claim listed, once you remove your friend from the policy, your rating goes back up.
Depending on the insurance company, you may or may not be covered for unlisted drivers. Definately something to check up on.
The other thing that can effect your policy is if you are over 25, and your friends are under 25- their excess may change, or they may not be covered if they are not listed.
I would talk to your current insurance company about the best choice for you in this scenario.

Susan asks…

Who would be the best insurance provider for my situation?

I’m 18 years old and looking for insurance for my pro-touring ’75 firebird (trans am tribute).
The car has a 5.3 liter LS Motor with a 4L60E and show quality paint.
I plan to drive the car on every day that the weather is decent and race it occasionally so most classic car insurance is probably not a good idea.
I would have gone with State Farm however they won’t insure it because it has a roll cage.
Who would you suggest for insurance?

Administrator answers:

That’s just the reason State Farm gave you. They don’t like to insure drivers under 24, period.

They won’t tell you this, but that’s just the way it is.

You’re only going to get it insured for blue book value which means the show quality paint means nothing.

Some have replacement value but not sure if they’d count the extra quality paint job.

If it’s paid for and it’s worth less than 1.5k U.S., I’d say go with whatever’s cheaper with a 500 deductible or go with just liability. Get a notebook, telephone book and a pen. Start at the beginning and call each company on the list. It’s going to be a long afternoon for you.

Stay away from Progressive. Hate them, hate them, hate them.

At your age, you’re going to have trouble getting a decent rate to start with, with you stating that you’re going to race it, you’re limiting your options.

Mark asks…

Does a car insurance company need to know the state in which the car will be used?

I am buying car insurance for a 21 year old child who will attend graduate school out of state. Primary address will still be with me. Car will be in my name; child/student will be listed as primary driver. Child/student will live in an apartment while at graduate school. Does the insurance company need to know in what state the student will be?

Administrator answers:

Yes, the insurance company needs to know where the car will be garaged and they can rate it correctly..basically your son will have to get a policy from whichever state he will be in…it doesnt matter the mailing address

Ruth asks…

What’s the Cheapest Car insurance for First Time Driver?

I just wanna have the cheapest car insurance. I dont need the insurance cover anything. just the cheapest! which company would be the best except geico, progressive or Liberty Matual? Something else?

Administrator answers:

Http:// has the cheapest auto insurance rates for me.

Mary asks…

First vehicle for a 16 year old girl who refuses to get a car?

So I’ve been looking at used SUVs for my first car. I want one with an average to good fuel efficiency, but also not the expensive hybrid price. One that won’t have a high insurance rate would also be good too. My parents have been telling me lately that I’m most likely going to get a car because that’s probably all we’ll be able to afford so I’ve proposed that I get a job. Now I’m just looking for a good SUV. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Sorry I don’t know your answer, but why not a car? I’ve heard the Honda Civic is really safe and good for first time drivers. Why an SVU? I’m asking because I will be getting a car in a year (if everything goes right!).
PS my mom had a Nissan Xterra and I/she loved it.

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